Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slippery Slopes.

The first time the boys got a slip-n-slide for their birthdays, we had to establish a rule. No slip-n-slides unless it is 80 degrees. That rule has stood the test of time. Can you guess what the temperature was last week? I enjoyed watching the boys drag out the slide, set it up and try to get it to work. They couldn't get the hose to attach to the end of it. So while one stood and sprinkled the surface by hand with the hose, the other took and and attempted to slide. When that didn't yield the results they wanted they finally just got a huge water gun and sprayed the runner down as he passed by.

Gotta love the ingenuity of the boys! Although, somewhere in their hi-jinx they must have performed a bit of a rain dance.

When the boys rolled up the slip-n-slide and came running in the house as the rain began to fall, I assumed they had gotten their fill. But Colton just looked at me like I had two heads when I asked him why they came inside so quicky... "Duh, we didn't want to get WET!" Who can argue with logic like that?


  1. Children....gotta love 'em!
    Give them a water hose and they are in heaven. (Remember running through the sprinkler...?)
    I love the shots you took of the raindrops falling. You caught them nicely.

  2. Oh, the difference that will happen between now and college...

    ...and the trouble they'll get into by campus security for "sledding" down hills in the rain on slip and slides...

    ... not that anything like that has ever happened to me or anything...

  3. I love slip n slides!!!! They were bound to have some fun and looks like they succeeded!!!! I love their logic...that's hilarious~

  4. Christopher the other day announced -- when I asked him if he wanted a little pool for outside -- NO, he wanted a slip and slide....he will be so jealous that his "best friend Colton" has one -- now he will really be ready to pack his suit and come (and, trust me, mom is ready to pack and leave as soon as we can.....some would say counting the days...we are counting the platelets...) We will be there as soon as we can!!!

  5. Jackie, the boys still love to run through the sprinkler as well or play with the hose :) Thanks for stopping by even while you are on vacation! Hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Gitz, I shudder to think of the things they will do in college... ugh!! Have you seen that new commercial for Smirnoff Ice drinks (I think thats it) ? A bunch of people meet at dark and place a tub of drinks down, and when the music cues the sprinklers come on at the golf course and they unroll a huge piece of plastic and slide down the hills!

    Stephanie, "determined" is a good word... yes they were! They love their slip-n-slide :)

    Kristi, our slip-n-slide awaits you! As does our wading pool at the park and the park itself... so much to do... praying for increasing counts!

  6. Oh my! Your grass is beautiful! I love a slip and slide! The boys are too cute!

  7. Now that's logic! They didn't want to get wet! I laughed so hard at that, I'm sure my kids think I'm crazy now! Great pictures of the rain though.

  8. Hi Friend! I've missed you!

    ROFL over the boys. That IS logic. Seems that Slip-n-Slide woulda been GREAT in the rain! I loved playing on those as a kid. Of course, that was in the days before I had any belly. Can't IMAGINE what that would feel like whackin' the ground now!

    Nice to be visiting again after getting my ravings out of my system. :)

  9. Oh I loved the slip and slide as a child. My children have never seen one or the common garden sprinkler for that matter. The drought has forbid us from using these items for over 9 years now. Oh the fun and joy a piece of plastic and some water can bring to kids. Memories, memories, memories.

    PS: your yard looks massive J

  10. That brings back some sweet memories with my little ones.
    Your yard is so lush and beautiful...mine is quickly burning up in this heat!
    And thank you for the pics of the rain, it looks delightful!
    Happy 4th my friend~

  11. I love it! Sounds like my brother who said he wanted to play guitar but he did't want to learn 'c and g and all that stuff'. Great pics, and great memories. The slip and slide was so fun when I was young enough to run and drop onto the ground with reckless abandon. I hope your boys get plenty of dry 80's days so they can slip and slide without getting wet. ;)

  12. lol that was funny and they would have had the sprinkles they wanted with the rain.
    In our time we would have stayed outside Goes to show what a few generations will do lol
    I loved puddles and rain especially with thunder and lightning and would walk out into it (was a dork in those days lol).

  13. Missy, between sunny skies and plenty of rain the grass has no choice but to cooperate :)

    Kaleena, thanks, I was surprised the rain pics turned out as well as they did.

    Robynn, so glad to have you back! Maybe you need a vacation from your vacation? Ha-Ha:) So good to have you back!!

    Liss, the things my kids take for granted, like the use of water and slip-n-slides, what a great lesson for them. That stretch of the yard is in between our house and the neighbors and it is a looonnnggg stretch of yard!

    Robin, with the wet spring and late start to summer, it is definitely green and lush so far and you know we are enjoying that! Happy 4th to you Robin!

    Anita J. :) love having your voice back too :) I think had it been "hot" outside then the boys would have stayed and played in the rain...

    Vic, yes, had it been warmer it would have felt refreshing, but it was barely 80 and the rain made it pretty cold outside for awhile :)


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