Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boyfriend material.

My reverse psychology backfired. When I said he could scrub the toilets if he was really bored, I didn't think he'd take me up on it. I didn't think he'd not only clean and scrub and shine the bathroom with enthusiasm, but also love the entire process. And when he was all finished with his bathroom that he shares with Colton? Yeah, he asked to do another one!





when I said

there were



our bathroom.

I am really hoping he is bored again tomorrow. I so need to dust!


  1. Oh,Vicky...I'm loving this young man!! How cute this post is (love your ending about dusting tomorrow.)
    What age are they when they outgrow 'doing toilets'...?
    I also love the colorful gloves!
    Give him a big hug from me...and tell him he is a dear...and I am quite sure that he endears himself to every mother and grandmother reading this blog!!!
    Smiles from Jackie

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OOooopsie....That 'comment deleted' post is (was) mine, Vicky. I sent the first one...and it just SAT there. I didn't think I sent it...soooo, you guessed it... I sent it again. Naturally, it posted twice! I didn't figure you'd want to see it I deleted it. Just wanted to explain the "Comment Deleted"....I'm so impatient with this dial up....You think I'd learn by now....but.... :))
    I'm only going to hit "Publish Your Comment" once on this one...even if I have to wait...and wait. :)))))) I don't want to repeat...repeat myself!!

  4. Love it! I have been letting Ryan mow lately, and he loves the responsibility of being a helper.

  5. I'm wiping the tears from my eyes this is so funny.

    Love the title of the post too.

  6. OMG! Could you please send him to my house..I'll even pay for his plane ticket or come get him..however you'd like to get him here :)

  7. Anytime....I have 4 bathrooms....(laughing)...

    Seriously, you have to get that child a hobby....(laughing)....then again...on second can now get a hobby.

    Do you think he could train a 2 1/2 year old....toilet training is on our agenda this summer! We could add toilet cleaning to the list!

    I bet Colton just rolled his eyes and was all "just let him..."

  8. Exactly how did you do this? LOL I think you may have an idea worth a patent! LOL

  9. Jackpot! Awesome, Vicky! I'm sure he won't run out of toilets to clean anytime soon, especially if your neighbors read this post!

  10. Do NOT let the outside world get to this child!! Do you know how much your future daughter-in-law is going to kiss your FEET?! LOL

    You got it good, girl. Good training. Nice job. :)

  11. Whew, its been a long day, a good one, but long. But I had so much fun coming home to read all of your comments!! Thanks everyone, we definitely will lend him out and let you know which days he is available!

  12. I'm hoping he can teach his love of cleaning bathrooms to Mackenzie!

  13. send that boy over... i could find some jobs for him!!! ;)

  14. So good Vicky! He's keeping busy, learning a valuable skill :) and helping you ... all at the same time ~Win-win-win!
    love to you

  15. Priceless! I love it! Go mama, go.


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