Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Except for with words. Oh and no pictures. Unless you count the ones taken by the detective.

Dear Thief, As in, REALLY? Are you sure? C'mon. Times are tough, no doubt. And it is so, so, so, so, NOT about the money. Yeah, the over 2,000 that you took. Oh yeah, and the ipod. Because it would be just plain silly to leave with only the cash when you can grab an ipod too!

Not so happy about your unwelcome visit. Your violation of our space. The money we could forgive. If you were trying to feed your family or pay the electrical bill or dig your way out of some financial hole than we get that. But when you took the ipod it made yourself seem less desperate and much more like an accomplished criminal. And yeah, we're thankful nobody was hurt and no damage was done but you were pretty savvy to be able to get in the door without disturbing anything. You sure seem like you planned this out and must have been watching for quite awhile.

Do you know how vulnerable that makes us feel? Do you know we employ college students? Students who are willing to come in to the office and log many hours, alone. They trust us. And lets be clear. That building is already kind of dark and old and full of history and kind of "creepy" at times. And now it truly is unsafe? Because of you?

We talked everything over. Obviously we will be making changes. This isn't the end of it. When some of the disbelief and the hurt dissipates we will move forward. There are no victims here... only people who will be watching with wider open eyes so that the next person doesn't fall prey to you.

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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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