Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What can you do?

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.Edward Everett Hale 

They live in Hershey, PA.  Yes- the land of chocolate is where they call home. These are two of my nieces, Madi on your left who is 12, and Alex on the right who is 10.  My sister-in-law Kelly is their mom, and my brother Lee is their Dad.  Lee and Kelly are house parents at the Milton Hershey School.  They live in a student home with 8-10 boys, who attend the Milton Hershey School during the day, and then live with my brother and his wife and the girls, the rest of the time.

But about once a year Madi and Alex along with their parents, travel back to Minnesota to spend time with my Mom and their rambunctious cousins- those Westra boys.  The 4 cousins get along fabulously and they always pick up right where they left off.  We truly look forward to our time together.

Kelly told me this was THEIR idea. BOTH of them wanted to do this.  The only person who has ever trimmed their hair, has been their Nan, Kitty.

That is twelve and ten years worth of hair on those two precious heads.

And this is their first cut at a salon!  

And this brought instant tears to my eyes when I saw it...  First of all look how beautiful they are!  Their faces tell you how much they like the cute styles they got...

And because... they wanted to DO something.  They wanted to HELP.  They are donating, FOUR ponytails each- to Locks of Love!  

Its no coincidence to me that both of them have HEARTS on their shirts... Really. Big. Hearts.  I couldn't be more proud.

My heart can barely take it.  8 ponytails is almost enough hair to make one wig for a cancer patient!  

Thank you girlies!  Auntie Vicky is so proud of you both!  You will make a difference in someone's life by your generous and brave donation of your beautiful hair.  

On another note:

Want to help me do something really deserving for someone else? This one will make you feel really good.  This was my post on fb yesterday that some of you saw:

 "My cousin Randy Gerdon was entered into this BBQ contest by his wife Sara. If you follow the link you'll see why she nominated him and why he is so deserving- its a brief, but poignant story. Would you consider casting a vote for him- #2? I like when good things happen to good people... and he is good people- the very best! This is a deserving, fun reward, for a very deserving Dad!"

And then an amazing thing happened after I posted... so many of you climbed on board and his numbers started to soar.  Will you help me keep them climbing?  You can vote once a day until the 30th of May. 

In other news...

my counts were too low for chemo today.

I am off for one more week and will try again next week!  

What can I do for you?  Anybody have a prayer request?  I'm still in rest mode for a portion of the day and would be honored to pray for something for you.  Shoot me an email or leave it in the comments.  

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.Edward Everett Hale 


  1. What a super special thing for your two beautiful nieces to do. They are amazing! And by the way, I think they both look so cute when their new do's! :)

    I'm thinking of you and hope your counts can get to where they need to be for your next treatment.

    Sending hugs!

  2. What wonderful giving hearts your nieces have ... as do you!

  3. OMG - what sweet girls! Wish I could give them both a real hug! Bless their hearts - love that! So glad you shared this today!

    As for you, well bless your heart! Sorry your levels are low - thankful you get to rest! My the rest bring you all you need to go into the next round!

    Since you asked, I would love for you to pray for 2 friends of mine; both battling lung cancer! They are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters like all of us! Karen and Fran are their names!

    Thank you Vicky for your selfless heart to do for others!

    Praying for you as you pray for others!


  4. oooh, those girls are just as amazing as their aunt. What a thoughtful contribution!.. and they look beautiful with their new haircuts too! ....

    and yes, I'll go vote now...

  5. You are just so awesome Vicky! I hope to get to see you soon, but meanwhile you rest and heal your body so you feel up to chemo next week!

  6. That is just so awesome! I don't even know them and yet I feel so proud of them :) AND...they look gorgeous. AND...their hearts are even more gorgeous. Way to go girls!!!

  7. It brings tears to my eyes when I see and hear of someone donating hair so others can have a wig when they so need it.

    Sorry your counts are low. Rest lots! Hugs to you.

  8. I so needed this today! The quote at the top was enough to quicken my heart, but the rest of the story was even better. Yes, we all CAN do something, can't we? Today, I went out of my comfort zone, and was even more blessed to find others there, too. What wonderful girls these are!!!! I've never had long hair, even as a kid. So I can imagine what it meant for them to have it cut off like that. It's so good to know there are young people in the world who still have BIG hearts!!!! And I'm praying for you, Vicky! Each and every day!

  9. They look SO DARLING and TRENDY!!! And what a great thing to do for others and for their Aunt Vicky! Hannah has donated twice and we were so blessed each time to think about what it was and why. And boy, can you ever see the family resemblance in the girls and the boys. :)

    I was so touched by your cousin's loving self-sacrifice and I PRAY he wins this thing. You are GOLDEN, my friend, and if you're behind it, I know he has a great chance. Heading over to vote.

    So sorry about your numbers being too low this week. That danged infection knocked you down. Praying for you and if you're needing a list....Hunter is struggling with a lot of pain post tonsillectomy six days ago. And I'm waiting on a root canal Thursday and babying a tooth along with Tylenol and Aspirin. Pray I can control the pain for another 48 hours. I know you want to know these things and that's the ONLY reason I'm sharing. Love you!

  10. I think this is one of my most favorite posts. What great kids they are! I agree with Kristin, I don't know them but am so proud of them. They look beautiful!

    Rest up and hope to see you soon!

  11. What a great thing to do .
    Well this is certainly something to think about when I cut my hair. :)

  12. Wow, what great girls....so pretty too. Their hearts are in the right place, you should be very proud!

  13. What cute generous girls they are and what a nice thing to do. It's a win win, cause they look awesome.

    Hershey, near my neck of the woods, sort of. Let me go check out this contest.

  14. Oh, they look precious!

    I know missing chemo is not necessarily a good thing, but maybe you'll have the extra time you need to feel better!

  15. You and your family simply inspire!!

    I actually think the girls look even better (if that's possible!) with their hair cut shorter.

    Take care of yourself Vicky!

  16. How wonderful of them to do that...what lovely giving kind young ladies! I will pray for you for your counts to get up so you can get your treatment. I'm doing ok...the port placement was a rough one...a really rough day. BUT...its over now, treatment was yesterday, and now i have 3 weeks to pretend I dont have cancer.

  17. Hi Vicky,

    I think you are such an amazing inspiration. I appreciate your kind and gentle spirit. God has big plans for you still. Vicky- I will be praying daily for healing for you.
    You asked if their is anything you can pray for...
    Could you keep my husband and I in your prayers? We're getting ready to go through our third round of in-vitro. We have no children yet. We are also starting the adoption process.

  18. Hooray for your beautiful nieces! What sweet angels they are!

    I love that Edward Everett Hale quote. Thanks for sharing Vicky.


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