Monday, October 24, 2011

One thing different...

I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.  ~e.e. cummings

Crosby wakes us before the sun rises every morning.  Usually Superman gets up with him as I am still in a drug induced unconscious haze.  But every so often Rick needs a break and I take a turn, (with the help of some extra coffee.)  I've long been craving an unobstructed view of the sun coming up, but I would have to leave and go in search of that view.  Last Thursday, only mildly dizzy, I decided to do something about it.  

I grabbed the dog.

My extra large mug of coffee.

The camera.

And drove towards the glow in the sky. 

I first stopped by our church.  

I then drove as far East as the road would allow.  I came to rest near a farmer's field.


I anticipated the orange and the golden tinges, but I hadn't realized the magic of a pastel palette.  The deep purples, the lavenders, the pinks, all splashed against glimpses of a  powder blue sky.

I had an epiphany... what if I did one thing different each day?  What if I simply started from a place of "yes?" instead of the instant no.  How different might my days look?  

I drove home with a full heart at the start of my day and arrived to everyone just getting up.  

I capped off the perfect morning with homemade pancakes.

Just one thing different, may just lead to a whole lot of different.  

Anyone else want to try? 


  1. Beautiful photos Vicky, I so love the sunrises in the morning. I am a morning girl for sure, and yes I am with you, just one thing....I try to live by that every day since I am by myself so much and don't drive, but there are still things I can do so yes I am up for one thing different.
    hugs to you today, hope you are feeling well.

  2. A gorgeous Sunrise always helps with a YES starting day. So much beauty is hard to ignore and your camera captured is so beautifully Vicky. I am glad you enjoyed it so much, I know early mornings treasures always makes me feel so much better :-)
    Sending healing energy your way dear friend

  3. I'm in! I love it when I do something different or out of the ordinary and our little guy looks at me so funny and then he smiles. He loves it! It's interesting how kids pick up on the tiniest changes.
    I love the mornings and I'm glad you got these beautiful views of the sunrise. I love you friend and hope you're feeling a little better each day! :)

  4. I will join you, Vicky.
    God's palette has THE best colors...
    Beautiful photos you posted here.
    Hugs and love,

  5. YES. Count me in with a positive, I can try a new way attitude. Beautiful pictures. Extra big coffee never hurts!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. And I'll have to think about what my different might be.

  7. I will think of a "different" for me too.

    My post is about sunrise today too, but your colored sky is stunning!...

  8. Beautiful photos, Vicky! It reminds me of the cold, winter mornings in Colorado when the sky would be bright with color as the sun began to rise over the mountains.

    Different is good! We all tend to get in a rut, doing the same thing each day. I like your idea! And, I will try and come up with something different to do.

    Thanks for the idea and I hope you are doing well. :0)

  9. Oh ya!
    You are a groovy Momma Vicky.
    Dawn is my very favorite time of day.

  10. What beauty in the sky! I rarely see sunrises or sunsets here as I am surrounded by woods.

  11. I love your epiphany....I'm in Vicky!

    Nice am photos.

  12. I'm in. I think I may have started last Friday. I'll keep trying.
    G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. photos and colors. Breathtaking.

  13. What a beautiful way to begin your day; I love the way you carried it through for superman and the smallish heroes. Love you, sweet friend.

  14. Thanks for going on that drive. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen that beautiful sunrise.

  15. Those pictures are just breathtaking. i saw them this morning in my google reader and clicked over to comment, but got distracted, but they have played over and over in my head today. Such a beautiful reminder of how big and creative God is--what a tapestry of colors--so beautiful. And I love the idea of doing just one thing different...definitely going to have to think on that and see what I can do.

  16. Great idea and what a fun challenge. One thing different. Okay, you've got me thinking now, Vicky. I think I've tried this before and it's hard to get it to stick, but it's always worth trying again. Thanks for the beautiful, color-filled inspiration. :)

  17. Gorgeous photos Vicky!! Just one thing different...I like that...and you're right, that could add up to a whole lot of different. I seem to sink into my lack of energy and dare I say, throwing a bit of a pity party lately. Not good! I know I'm living in "extra innings" and need to take advantage of every minute of it. You inspire me!

  18. Late Tuesday night
    Still with you, my friend....and wanting you to know that I'm thinking about you.
    It's late....can't sleep...and I wanted to visit your site...wanted to take in these beautiful colors again.
    So pretty, Vicky....

  19. YES! I do want to try this. The pics are GORGEOUS, God's work is beautifully captured. I think HE led you out the other morning to see this, HE wanted to share this with you!!!!! It almost makes me cry. Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots. AND your wisdom. XO, Pinky

  20. Vicky,

    My answer is yes. I want to try this beginning today. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics....

  21. You are so inspirational. I love your idea. I have tried that with my girls before. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of saying 'no' as parents, but there are many things my girls ask for that are fine and good to say 'yes' to.

    I LOVE your pictures. Thank you for sharing your magical morning!

  22. That's a great idea! Thanks to you my friend for making such a positive impact on all of our perspective.

    And homemade pancakes??? Sounds good to me!


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