Monday, September 19, 2011


He would have turned 82 today.  Birthdays were always special to him, not for the presents, the ice cream, the cake- well okay, maybe yes for the cake.  It took me years to realize what he treasured the most was gathering the family to celebrate, and the rest was just superfluous to him.  We miss you Dad.

We were driving to the rink the other day and we saw a white car with an older gentlemen driver.  Thinking of Rick's dad I said "Colton, who does that remind you of ?" " He lit up and said "I see the white hair, Grandpa Willard?  Is he here?"  I had to laugh.  If there is a way to drive in heaven, that would be how I envisioned my dad.  Free, in his car, driving out of town to look at the crops and see how the harvest is going.

I've realized I don't remember him as sick, nearly as much as I do in his healthier more active years.  What a blessing to realize that not only is he free of his oxygen tank, his tubes, his walker, his cane and 13 pill bottles, but suddenly, I feel unshackled from his sickness too.

Happy Birthday Dad!  Its a beautiful sunny day, with just the right amount of crispness in the air to let us know the seasons are changing.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and we speak of you often.  I have a small favor to ask.  If you should happen to see this beautiful shining soul from my friend rising to heaven today would you be there to welcome her home too?  I'm ready for her to be unshackled too Dad.  She'll have a huge gathering meeting her there, and Dad, she's a Daddy's girl too.  Plus, I'd be willing to bet she'd eat cake too!  

Praying you home sweet girl!  I am faithfully praying you home... there are several "Fathers" waiting with open arms.  

Robin has written an achingly beautiful tribute to our sweet girl... please go check it out here.


  1. Beautiful words filled with hope and love.

  2. From one Daddy's girl to another, I want to give you a big hug, my friend. On the anniversary of your Daddy's birth, I know that there will be those extra special memories that will wash over you today. I am here if you need me...

  3. What a touching tribute to your dear Father Vicky. He must have been one amazing man to have raised a daughter with such an open, loving, resilient, giving heart.

    I always leave your posts inspired and determined to soften and open my heart more.

  4. Hearing your heart, Vicky. It's a beautiful one.

  5. Oh Vicky,

    what a wonderfull post for your (german) Dad. I think he will stand there and wait with open arms for your lovely friend!!! This idea is so comforting. There is no dad who would wait for me but I think there is so much love and hugs for every people.


  6. Happy Birthday Dad! I know your sweet dad will be there to welcome Sara...I'm counting on my mom being there they'll all share an embrace.
    I love this photo your daddy has the sweetest smile.
    love you to the moon & back

  7. Thanks for this, Vicky. It's all incredibly touching. I've been thinking of your friend too and her valiant fight. I'm going to go read her story...what a woman. And what a blessing to us to be introduced to her and your father in one post. :)

  8. Nice tribute to your Dad and friend.

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad, Vicky. I was blessed by just knowing OF him, through you, when he was alive. I still so wish he could be here with all of you but I love that he'll be there to greet Sara for you, for us.....

  10. Beautiful post Vicki. My Mom is in her last stages of COPD and I'm yearning for her to be free and unshackled from her sickness at this time. It is so hard to watch her suffer and not be able to help.
    This picture is precious. He had such a kind smile! What a wonderful thought that he and Sara will soon be rejoicing and unshackled together. Thank you for this Vicki! You are a blessing.

  11. Nice post about your daddy. Wishing your family well.

  12. Beautiful Vicky :) I know that your Dad is welcoming lovely Sara with open arms too. This post has helped me to forget my Dad's illness and feel unshackled too. Thank you dear friend. You give so much to us all.


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