Monday, October 6, 2008

The "Cool" Aunt

When it comes to aunts I happen to have a lot. They all seem to have such distinct personalities and I admire each one for their various unique talents and abilities. I have one who is a great story teller. I probably have laughed the most and the hardest at her unique ability to draw everyone in with a well-spun story. She is a master at her craft. I have one aunt who I will always remember for her baking and cooking. I have secretly tried to duplicate many of her recipes in the hopes of capturing just one dish. I've come close, but not until I get that flood of memories with the first bite will I know I've got it right. That just accounts for two of my aunts and I happen to have 7 others.

Having such inspiration around me I had no doubt that I would be great "auntie" material. But then we didn't live anywhere near my nephew and nieces that joined our family. Probably the biggest obstacle was when we had children of our own. Its hard to form a bond with a new baby, especially when you have one of your own! But I've still stolen from the pages of the book of how to be a cool aunt and tried my hand... but usually felt like I fell a little short. And then I saw what was posted on one of the blogs I love to read... you can find it here... (scroll down to her post entitled "My Privilege"). So being the "cool" aunt that I am, in anticipation of a visit from my nieces, I truly set out planning in my head the most crazy fun jam-packed two days two little girls could endure all the while knowing in my heart I could never pull it off the way I envisioned.

And then Alex and Madi were here. And in a flash they were gone. As I sat sorting through all of the pictures I realized something I hadn't focused on before. There WERE some bonds being made. They were REAL and GENUINE. They just didn't happen through any of my doing. I realized the role we get isn't always the one we signed up for. But when I look at those smiling sweet faces it doesn't matter. I'll settle. I'll just be the mom and the aunt of 4 really COOL KIDS!


  1. Oh my gosh, they are all so beautiful!!! And you're right... I always find when I have no plans or expectations is when the magic happens. They'll love you just because you're YOU, and I'd say the kids look pretty happy just being with each other. Too fun...

  2. Oh you are so sweet, thank you for the nice compliment and for stopping by. I look forward to reading more from you as I always come away with something!


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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