Monday, February 1, 2010

She's reaching...

This last week our travel hockey team has been preparing to host our first home Squirt tournament. It was definitely a week of firsts. It was also a weekend of stepping out of our comfort zones... in a big way. I faced more challenges, obstacles, decisions as well as emotional ups and downs, than I have faced in a long time. The really rewarding part, however, is that I didn't do it alone.

There were two "teams" involved in the success of our tournament... the players on the hockey team, and the parents of the players running the tournament. We've quickly discovered there are no manuals, for running a tournament. There aren't lists, or flowcharts or how-tos and how-don'ts anywhere. You have to go outside of yourself and figure out the best way to navigate the rocky waters.

So behind the scenes the planning begins... as well as the worry and stress. Long before it becomes visible to everyone else, the "coordinating" of the event begins. I feel so very fortunate to be sharing the coordinating position with my friend Kim. Because quite honestly, she has been the driving force to making sure it has all gotten done. But no decision has been made without the two of us having hashed over every detail. We have shared hundreds of emails, dozens of calls and many face to face conversations in coordinating our efforts to help plan this weekend's tournament.

When you look at the pages of notes I have, its overwhelming considering so many of the tasks are so foreign to us. Check credentials, passports, birth certificates? Determine brackets? Run a chuck-a-puck contest? What? Who me?

But thats what we did. One challenge at a time we figured it out. We relied on the help of our parents who all stepped up and played a role in the success of the tournament.

Perhaps we only needed to look to our kids to figure out the formula for success. They easily won their first game. Lost a heart wrenching second game at the buzzer, and came back to win a close game in OT, for third place.  How fitting that Kim's own son scored the game winning goal!!

I'm weary... tired doesn't begin to describe how I feel... mentally incapacitated or tecnically I have mushy brain syndrome.

But as we were leaving for our inhouse game last night as a night cap to our weekend of hockey, I started a mini pep talk with Nolan realizing how tired he was and that he wouldn't want to go play another game. I told him that we were down to our last month of hockey starting today. He screeched at me "What? No way... we barely just started and now our team is getting good and its going to be done? I don't want it to end! I am not tired of hockey!"

As usual, my nine year old managed to give me proper perspective.  Anytime any of us have asked him to step up and deliver, he has.  When we needed him to play defense, even though he dislikes it, he does.  When we've needed goals, he has found a way to score.  When we need him to skate down the ice, and back, and then down again, he will.  He doesn't tell us my legs are burning, and my lungs are on fire, even though we know they are... he just does it.  We forget sometimes, we ask a lot from him... from ALL of them.

We asked them to step up in a big way, why shouldn't they expect the same from us?

Our warm up to the big tournament was Colton's 8 am game playing goalie for the first time!  He would hate me for saying this... but does he not look totally cute in all that big goalie gear? His coaches also said he made a lot of saves and did a good job.


Nolan was beside himself, not only getting a medal, but having it placed around his neck by some of his favorite Moorhead Spuds hockey players that he has long admired. They give him their broken sticks and he cuts them to his size and uses them in his games. He so wants to be them some day.


Congratulations to the Squirt Orange team in their third place finish of their first home tournament!



  1. Funny, I think you were reading my blog right while I was reading yours! :o)

  2. Kids really appreciate when a parent is so involved. I'm sure putting it all together is a lot of work but it's got to be worth it all, especially when he's enjoying himself so much.

  3. You are such a wonderful mom. These are the kinds of things he will always remember...
    I'm so happy they did so well...

  4. What wonderful memories both you and Nolan are creating right now. He seems to be very dedicated to hockey and it is hard to find kids willing to put in that much time. You may be looking at a future Olympic or even professional hockey player! Congrats to the Squirt Orange Team for their 3rd place finish!!!

  5. Congratulations to your team (Go Nolan!)...and a biiiig hug to you and Kim. You are both special.
    Smiles and hugs from Jackie

  6. sounds like wonderful kids and wonderful parents ... a winning combination!

  7. Congratulations! Sounds like all members of the family deserve a round of applause. These are the good ol' days......

  8. Vicky you and Kim were wonderful this weekend. I wish I would have helped more. i was wrapped up in sick kid stuff. I am not good at hiring a sitter all day to do that stuff thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. Wow, you had a busy weekend. I liked your hockey photos.

    You are such a good mom Vicky...very dedicated to your family.

  10. Family is the best and your a great mom!

  11. Looks like you guys did a wonderful job and the kids obviously did wonderful too!!!!

    Congrats on the success of the tournament :)

  12. Congrats! What a great time for everyone :) Good job Nolan!

  13. Chelsea, weird when that happens :) I had no idea!

    Miti, the fact that he loves it makes it so worth it indeed. I keep telling myself at some point he may start rejecting some of my involvement... so I am soaking it in as long as he lets me :)

    Robin, thank you, I think both he and I will never forget and that is the beauty of all of this.

    Eileen, most of the boys have some pretty big dreams for their hockey careers, and one never knows :) Thank you for your kind words.

    Jackie, thank you, Kim deserves a big shout out for sure :)

    Susan, thank you :0

    Bonnie, I couldn't agree more with that... it doesn't get much better than this.

    Bonnie, you are welcome, we all do our part and you letting Thad come and coach for us is an important piece of the puzzle too.

    Tainterturtles, thank you :) I feel lucky that I can be... I wouldn't want it any differently.

    Sherri, thank you :) Nice to have you stop by.

    Stephanie, thank you :) I've been thinking of you...

    Kelly, thank you :)

  14. That's so exciting! I can't imagine the work that goes into it, but I can imagine the feeling you get when you see those smiles. I love that your boys have already found something to be so passionate about at such a young age.

  15. I love the hockey posts! I get so excited hearing about wins, how well your boys do on the ice and off...


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