Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chemo round 3 in the books...

Chemo round 3 is officially in the books and I feel okay. The fatigue still nags me, but I made up for it by sleeping a lot yesterday. Well as much sleep as you can get when you get company like this at the hospital.

Nolan was reluctant, but I assured him he wouldn't see any blood or needles. He was fine as soon as he saw the remote controls for my recliner, then all was good in his world. The boys sat with me for a bit and we chatted as I tried to keep my heavy eyelids from permanently closing on them.

But soon the nurse came back and had work to do in hanging the next bag of drugs, so the boys got to go to the cafeteria with Dad for some lunch. They brought me a salad for lunch that Colton had made for me. Spinach, lettuce, dried cranberries, carrots and black olips (olives) with a tiny bit of dressing. That boy pays attention and gets it just right. The rest of the afternoon my friend Missy came to visit and the time flew by. I came home and slept hard till dinnertime and woke to a tasty rigatoni made by the Franklin family.

My appetite is good, my tolerance for a variety of food is good, I sleep well, I have little to no pain anymore, and my hair is staying put.  Yes, I have some fatigue and get a little more worn out a little quicker than normal.  I can take that.  I certainly see why there is a lot of  "buzz" on this new "super"-herceptin I have been lucky enough to get.  Herceptin = Hope for so many of us Her2 +++ breast cancer patients. My nurse told me there is even a movie that has been made about the guy who discovered herceptin, just over 10 years ago.  I am excited to research it and will share what I discover.

This is one of those photos I knew I had overlooked and was so relieved when Suzanne sent me a note reminding me of it.  Thank you Blazer family!  Love the photo!

And not only did our Gitzen Girl, Sara, send me a photo of her bracelet, the top blog dog is giving me his best "fight like a girl look" in the background.  Thanks girlie.

I dozed off last night to the sight of this... sigh... its sunset season and I am savoring each one.  


  1. Vicky, you rock. You remind me of some very important things in life, daily. Thank you -

  2. SO glad the treatments are not "too" bad.
    Love the photo of you and the boys!

  3. This is a very good sign that the drug is not making you ill.
    It might mean that the stage 4 is not that bad and can be stopped.
    As long as you eat and keep up your strength (and your hair lol) it all looks good.

    Lets keep praying it all works. :)
    The children and hubby are very supportive which is also very good for you. Good stuff!!!

  4. I'm so grateful to all these people bringing you meals and giving you time to rest and sleep. Love you, babe!!!

  5. Brave, beautiful, strong Vicky! You are such an amazing woman!

    Get some rest, take is slow. Be good to yourself.

    And thanks for the reminder to savor every sunset, every moment.


  6. I see you moving forward with grace and determination.
    Nice pic of you and the boys!

  7. Happy to hear you are still feeling as well as can be. Keep resting!
    Sounds like a great visit from the boys!

  8. Round 3...knock it outta the park!

    Blessings and many smiles to you~

  9. Round 3...knock it outta the park!

    Blessings and many smiles to you~

  10. You look so beautiful, Vicky ... and I am always charmed by Gitz's little doggie!

  11. Vicky, how is your hair staying put? You continue to look amazing. And even if your hair were all gone, you would still look amazing.

    The sunset...beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    And that cute dog made me smile; thanks for taking time to post that as well.

    I'm looking forward to the next even phase so I can visit and catch up.


  12. Hang in there Vicky...your smile is so beatiful. I'm glad the boys and your hubby can be close by.

  13. You're my hero! Love the picture with the boys. You look great :)

  14. Love the pictures. Thinking of you and praying all continues to go well


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