Friday, September 16, 2011

"All will be put back right again..."

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.  Khalil Gibran

I shared this on our Gitzen Girl's fb page a short time ago and thought others would enjoy hearing about her vision as well.

"Laid my head down last night with your name on my lips, and woke with you coming first thing to my mind this morning. There was an amazing sunrise and felt the hand of God ever near. You shared with me once the message that "All will be put back right again!" This is my prayer for you... soon, sweet one, soon."

Five days after my own father passed away, July 5th, 2010, Sara's own dad died unexpectedly, July 9th, 2010.  The two of us shared an individual, yet shared journey of grief.  Yesterday I happened to remember an email she had sent some of us about a dream she had.  The message of the dream was essentially this... "All will be put back right again."  The date of the email?  September 14th, 2010.  One year ago to the day that Sara began her own journey toward her heavenly home, she had already experienced a glimpse of the heaven that awaited her.  

I'm seeking comfort in the clear vision she had of that heaven.  

And time marches on... I've had a bit of a set back.  I've been dealing with a small hole in my mastectomy incision that continues to drain.  This morning I awoke to discover it has become infected.  I'll be visiting the ever capable Dr. Bouton again this afternoon and anticipate some new stitches and perhaps some antibiotics :)  But I am resting in Sara's words she so graciously put in the header of my blog for me... "All shall be well."  


  1. Dear Vicky, first, I am grieving with you for your friend, Sara. I took time to read her blog the other night and I have not gotten her out of my mind, nor will I. Any time I feel the propensity toward feeling sorry for myself...I realize how wasted the energy is. Yes, I'm human. Yes, I will fail. But now, I have Sara to guide me away from thoughts of doom. What a beautiful soul, and I can so easily see how you two because online friends. I am so happy to know you found one another and offered one another such beautiful support and friendship. From what I can tell, that blessing will not end anytime soon.

    Thanks for continuing to read my words. I always love yours. And I love our connection. I am eagerly awaiting a visit when the time is right. I will wait for your lead. Meantime, you can count on my perpetual thoughts and frequent prayers. I will be at a weekend retreat with some faith sisters from college, and you will be with me in a sense, reminding me of the inner joy and hope that are always possible through faith.

  2. Roxane, thank you for your sweet words! Please have a wonderful time this weekend and we will definitely have our time together soon!

  3. How wonderful that Sara left you so many words and insights with which you can console yourself about her untimely loss.

    Sorry to hear that your incision is not healing yet as it should. I'm sure the doctor will know what to do for the problem. Take care of yourself Vicky. Hope you are able to steal some moments of quiet and solitude for rest, renewal and recovery.

    Sending you love and light ...

  4. I am praying for you today that your incision will heal and that there will be no more set backs.

    Thank you for giving us a bit of an update on Sara. I've been wondering and waiting for Jesus to move, to take her pain away. I love the idea of all being put right again. You wrote this post beautifully and helped me focus on Jesus today. Thank you.

  5. what a beautiful photo and even more the message that 'all will be put back right again'--what hope we have as believers!

    So sorry about the incision spot not healing correctly, will be praying that closes up soon and the infection goes away quickly.

  6. You are so on my heart as you walk through these days. I pray that the Lord will embrace you with peace and comfort as you release your dear friend for now.

    Praying also for healing for your incision and renewed strength for your entire body.

    What words of hope and grace you have shared with us.

  7. I can not get Sara out of my mind. Praying for her sweet self and so sad for this loss. I know that is selfish but can't help it. Hope YOU are OK today too. Praying for you, too. XO, Pinky

  8. Aw Vicky ,These are things that happen more so than you think and they are a pain in the ass. but as long as things keep moving forward that's the most important thing.
    I am pushing for a full recovery for you.I am looking ahead, as should you.
    Right now, I too am with a broken wrist and its going to take a year to heal, if all goes well that is.
    They took the cast off yesterday and today it's painful, stiff and goes between swelling and unswelling, after some exercise and the damp weather doesn't help either.
    We just have to dig in, keep fighting and moving forward.It's amazing how inner strength can help the body fight.
    Tears also help as they cleanse the soul.
    I am truly sorry about your friend.
    I am not good with the passing of people. I keep believing we will meet again and I also am thankful we are given this time to be people,to experience love joy and heartache for it makes us better entities in the scheme of things.

    Push on girl.:)

  9. I was reading through some blog comments on the latest update about Sara. Several people mentioned getting a tattoo of "Choose Joy" or their "word of the year" (that Sara wrote so beautifully). I don't think I'm a tattoo person, but I'm trying to think of a way to visibly be reminded of Sara every day- something that would honor her legacy, and keep "Choose Joy" at the forefront of my mind. She taught me so much!

  10. Vicky~ I am so very sorry to hear of your friend sara and will also be praying for you, her and her family.
    I also hope you feel better soon as well :)

  11. very well written! prayers going out now for the quick healing of your incision - love what your profile says about "expanding" your time! People don't know what kind of pain I am in- my family sees me in the bed all the time- I have to rest up for our special adventures- but, we have them! I'm not gonna quit no matter what - I really have nothing to complain about - I choose joy! God Bless- (you know- Sara could possibly be enjoying fellowship with my grandfather right now- 2 hero's)!

  12. Vicky....I had never read anything written by Gitz. It was meant for me to go be there. I spent hours on her site. I can't tell you how blessed I am because of that.
    I also can't tell you how I cried. It's impossible to verbalize...but I know that you know.
    Thank you for sharing Gitz with me.
    I love you, Vicky....

  13. Very profound, Vicky. I do believe God gives us certain insights and Sara seemed to have many of them and was able to bless all of us. I read Jackie's comments and totally understand being immersed. I wasn't able to read Sara all the time but I would go back and catch up, even reading posts from a few years back. She never failed to amaze and inspire me. You are the same.

    That sunset is unbelievably spectacular. I had to call Hannah in here to look at it. I'm so sorry the incision site grows worse and I'm glad the doctor will be on it. I'll look forward to this week....

  14. I wrote a blog post for our dear Sara tonight. It seems so little to do but it brought me comfort and hopefully it will bring extra prayers for her...

  15. Sara and Vicky...two beautiful souls joined forever who have graced all our lives with their love, compassion and insight. Praying for Sara and praying for your healing, dear Vicky. Hugs...


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