Friday, February 26, 2010

I am, I think, I know...

I am: living in black and white while dreaming of the return of technicolor days soon
I think: either way too much, or entirely not enough...
I know: less and less as the years move on
I want: another puppy someday... soon
I have: so many places I want to travel
I dislike: judgement of others
I miss: my dog Dakota, don't know if I'll stop missing her
I fear: time going by too quickly when it comes to my kids growing up
I feel: dulled and unfocused from lack of vitamin D
I hear: a hotly contested hockey game in the background
I smell: a freshly peeled orange, clinging to my fingertips
I crave: rearranging my furniture and totally accessorizing with new to me things
I search: for the questions I should be asking
I wonder: about so much really
I regret: not always realizing the very things I will grow to regret
I love: being part of things bigger than I imagine
I care: always, deeply
I am always: trying to live with intention
I worry: why yes, I do
I remember: things in minute detail sometimes from long ago
I have: no desire to throw sandbags again this year... double ugh. But I will...
I dance: with the girls when they come since the boys now laugh at me when I try
I sing: no, really I don't, you're welcome
I don’t always: eat my veggies
I argue: with my kids about NOT arguing :)
I write: to make sense of my world
I lose: track of time when I am writing
I wish: I knew what I was supposed to do next
I listen: as much to what is said, as to what isn't said... what isn't said says more at times
I don't understand: how I now find myself explaining "new math," when all I know is old math
I can usually be found: somewhere between my kitchen and the hockey rink.
I am scared: when I think about how much my parents now depend on me.
I need: to be mindful that I have so much of what I need already.
I forget: so, so, much, it scares me some days.
I am happy: to be exactly where I am.

How about you?

I took this from Septembermom, feel free to take it from me.


  1. I have to say I just re-arranged my furniture I moved couches from one room into another and I feel like I have a new house and left wondering why I never did this when i moved in.

    I love you list I just might take up this challenge.

  2. An interesting list. Were you surprised by any of your answers as you wrote them?

    A nice way to get to know our blogging friends better. Eat those veggies! :)

  3. thinking about things we probably aren't always aware of ... appreciate your sharing this

  4. Oh my gosh, you are me 20 years ago. So of course I instantly love you....and your blog.

  5. Liss, I already know you'd be great at this list... I hope you do it :)

    Bonnie, I was surprised at how hard some of them were... I had to walk away and come back! I think I'd like to do it again... in a few months and I think it would reflect a perspective shift...

    Susan, yes, it causes you to pause and reflect and focus a bit on areas you might not otherwise.

    Kass, welcome! I'm headed over then, to see what my life may look like 20 years from now :) So glad you stopped by!

  6. I can see now, a much clearer image of who you are. Thanks so much for sharing you heart in this fashion. I love the simplicity of summing up those "I.." statements.

  7. I love these. You have a talent for writing...expressing your innermost feelings...with few words....a gift, my friend.
    I'm coming back to your blog later. I want to read more....and respond to some of them...
    Love to you, Vicky.

  8. I love to rearrange furniture-it's so fun!

  9. I love your thoughts today...very creative. Thanks for letting us all get to know you better.

  10. Jen, I am hoping someone else will give it a try :) Perhaps you? I'm glad you learned something about me... I felt it was a bit vague, but its what I was feeling at the moment.

    Miss Jackie, I hope you are feeling better. Most of it was easy, but I'll admit a couple stumped me for a bit... I am glad you like it however.

    Stephanie, I know, me too! Can't believe I haven't already.

    Lisa, thanks :) I am glad you found it enlightening!

  11. Wow. I was completely mesmerized reading this. I would totally steal it from you, but I don't think I could do it the justice you have. You have become such a writer, lady. Loved seeing your life this way.

  12. This is awesome! I'm struggling with "new math" all the time. I argue with my kids about not arguing too. It can be exhausting. I like your search for questions one. That is something I think about too.

    So glad that you did this Vicky! It's great getting to know you more too.

  13. Gitz, seeing you show up here started my Saturday off on just the perfect note :) I would love to read your answers to this... you would so ROCK this :)

    Robin, your heart has been opened so wide this last week... I would not be surprised if some of the things on my heart are on yours as well :) Sending love to you and know you are always in my heart!

    Kelly, I am so glad you did this and inspired so many others to do it as well. I think if we compared a bunch of them together we would find a lot of common themes running through them :) Glad you came over to see it!

  14. I love that so many people are doing this post...I want to do one, too....but I need a bit more time....there's lots to think about here....

    I loved learning more about you!!

  15. Very interesting and refreshing that you are happy exactly where you are :0)

  16. Vicky, I LOVED this. Truly. What a rich insight into YOU and very much makes you take stock of yourself. Yep, I may borrow it just to find out for myself who I am. At least for this moment.

    You're such a great writer and analyzer with a true poet's heart. Love You.


  17. This is such a perfectly written post! You are as amazing a writer as you are a photographer. And I mean every word I said :) WOW! I am blown over by your writing, photography and thought process!


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