Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its not about me

Its not about me today. Sometimes there are days that just don't belong to us. Today is one of those days. It just isn't about me. It shouldn't be about me. Today the kindest thing I can do is gather you here to send you elsewhere. My heart is weary with the urgent needs of so many others today.

Jody at nitty.gritty. has a special post today describing in detail the day 8 years ago they were sitting in a restaurant when a car smashed through the wall and killed her precious daughter Teagan and severely injured the rest of her family. She blogs about her faith in a transparent and authentic voice and is so inspiring in how she has moved forward from this tragic day. Kleenex recommended :)

Our gitzengirl, Sara, has been an inspiration to me and many from the first time I clicked on the image of her little white pup Riley. She lives with a debilitating disease, but her spirit and joy are what shine through in her posts. Recently she has had a tough go of coming off of her steriods and I am certain has been in excruciating pain. She has weighed heavily on my heart and mind these past few weeks and my only comfort is knowing how strong she is in her faith. As I wrote this a new entry popped up in my sidebar... leave it to Sara to title it gratitude, during this difficult and painful time!

Stellan is in the hospital again with svt and in need of another ablation. He is the 9 month old son of MckMama which so many of you have come to know and love. His family is waiting to be airlifted back to Boston for his impending surgery. MckMama will also inspire you with her faith-driven messages in these toughest of days. You can see his picture in my sidebar and read about his current condition at mycharmingkids.

It was Kaleena's comment to me yesterday that inspired this post. She stated "you seem to surround yourself with kind people!" I couldn't agree more. Kaleena has had her own share of misfortune lately and I was honored that two newer readers here reached out to her with encouragement.

Today, because it isn't about me, feel free to check out any of the above links and spread some of those heartfelt and kind words about, or join some of us in keeping these fellow bloggers in your thoughts and prayers. You'll be inspired by their stories, and when you see how they deal with their difficult situations, maybe you'll join me in thinking its okay if somedays it isn't about me.


  1. have a kind heart. I will visit those blogs. I've been to one of them, but I will return.
    Hugs and love to you, Vicky.

  2. Sorry I have been absent, Vicky. I so appreciate you featuring all these dear, dear folks with huge needs. Mine are not nearly as pressing but have been very hairy this week - hence the absence. You have such a sweet heart to lift up others. Sara has sure been heavy on my heart, too. And I love reading your sweet, encouraging comments to Kaleena. Thanks for the update on Stellan and I can't even imagine this other poor mother. Oh my. Life is so hard sometimes.

  3. Robynn, my thoughts were with you even though I didn't acknowledge it here, and needs are needs, none greater or smaller! Hope you are feeling better and able to put this whole tooth saga behind you!

  4. You are very thoughtful! You are so right, somedays it is not about me!

  5. Just checkin' in on you to make sure all is well. Hope you're taking a MUCH DESERVED break, dear friend. :)


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When you get lucky

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