Monday, July 20, 2009


With a beautiful sunny day beckoning me yesterday, I still had been contemplating my next blog post all day. I have mountains of photos to sort through, each with its own tale to tell. As I sifted through them I was overwhelmed with the amount we are doing together as a family. I couldn't begin to process it into anything coherent. Plus, we have another adventurous week filled with the last week of baseball for the boys, the end of season junior golf tournament and the beginning of swimming lessons. I did the only logical thing. I picked a photo and wrote my post.

And then I gave in. I grabbed a book. Called the dog. Sat outside in the sun. And read. Thats it. And it was both good and enough. Kind of like the dragonfly. All he really needed was that single blade of grass to rest upon and I marveled at how not even the wind could shake him from his perch. With a whole lawn of grass to choose from, he only chose that one blade. It was good. It was enough.


  1. It was very good, Vicky.
    Thank you for the post....I needed to be reminded that it only takes a single perch....and that it is strong enough.
    Here's to resting on the Right Perch.

  2. What an awesome post with such a very important message! Funny how not knowing what to write or what photo to choose and you got something so thought provoking out of it :) Kudos!!!!!

    Glad you guys are having a good time and keeping busy. Hope you have an awesome week!

  3. Jackie, I hope you are enjoying your time at the mountain with your family :)

    Stephanie, I was just fascinated with the behavior of this dragonfly clinging to that one blade, it just wouldn't leave and I studied for quite a while... got me to thinking I guess :)

  4. You aptly titled it simplicity. At times inspiration can come from the most inconspicuous of things!

    The grasshopper clinging to that one blade brought innumerable thoughts to my mind. Staying true to your goal and not giving up in the face of calamity was one of them. Thanks Vicky for sharing it with us :)

  5. one blade of grass is all that is needed

  6. Such a beautiful post, Vicky. Oh, so true and peaceful. I'm with you....I never wonder what I'll blog about...I wonder what to choose from and being a little under the weather has had its advantages. I outlined a book and rested. Quiet bring clarity. Love you.

  7. Love this post. Ahhhhh~
    (also love your wonderful new header!)
    love and hugs

  8. Stillness, wow! You got a lot out of it and I am glad you shared your thoughts :)

    Liss, yeah, we have what we need, usually right in front of us :)

    Robynn, quiet brings clarity, well said! I've missed you, and hope you are on the mend! Love ya too!

    Love to you Robin!! Thank you for your gracious words :)


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When you get lucky

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