Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Part II

I can't get my comments to work right now so I'll give this a try. Tell me if this makes more sense! Rick was supposed to be leaving for Chicago this morning and he got off to a late start. So he waited until the boys went to school and as he was leaving he got a call from the office. He decided to stop by on his way our of town. When he got to the office he decided to check the money he had ready for deposit, over 2,000 dollars, and it was missing. He has also been in search of his ipod for the last day or so. He had last seen it on his conference table.

Without knowing where he had the cash, someone would have to search pretty hard to find it. And no. We don't just keep large sums of money on hand, this was a different circumstance. But this was where our first blessing came in and where knowing Lieutenant Carey of the MPD came in handy. Rick called his cell phone and told him his suspicions. He came right away with several officers and a detective. Another business in our building had reported a break in a while back. And there have been others in the area. Lieutenant Carey was kind and empathetic. There was no sign of a forced entry and the officers upon looking at the door told us any credit card would pop it open. We had already requested a new lock for the door guessing this might be the case after the first break in was reported. We also heard a lot of damage was done to some of the other businesses that were robbed, and we had none. Another blessing. The third blessing I would say was that nobody got hurt or threatened. Regardless, I am still just kind of left with that feeling that even if nothing had been taken, its hard to stomach someone boldly going in and going through all your stuff. Ironically, we were more worried about the area of Chicago Rick was going to than what was happening right underneath us!

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  1. That is just crazy. It is freaky to know someone has gone through your things. The scary part is not knowing who. I admire you for bringing up blessings through it all.


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When you get lucky

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