Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!


Remember when I told you Rick and I have been together for over 23 years? Kristi and I have been together longer! I'm guessing maybe 27 years or so. She is my oldest and bestest friend. I am delighted we share our birthdays so close together. While I had a hard time putting my hands on all the pictures we have of the two of us, I loved stumbling across this one in particular. How do you like the acid washed jeans? Our 80's hair? I'm pretty sure if you could hear it, the radio on our friend's porche would be playing "I wear my sunglasses at night," by Corey Hart.

This picture marked the beginning of our "magical" summer together. For some reason we were the golden girls that summer and had the time of our lives. Around my job at a daycare center we went to the pool every day and the lakes on the weekend. We went out together every night of the week and just managed to have a good time no matter what we were doing. We had tons of friends, lots of time, plenty of energy and the mindset that we may never have a summer like it again, which was truer than we could have possibly known.

Since that time we've been through weddings and births. Boyfriends and husbands. Mortgages and diapers. Dogs and kids. We climbed the hill together and persevered, our friendship intact. Happy birthday friend :) May we celebrate many more years together! Cheers!

P.S. I bet if we hurry we could still make it to the Old Broadway in time to close it down as we have so many times in the past :)


  1. I totally had that Corey Hart record on a 45 that I played on my orange plastic record player.

    Wow. Memories.

    And Wow. That hair... had some of that myself. :) You were too cute!

  2. Happy birthday Kirsti. There’s nothing like an old friend to remember the times with.

    Hey, I had that hair like that and those jeans too. And wait for it ……. I was in love with Corey Heart!!!! He really on had 2 hits here in Australia and most Aussie would only know him for Sunglasses At Night.

  3. I can feel the warmth of your friendship with Kristi right through the post! Happy birthday, Krist.
    And....I still love acid-washed jeans. I guess I'm still lost in the 80's. Great post, Vicky.

  4. Gitz, its funny how music chronicles our life in a way. "Orange plastic record player." Love it!

    Liss, sunglasses at night is the ONLY song of his I think I know... wonder whatever happened to him?

    Jackie, I'll admit I probably wouldn't mind having the ease of that hairstyle for awhile, so I completely understand still loving acid washed jeans :)

  5. Old freinds are like stone washeded jeans,, lol.. I have some "old ones" - (of bothe),, I smiled,,

  6. glnroz, Welcome :) i like your analogy, that is an excellent way to think of it!

  7. Love the picture! There's nothing better than girlfriends that last over years and years. Ones that know our history...know us and love us just the same.
    Happy Birthday Vicky's friend...stay close you two.

  8. Robin, so true :) Spoken like someone who knows!!

  9. How sweet - thank you! That was a wonderful summer -- the totally best summer of my life - we were such bums! And life was one big circle of fun that summer. "oldest" friend -- I still you are still taking digs at that year I have on you (laughing). The most wonderful part of my life is knowing that no matter what your "younger but oldest and bestest" friend is there whenever and for whatever. I look at how happy we were there -- and the one thing I can say - is that life has treated us good. And the Old Broadway -- I still have my Old Broadway birthday mug!!!

    Thanks - Kristi

    PS -- The car....remember...I was the one that gave you driving lessons...taught you to parallel park your car so that you could get that driver's license! Those were the days.
    PSPS -- Remember how tan we were that summer...of course, the hours at the pool and the lake...somehow the rays just don't hit you the same when you are chasing a little boy around the pool or at the lake -- and what we probably wouldn't both give for a few hours of just laying there soaking up the rays...and all the peace and quiet....yeah...those WERE the days!!

  10. OK - this blog entry was THE BEST birthday present ever!!! Thank you!!!

  11. Kristi, I am glad you enjoyed it! I am laughing at the fact this photo brings to mind all the SAME memories it does for me... I tried to find the pictures of us with deep, dark, tans! And the one of us sitting on the bar of the OB with our birthday mugs together! I drove myself crazy trying to find that one album... I have no clue where it ended up after the flood.

    Yes, you teaching me to parallel park in my little red car... all of that is exactly what I was thinking of too!!!

    And oldest should read longest... I wasn't trying to poke fun this year, I swear :)

  12. Love the pic! Best friends are a gift from God!


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