Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eddie Money

Eddie money may be in his sixties, but he can still rock it!  Cameras weren't allowed into the show, but this is how he looks these days.  His voice might be a bit more hoarse and gravelly sounding but it didn't stop him from belting out all the number one hits he has had over the years.  

Treasure Island Resort and Casino was far bigger than we thought it might be.  It was just over 5 hours from our house and yet it certainly reminds me of Vegas!  

We had an early start the next  morning, but went around back to the marina for a quick look.

We hadn't arrived early enough the prior day to enjoy the river boat cruise on the Mississippi.  

The views were breathtaking and filled with fall color and golden light.

Within a couple of hours of leaving we drove into rain.  But closer to home there was a line of blue sky and the sun peeking out underneath all of those clouds.  The fields of corn were practically luminescent, and it doesn't show in my photos but I liked the stark contrast anyway. 

It was sunny by the time we arrived home.  Its been unusually warm and I am soaking in all the warmth I can before the upcoming cold comes to stay with us for far too long.  

You all continue to inspire and encourage me in the most surprising and fun ways!  This is Katie in NYC and look where my bracelet is hanging out now!  

Thank you Katie!  I see readers come from all corners of the states and the world over, and I am always excited when someone takes a minute to drop into the Westra World to say hello. 


  1. Sounds like a great outing in our beautiful autumn weather.

  2. The weather truly has been glorious..

    Love that bracelet's traveling ability! The pictures and meaning of support is so inspiring.

  3. I love the dramatic contrast in your first sky picture. Hoping the warm weather will be staying a while longer for you :-)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. thanks for sharing the photos Vicky.

  5. Hello, lovely one. What an incredible memory you just made...I love the way you are taking time to LIVE.

    My favorite picture was the one where you can see the rays coming through the blue. So beautiful.

    Praying for you this morning as you get back into your groove at home and the intensity of mothering picks back up.

    Love you...

  6. Thanks for sharing all these photos Vicky. I'm so glad you had a great time. It seems like just what you guys needed! Lots of love to you. :)

  7. Hello little favorite picture is of you and the hubs. Looks like a great trip!

  8. I hope you two had a fantastic time!

  9. The two of you look like a true couple in love.
    So beautiful to see.
    Such a good idea to get away and share each other, away from the calamity of home.
    God Bless Vicky.

  10. Rooting for you always, Vicky! :) Glad you enjoyed your time away! xo
    Katie from NYC!

  11. My favorite pic...was of you and your guy. The look is your eyes was that of warmth and contentment.

    Love the visual at the top, too. Rock on, E.M.!

    And what a nice place. I wouldn't have guessed it. Glad you made it there and back and are safely home!

  12. I am so happy for you that you got to take a trip with your man! Love the pics!

  13. So glad you had a wonderful trip. Love the picture of you and your hubby!

  14. Wow! Packed with fun, beauty, and diversity! You and Rick are so darling together and that is a really pretty picture of you. Yay for good times and refreshment. And I LOVE the bracelet travels! Makes me realize I still haven't sent you a picture of mine. Maybe it should travel someplace interesting.....hmmmm...ideas.....I only live 65 miles from Yosemite.....

  15. Coming to Westra World is a pleasure, my dear friend. went and saw (and heard) Mr. TREASURE ISLAND....were surrounded with GOLDEN warm colors of the water at the marina....saw LUNINESCENT corn fields along the way.....Hmmmmmmm...sounds like a
    treasure of a trip for you and your sweet hubby to me!!!! LOVE, LOVE....LOVE surrounds very obvious through reading your blog and comments,my friend....You are the "real deal".......
    I'm so glad that you and Rick had a great time together. Biiiiiiiiig hugs and lotsa smiles from Jackie to you, Vicky.

  16. The love really shines through ALL your photos. I'm so glad you both had such a wonderful adventure.
    Hello from Massachusetts.

  17. love the photos! Especially the one of you and Rick! look so beautiful (and Rick is handsome too!!!)
    You know me, toooo southern, I looked at those clouds and wondered if they were snow clouds! I'm glad you had warm weather!
    love u

  18. I'm wearing my bracelet happily now :) So glad that you had a great time :) Sounds like Eddie Money can still rock with the best of them.

    Terrific, serene landscape photos. Awesome!


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When you get lucky

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