Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Opening and closing...

We spent Labor Day at the lake in cool weather.  Nolan was still determined to enjoy one last ride on the  jet ski, but he shivered the whole way.  I spent the day cleaning and bossing the boys around when I needed help with shaking out rugs, and sweeping and mopping floors, etc.  Its closing time...

... and its opening time.  School started!  It was a frantic morning getting the boys off while I prepared to go to Roger Maris for my 8th round of chemo.  Colton was all smiles.  He showered and picked out his clothes the night before.  He eats breakfast at school so he was ready within minutes of getting up.  Third grade this year,  how did that happen? 

Nolan put off everything for yesterday morning... then he panicked.  "Mom, do you remember where my locker is?  Where are my clothes?  Can you make me some breakfast?  Oh, the bus just went by... I'm riding bike to school..."  Fifth grade, and he is on autopilot cruising through his last year of Elementary school...  crazy to see that last line I just typed...

I flipped my "chemo" bag over by accident yesterday.  Notebooks, pens, all my bottles of pills, my Gin-Gins, all went flying.  I had to maneuver my iv pole around without pulling on the needle sticking out of my chest and try to retrieve all of my stuff.  Sadly, as I unpacked my bag this morning, I discovered my gratitude journal missing.  The clinic is on the look out for it... I feel so lost without it already.


  1. Hoping you find your journal, and that this is indeed a good week after all. Our children grow so quickly, it amazes me that my youngest is a sophmore in HS!!...

    Beautiful images.

  2. I love your gorgeous sunset/sunrise...
    Hoping your gratitude journal will appear soon.

  3. Your spirit and faith continue to amaze me. May you be blessed with healing and darn it - that journal better show up!

  4. Oh, that's so sad - hopefully someone will find it and get it back to you!

  5. I hope you find your journal and that the rest of the day goes smooth.
    Big day for everyone

  6. I saw Nolan roll into school yesterday on his bike. I couldn't believe how grown up he looked. The odd thing is I wasn't sure if it was him but as soon as I saw the picture today it was confirmed. Such handsome guys!

  7. you northerners really have to party while the sun's high in the sky to get the most out of your short summers.

    oh, my, the gratitude journal! i believe it'll come back to you. keep listing your gifts, even this hard eucharisteo.

  8. Beautiful pictures Vicky. The sunset and the fire give you a sense of peace and relaxation as you look at them.

    Summer seems to have flown by this year! I can't believe that it is school time already.

    Hope whoever finds your journal, hands it over to those at the clinic who can give it back to you. I can understand how lost you feel without it.

  9. Praying your gratitude journal is found! Beautiful pictures. Love the sunset.

  10. Dear Vicky,

    what lovely boys you have ... really nice pictures. School begins here in Germany/Bavaria on next Thuesday. Puh, I hope the year will be good for my 15 year old boy ;-). Thanks for your lovely comment to my fabrics. My english isnt good enough for english postings and I am happy you can understand all of my "blabla" with an translator.

    All the best for you, we will see us again on facebook!

    Hugs from germany


    PS: Where are your Dad come from?

  11. great photos- my oldest started 5th grade & took off to Alaska (from southwest florida) on a big adventure with my parents- kills me that he is so big!
    Sorry about your journal- I'm re-reading 1000 Gifts & MUST start my own journal- I know it is heartbreaking for you to loose it-
    I will be praying for you Vicki. If it does your heart just a bit of good please know- I found your blog while feeling quite sorry for myself. (I don't partake very often) but, I'm tired of pain and tired of being tired. I have RA and once in awhile it gets to me. Once in a while I have to spend way too much time in bed (ok most of the time) but, I am so very blessed and God gives me the strength to go on our family adventures. and when I'm down, He shows up - sometimes through someone like you- like today. Thank you. God bless! (and HEAL you- standing in agreement with you all the way from florida)

  12. Vicky, oh, my heart breaks regarding the lost journal. And of course, I am wondering about YOU dear lady, hoping to hear something soon and set up a little get together, no matter how short. XXXOOO, Roxane

  13. Aren't those just the most handsome boys around??? Check out those smiles. I hope they have a terrific school year... I know that they will! Hockey season is around the corner. Excitement here too!


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