Monday, May 16, 2011

Bracelets and Birthdays

Are you ready for a staggering number? I'm talking about the number of bracelets that you all have bought in support of me. I'm in awe first of all, but also completely humbled. The number I think I heard Pam tell me was 645! With some sewing help from her mom, Pam has hand made each and every one of these bracelets and then packaged them and shipped them.

 Whew, I'm tired just thinking about the amount of time Pam has spent on these. She has been selfless and beyond generous in doing this for our family. 645 is almost triple the amount, of what we thought might be sold. So its quite understandable that we are going to wrap up our bracelets offering for awhile. Please, if you would like to order a bracelet, get your order in this week, no later than Friday! I will be taking the button down after Friday! You guys rock!

Here are the latest bracelet photos I have received. I will still post any and all photos with bracelets that you send my way.

My sister-in-law Julie with my niece Mackenzie

My brother-in-law Matt, Julie, Mackenzie, and Ethan

Ethan, my nephew, cute, cute, cute.

Mackenzie with her cousin Sophie- way to "fight like girls!" 

Becky and her daughter Rebekah!  

Kenzie with her Team Vicky t-shirt on and her Vicky bracelet! 

Kelly @Septembermom

Colton's birthday party was a huge success!  He loved every second of it,  from hanging out with his friends, to playing arcade games to eating pizza and cake.  His friend Will and Will's mom had this cake made for Colton.  Not only is the logo spot on, but the flavor was delicious. 

Even in the dark you can see the excitement in his eyes. 

Will and Colton.

He clearly loved all of his gifts!

Colton's friends Grant and Sam.

Colton's friend Caleb

Grant, Colton and Ethan.

One party down, one to go!  


  1. Looks like Colton had a blast!!! I'm so glad that he had a terrific birthday :) That's a really nice cake. All wonderful pictures today, Vicky. Hope you're feeling well today!

  2. Wow!

    Looks like you guys had a blast!
    and the cake looked delicious.
    Colton is so lucky to have so many friends and family.

  3. Great photos ... and family and friends.

  4. Vicky, can I get in a bracelet order or is it too late? Sheesh! I can't believe I've missed jumping on this bandwagon before now. I'd like three - for the girls of our household. I can email too. I'm remiss...

    Meantime, LOVE the cake. Yum! Even better, love the eyes of that boy who no doubt devoured it -- those same eyes I saw passing by in the vehicle when I was on my way to your home.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon...I hope.



  5. Great pics Vicky...glad to see you are smiling!

  6. Love Colton's Cake!
    Happy Birthday Colton!

    I still need to send you a photo...


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When you get lucky

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