Monday, May 30, 2011


Spontaneously,we rode along with Rick to Minneapolis Friday night. We had no big plans, and a limited amount of time. We were picking up yearbooks for delivery Saturday night. The forecast called for rain on top of more rain, so hitting the road sounded like the best plan.

I've admired the landscape in winter, but I come to life when I see the lush greens of the spring. Everywhere I looked I saw, rolling hills shrouded in greens, with a contrast of black dirt for the newly tilled fields waiting for planting, and red barns sitting alongside a white farm house. Classic Americana. I breathed the fresh air deeply.

We awoke the next morning starving for breakfast.  I love google.  Google told us to go to Hell's Kitchen for one of the top breakfast places of downtown Minneapolis.  It was so close we could walk.  Nolan wasn't so sure when he passed under this to go down the stairs inside the restaurant.

Obviously its an establishment for Adults and kids alike.  The smurfs were playing on the tv on the bar.  The kids were entranced.  "Hey mom, those are the "really old" toys you have."  Thanks kids, I never would have predicted that smurfs would one day date me as "ancient." 

This little one wasn't feeling his best and had a gunky nose.  He hasn't missed a day of school for illness this year, and this is hopefully just a case of allergies.

I have three words for you... lemon, ricotta, pancakes!  Wow, I didn't even need butter or syrup.  They were dense, but light.  Flavorful, but not too rich.  I ate the whole plate and crashed and burned on my vegan diet.  I'd stray again for those!

Because the Twins were playing that night, Nolan wanted to go to the souvenir shop and bring his birthday money.  

We had seen a couple of kids leave with newly autographed balls and the hunt was on for where the players were at. 

I still marvel at the architecture of Target Field even though I've been there once before.  The pro shop is below through the glass windows.

The boys heard they should bring something to have autographed and quickly bought baseballs and got in line. Autographs ended at 12:30, and it was 12:25.  I had a proud momma moment when the security officer told the boys the line ended with Nolan. But Nolan spoke up for his brother and said he was coming too and could he please be where the line ended?  How could they refuse?

And this is what they were standing in line for.  Brian Duensing on the right and Matt Capps of the Twins.

Along with Michael Cuddyer,

 Drew Butera,

Matt Capps again, 

And finally a rookie, Rene Rivera.

Another case of Nolan's luck coming through for us.  He has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.  He had begged me for hours to take him while Rick drove to get the books.  But Colton not feeling well, made us stay put till Rick got back and could give us a ride.  The timing was perfect.

We did the annual golden glove photo.

And wistfully said goodbye to Target Field.  The game was at 6 and we needed to leave and deliver our load of yearbooks instead.  Even Nolan is going old school sporting an old Santana jersey that is missing a button.  But he didn't care.  We practically had to pry his fingers off the gate to get him to go.  

We left with the promise of a return trip to see a game sometime this summer.  Nolan offered to buy tickets for us... buddy, you got an awful lot of lawns to mow if that is the case! 


  1. Sweet! Love your photos as always. I have a few to share today too -- an adventure for us as well but in the other direction.

    Peace to you in the week ahead, Vicky! Let me know when I can come visit again. :)

  2. What a great family trip! and oh wow, those pancakes.. yum!

  3. Being a big baseball fan, I know how Nolan felt! I remember how exciting it was at age 12 when my Mom and Dad brought my brother and I to a Yankee's game. I've never forgotten that day.

    Hell's Kitchen looks like some place! I see nothing wrong with enjoying those delicious looking pancakes, Vicky. You have treat yourself every once in awhile. :0)

    Hugs my friend!

  4. What a fun trip! My motto lately is to really enjoy the memory making moments--looks like you did a great job! Hope you have a great day!

  5. What a great trip!
    I love the golden glove photo.
    and the boys were so lucky to get all those signatures on baseballs.
    The pancakes sound delicious too.
    I feel like making some today.
    Last time they turned out great.
    Thanks for sharing your day Vicky:)

  6. What an AWESOME Family Trip!!!
    Love the photos!!!

  7. The whole day looks "delicious!". Everything is so green right now it almost hurts a person's eyes.

  8. Wow, how wonderful, all of it!

    The greener than green hills, the wonderful breakfast and the Twins! Must note that you all seem to have one of most handsome teams in the league! How nice it must have been to visit with them up close! :)

    Happy for you and your great weekend!

  9. Another wonderful post Vicky - thank you so very much for share your ride with all of us.

  10. thanks for taking us along....and oh, those pancakes.....YUM !!!

  11. ahhh---I see you were in my stomping grounds! :) Love to see pics of places I go to! Looks like you had an amazing time :) Those pancakes look DELISH...I will have to try them for breakfast-never had breakfast there!!!

  12. Those pancakes look so good. The boys look awesome in that big glove. Great pictures Vicky!!


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