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Of all the emails I get, the one about "diet" is probably the most prevalent in my inbox.  This "lifestyle" book by Kris Carr has been a "crazy" ride to read.  Her book is informative in a way that any newbie like myself can completely digest and set into motion quickly.  As a young newly diagnosed woman with all kinds of cancer throughout her body, Kris searched and searched for a team of doctors who would help her fight her cancer in a holistic and natural way.  Seven years later, while still living with cancer (which is now stable), she is the picture of health, inside and out, despite the cancer.

At stage 4, the progression of our cancer is too advanced and we're told by our doctors "We can't cure you of your disease any longer."  But Kris says, who cares (?) in a little bit more colorful language, and says "Change now.  Love now.  Live now."

I've been carrying her book everywhere, and whatever "your" personal cancer might be (heart disease anyone?  Chronic fatigue?  Arthritis?  Overweight?) she has a plan for you!  I've been surprised by how very "doable" changing my diet has been.  My energy has improved, and overall I feel better than I have in a long time.  Of course, I am still following my conventional treatment plan and doing my chemo as advised, so I do have side-effects to contend with, but I've also found those to be manageable.

These green smoothies, or liquid salads, have become a staple for me.  We found an old Vita-Mixer on ebay for a steal and I've been blending away for weeks now.  Colton has even joined me in his enthusiasm for them and will drink one alongside of me.  I've embraced the green and have done away with most meats, dairy, sugar, and most kinds of gluten.  

My doctor's only hesitation has been in doing away completely with red meat as its the only natural form of vitamin B12.  So I do work in some hamburger or fish to make sure I am getting that vitamin.

And for all of you making meals for my family, no worries on what you make!  We haven't met a meal that we didn't love and you shouldn't alter anything you are making.  My family is till eating mostly the standard american diet (SAD) and this momma is happy when her family has food to eat for dinner and I didn't have to plan it, prepare, or cook it.  Its one of my energy "lifesavers" and allows me to be with my family and spend my time enjoying being with them.  So thank you to all of my dinner-maker- warriors! You guys are my heroes and I couldn't do this without your support!  

Every once in awhile, a bracelet photo escapes my reach and goes through to my spam.  I'm sorry if I've unintentionally not posted someone's photo!  Feel free to let me know I missed you somehow!  

This bracelet photo is Lindsay who not only is a fellow Cobber (class of 2002) but she shared this with me "I'm on a committee for our local Relay for Life.  We had a BBQ fundraiser today, so I wore our team t-shirt.  My team has a baseball theme this year, and our motto is "Hitting Cancer Out of the Park."  It's been fun to raise money for a great cause."  

Thanks so much Lindsay!  

So today is THE day.  At the end of the day I will be taking down my bracelets button.  So you have a few more hours to get in your final orders!  Thanks to Pam for all of her hard work!  Thanks to you for all of your support!  

I remain humbled by all of the people who show up at our door with the most thoughtful goodies!  My family thoroughly devoured these cookies along with some banana muffins.  I've never met Angie even though our kids have been in the same class before.  It takes a special person to come to a "stranger's" house and offer them kindness in this way.  But each time this happens, I find that my circle of friends just increases.  My moments of gratitude just keep piling up.  


  1. Hurrah! You've eliminated so many cancer-feeding/causing foods from your diet. I make a wicked kale, brocoli and garlic soup that we call our green medicine goup! But it is delicious!!! I'm so pleased that you are loving your body and supporting your immune system in this way Vicky.

    Gratitude and appreciation are such healing emotions - aren't you lucky that your community gives you so many opportunities to feel them.

    Thanks for the update - I feel so excited for you. My daughter seems to be cancer free right now, but she continues her 'crazy' cancer-fighting diet regardless. Like you she says it gives her more energy (sugar is such an energy drainer) and she cooks the most amazing vegan dishes. (We all eat a bit of fish every week too.)

    I'll be raising my next green smoothie to YOU!

  2. I wanted to mention that many of my daughter's most delicious vegetarian dishes come from the book "Clean Food" ... I think you have it. Do use it. The recipes are super simple and SO GOOD. My daughter says she has not made anything from it that she, her kids and her partner have not liked.

  3. After reading this and Bonnie's comments above I can see I need to make some major changes in my eating habits!

  4. This is wonderful I have always thought about doing it but forget. Its also good to carry this with you say on hockey and soccer games.
    Have a refreshing drink of spinach or something lol
    Gives you energy and is healthy.
    and who knows, might even cure you?
    I have heard someone talk about drinking pure water which cures people but I lost the mans' contact info.and have never heard him talk on tv about it again.
    I have to ask what is pure water?
    It took him years he said to develop it.I think everyone could sure use a doze lol
    Keep on fighting girl. Remember , everyone has cancer.Doctors do not know it all. Or maybe they do but laws stop them from curing people.

  5. Yes to what Bonnie said, too! I love the you are honoring your body and giving it the love and nourishment it needs!

  6. You have me curious about this book. This could be a great thing to do after baby...
    P.S. What is the boys' favorite meal? Do share because I signed for a night and would love to bring them an old favorite.

  7. You are so brave Vicky to restrict animal protein from your diet. My advice, please remember to consult with a dietician....dietiicians work closely with doctors and are trained in so many different medical disorders and cancers. My sister is a dietician and I highly respect her profession and knowlege of nutrition as it relates to our bodies.

    That cookie looks delicious!

    Did you see this about salt water cure?

  9. I am seriously trying to change my diet from the typical American (sad, yes)... to a much more healthy way of eating. I have arthritis and hearing impairment and headaches and IBS, blah blah blah... it's time to start eating and feeling better. Thanks for alerting us to this book.

  10. I have heard so many wonderful things about this diet.
    Keep your B12 and Iron up!
    Those infusions are rough!!!

    I am going to order this book!!!

  11. Vicky thanks for the heads up on the book. I am going to take a look at it. I have heard about the no sugar, no gluten before and have heard it is the best approach for anyone with cancer...Love the cookies. My sister goes in for a biopsy on her breast on the 25rh. ...Vicky I can see how your circle of friends would just keep getting bigger and bigger. I am blessed to know you. hugs to you.

  12. Vicky, oh, I really admire that; drinking green shakes. As the daughter of a diabetic, I really need to get that book and consider making a change myself. Thanks for the inspiration! I will try really hard to follow through! :)

  13. grrr.....missed this post. Missed the bracelets! crud!

    That book looks amazing~you are inspiring!

  14. i just realized i forgot to send you my riley/bracelet photo! i'll email you later :)

  15. This post is inspiring me to change up our diet here too. Thanks Vicky!!


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