Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Nolan!


I can't look at your face and honestly call you "Peanut" anymore.  To say you've grown just doesn't even come close this year.  We now look eye to eye- and I'm not that short.  You jumped two skate sizes since the last pair we got you in December.  Thank goodness we can "lease" your skates.  Your shoe size is a 10 and you can no longer put Mom's shoes on- now you have to reach for Dad's.

Its a mighty pull on my heart that you don't want me to bring you lunch at school tomorrow and sit and eat with you.  You won't even meet my eye when I offer, you just squirm and say no thanks.  Sigh.  Everything changes so quick. Although, you still sneak upstairs to our room, in the middle of the night.

You are king of asking 1,000 questions.  They come so fast sometimes we have hardly answered one before you ask the next one.  I love it when you ask me things like, "I wonder what Matt Cullen eats for breakfast?"  Or, "Do you think Sidney Crosby drives a "Lambordini?"  We gently try to tell you "Lamborghini," but that one hasn't quite made its way all the way into your brain yet.  You just think we have answers for everything, and that makes me want to keep you 11 forever.

You continue to wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are the emotional barometer for our family.  When we get tense, or stressed or our burdens weigh us down, you reflect that tension in your demeanor.  It all becomes a little too much for you, and your intensity oozes out of you like a slowly released pop-top.  We all jump in to rescue you before you fizz your sticky-sweet all over.  

But then you surprise me with what I suspect has been eating away at you.  "Mom, is stage IV cancer bad? Like how many stages are there anyway?" You glance out the car window as I search for words.  I tell you, "there are stages 1-4 and mommy has stage 4. Its called stage 4 when it shows up in more than one place in your body.  Its not bad, its not good- it just is. Does that answer your question?  "yeah, can we have chinese food for supper?" That's my boy.  Every hard topic should be followed up with food.  

Happy Birthday Nolie!  Your baby nursery had yellow moons and blue stars for its theme.  Of course you reached up from your crib and picked off the wallpaper border when you were supposed to be sleeping and Grandma had to glue it back twice.  But I'd whisper to you every night- I love you to the moon and back."  And thats the part that won't ever change, no matter how old you are, or how big you get.

Love you buddy,


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy or should I say young man!!

    And, happy birth day to the proud Mom. A wonderful day for gathering up and enjoying beautiful memories.

  2. Sweet post for your Nolan, Vicky.
    This one made my eyes water...a good thing.
    Happy Birthday to Nolan. I hope it the "bestest" day for him and for his sweet family.
    Love you,

  3. What a wonderfull, lovefull post for you son!!! I have tears in my eyes and I absolutely know how you feel.


  4. Happy Birthday Nolan!

    Enjoy the day! Make new memories and remember older ones. Have a fun filled day!

  5. Happy Birthday to that handsome young man!...

  6. Happy Birthday to Nolan! He is a great kid and reflects all the wonderful things you and Rick are!

    Hope his day is a great one!


  7. Happy 12th Birthday Nolan. You are a sweet boy. The love our mom has for you keeps growing every year, and it shows in all the world she wrote today.
    Enjoy :-)

  8. Happy birthday, Nolan! Sweet friend, praying for your celebrations this weekend as you come off of a chemo week; May they be all you hope for and more. What a blessing it is to have a son full of fire; it will serve him well as he grows. Praying for all of you this weekend, and thanking God for your amazing (and sometimes tiring) firstborn...I have one very much the same. Thankful to walk this motherhood journey with you!

  9. So sweet Vicky!! What a wonderful child! Happy Birthday to him!

    Today is my son's birthday too as you might recall! He also had a moon and star theme nursery!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Vicky!!


  10. Reading this Vicky gave me a lump in my throat and my eyes got teary eyed. SO SWEET!

    I hope Nolan has a wonderful day!

  11. Best wishes for your precious son as he celebrates his birthday. What a wonderful mother you are!

  12. Happy Birthday Nolan. A beautiful post Vicky....your love shines!

  13. Ah, Vicky, you are a mother alright. I hope this special birthday of your son's will be followed with a special Mother's Day for you. What a meaningful weekend! Enjoy. :)

  14. You are such a poet, Vicky. I can't believe I'm so behind in reading you. For some reason I haven't been getting Facebook posts about your blog and it's what I rely on for nearly everyone of my friends to find out what's going on in their lives. I've been seeing a contest you're voting on/involved in for (it seems?) someone else. How did I miss all this richness??? I said Colton looks like you but then I see Nolan and see the same thing, only different. You see him and understand him so beautifully. What a treasure he is and you are to him. Love how you answered the Stage IV question. Absolutely brilliant. Your boys are incredible. Thanks again for sharing with all of us.


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