Monday, February 22, 2010

Skate with the Moorhead Spuds

Ask any of our youth hockey players.  To them they're heroes, and role models.  To the rest of us, they're known as high school hockey players.  But when Colton's mite team along with all the other mite teams get to skate with the Spuds... its a pretty big deal.  I don't know who gets the biggest thrill.  Our little boys and girls who want to grow up and be just like them... or the big boys and girls who get to soak up the limelight just a bit.  The Spuds go out and race the boys and girls and skate with them, and then they give "autographs" to the kids.

We've quickly discovered that hockey is about community.  The younger ones want to emulate the older ones.  The older ones are asked to act the part and demonstrate teamwork, hard work and dedication to their sport.

Big or small, old, or young.  The one thing they all have in common, is their love of hockey.  After 3 games of our own today, we left for home to do the one thing any good hockey-loving person would naturally do, watch the Americans play Canada in hockey.


  1. What a cool story..and they get autographs? I can just imagine the thrill for the little guys, and like you said, Im sure the Spuds get a thrill also. Hockey is a great sport, isn't it. Its like you a bunch of traveling gypsys sometimes.
    And how about that USA/Canada game last night.

  2. Mark, the game WAS awesome for 3 out of 4 members of our family. I have one huge Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin fan and he is more than just a bit enamored with Canada as a whole :)

    I will have to blog more about this area's Olympic hockey ties someday!

    Robin, yes, we ordered pizza and watched the game which was a great way to end our big weekend of hockey!

  3. how wonderful when the younger ones have such good role models ...

  4. This is SOOO cool! Great pictures and memories... I love it all!


  5. So much fun for the boys! How cool that they got autographs. You know that my hockey kid is jealous :)

  6. So much fun for the boys! How cool that they got autographs. You know that my hockey kid is jealous :)

  7. I love healthy emulation! How wonderful for the Spuds...and for Colton's team, too.
    I can't say enough about your photographs, Vicky.
    They are wonderful....They always ALWAYS tell the best stories.
    You are a precious Mom...

  8. What a cool opportunity. At that age things like that are just the neatest thing ever!

  9. That is so exciting! Your boys are Olympics Bound!


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When you get lucky

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