Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little rough patch.

Dad's words, not mine. We had high hopes yesterday that we had turned a corner and would perhaps even be bringing dad home today. According to my mom today the doctors found "something" on his kidney and want to do more tests. And dad said he actually felt pretty sick for awhile this morning and went through a "rough patch." I always try to operate under the impression that a doctor is really trying to figure out what is, partially by figuring out what isn't. I am hoping the kidney is an isn't and therefore we'll still be bringing him home soon! We'll see what the rest of this day brings.

One thing the past few days have brought to us are well-wishes, visits, a ride for mom one day when she needed one, and a myriad of things that have been SO appreciated. We don't have to go it alone and we are grateful to everyone for that. I know it won't be long and my posts will go back to being about... turtles and hockey and little boys and their adventures!


  1. It's times like that when you WANT to write about the day to day trials of life with kids huh? Hang in there, we are all thinking of you.

  2. Thank you Bonnie, that is so sweet and thoughtful of you. How is your week going with all 4 kids at home? Brady just looks so adorable and it'll be so fun to meet him one day.


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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