Monday, March 1, 2010

Chicken spots...

What started off as typical hockey-travel-here-we-go-missing-church-again-Sunday, turned into an oh-dear-what-are-those-spots-all-over-you-Colton (?) kind of a day.  So while Rick packed the hockey gear in the car, I took the making- a- funny-noise-under-the-left-front-side truck and we met at the walk-in clinic.  With visions of bug-bite-type-itchy-rashes whirling through my head we were quickly ushered into an old-exam-room-not-being-untilized-except-for-kids-with-suspected "chicken pops" and placed under quarantine.

As Colton bravely put on his adult size gown, we saw the welts on his tiny body blossom and grow.  When we saw the subtle but so telling swell in his skinny little feet, then elbows, and knees... My voice grew an octave and I said in my-I-am-mommy-and-you-must-listen-to-me-now-voice... please go get the doctor.  Because I have seen this before.  Those little "chicken" spots... had suddenly grown into unabashed hives.

The doctor came quickly.  She affirmed, no fever, no coughs, no sniffles, no trouble breathing, no underlying illness.  Just in-your-face-hives reacting to gosh-only-knows- what-he-may-have-ingested.  But as she quizzed us relentlessly I did flashback to my own little bout with a food allergy.  I blogged about it here the day Nolan bought the Famous Amos cookies.

As we shared with the doctor my severe allergic reaction with still no known cause, she affirmed it is actually common.  Nearly 80 percent of people who suffer an allergic reaction, never find out how it was caused.  We know two things in Colton's case.  He ate pistacchio-salad-at-a-hockey-potluck-party, Saturday, and had a Reeses-Peanut-Butter-Cup, Saturday night at the Spud hockey game.

So buoyed with strict orders for rest, no gym, no hockey for a few days, and lots of Caladryl and Benadryl... Colton and I headed home and sent Rick and Nolan off to hockey.

We spent our Sunday snuggled-on-the-couch-together-watching-hockey-at-Grandpa's and Grandma's house. And when Grandpa offered us banana NUT bread we said thank-you-very-much-but-NOT-in-a-gajillion years!!!


  1. Bless that sweet boy's heart!!! But the snuggling on the couch part sounds nice. :) I miss my nieces and nephews like crazy and most of them are getting too old to snuggle. Thankfully my 6th grade Cooper doesn't think he'll ever be too big!

    Tell Colton I hope he feels better, and I was thinking of him and Nolan through the whole US vs. Canada hockey game. It was so exciting I kept forgetting to breathe!

  2. Poor Colton..... I am so glad that he was diagnosed...and that all seems to be well...(or will be soon) for him.
    What a wonderful gift you have, Vicky! ....Such a talent for writing.
    I send you a hug with a hope that you continue SHINING in your blog writing...and that those mysterious hives go buzzing away from sweet Colton very soon. Give him a biiiig kiss from Jackie.
    Much love,

  3. Poor Colton - missing hockey! But he had Mommy all to himself for a while and I'm sure that was great.

    My daughter had HUGE hives once and when we saw her pediatrician he said to never ignore them, because they can be on the inside of the body as well and constrict breathing or the functionning of organs. It was very scary!

    Glad that episode is behind you!

  4. Oh poor fella! I suffered through several bouts with severe hives when I was a kid. One time my mom had to rush me to the emergency room. She held a wooden spoon in my mouth on the way there, to keep my tongue pressed down so I could breathe. It was scary.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  5. thank you, Vicky, for the way you share your world with us ... I enjoy your writing and photos and I am grateful your son was able to get help ... thinking of you, too, as the snow begins to melt and praying for a slow thaw

  6. Oh, poor Colton!!! That's must have been so worried!!! Hope he is on the mend soon!!! Love you and have missed you! Janine XO

  7. I hope little Colton is feeling better. Our boy use to get hives, but we could never determine what was causing it. I'm glad you know what causes Colton's itchy hives.

  8. Oh bless I hope Colton is on the mend now. I get allergic reactions to mango and cheese and other dairy products. It can be scary and nuts is a common one isnt it? Mr brother still cannot eat peanuts. Thats a lovely photo of you both. Beautiful eyes the pair of you.

  9. Oh that's SO SCARY! You were a smart mama not to wait around just wondering "what the heck?!" That's a bummer that you can't know for sure but sure sounds like a nut allergy doesn't it?

    TWM did that with penicillin when he was about four-years-old. Scared me to death. He got these continent sized hives and it never dawned on me that it was the medicine and I gave him another dose! Duh. It's a wonder he lived through me.

    So glad he's better!!!

  10. Oh bless his sweet heart! Food allergies are so scary! I hope that he is feeling better now and that he is back to hockey soon. i know not being able to play hockey had to bother him more than the spots! Hugs to you:)

  11. Poor Colton! Hope he feels a lot better. Glad that you had snuggle time :)

  12. Poor thing! I hope he gets better and those hives go away very very soon!!!!!

    Stay away from all that stuff now :)

  13. Oh Vicky...nuts!?
    One thing for certain, a little one on benadryl is able to do only 1 thing...snuggle :)

  14. Oh Jeez! Poor lil Colton. I thought that he had chicken pox (there is a vaccine for it now). It's so sad to know of his allergies. And yours. What is the cure for his hives? Anti histamine?


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