Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Colton!

Dear Colton,

From the moment I first discovered I was surprisingly expecting with you, you have continued to delight us in such an unexpected way.  You were such a "big" baby we called you "Bubba" for the longest time, but to see your long and lean limbs and torso these days, Bubba just doesn't cut it anymore.

You are your mother's son.  You are the peace keeper, the calm maker and the care taker.  You have bonded to me fiercely and are the first to throw your arms around me unabashedly.  I love how open and generous your spirit is.  You're the first to curl up with me when I rest and then you look at me with your big doe eyes and long lashes and say so sweetly "Can we please watch a cooking show?"  It doesn't matter what I am in the middle of watching, how can I resist those eyes?

Those same eyes that laser right through when you are mad.  Your nose crinkles at the top, your eyes light on fire and then your nostrils flare- we call those "Power Ranger" eyes and whoever is you target is in trouble when you reach your boiling point.  But so often those big doe eyes fill with crocodile tears first, and when they start to spill, mommy is the first thing you seek.  My heart always beats an extra beat when I see those tears that melt me on the spot.

You're funny as heck and crack us up with the things you say.  You've been cheering for the New Jersey Devils in the NHL playoffs.  You told us today Zach Parise had been asked to play for Team USA in the World Championships.  Not only do you assume you'll play in the NHL you are fairly certain you'd be picked for the Worlds too.  We laugh, not so much because we know what a long shot that would be, but really because with the amount of determination you have, YOU really could do it if you wanted.

There have been times you don't want to leave home or me.  But I've told you where you can always find me- in your heart.  What you don't know, is the necklace I bought with the two intertwined hearts? Is so that I also remember I will always have you fully in my heart as well.

Bubba Jack- I love you to the moon and back.



  1. Happy Birthday Colton! ... Vicky what a beautiful letter to your son..

  2. Happy Birthday Colton! What a joy this darling boy is in your life Vickie! So much to celebrate!!!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Colton!!! Next tears in my eyes ... so wonderfull motherloving words!


  4. He is a sweet and loving son, Vicky.
    Happy birthday to Colton.
    I also want to wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day, my friend.
    Hugs and love,

  5. What wonderful sons you have. Birthday blessings to Colton.

  6. What a cutie!!! Happy Birthday to Colton!

    Mother's sons are such a blessing!!

    Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!


  7. Happy birthday Colton! That last paragraph, dear friend...oh, it got me. How I love the way you adore your boys.

  8. Happy Birthday Colton. Loved your letter to your son Vicky, very sweet and from your heart.

  9. What a beautiful post, one he will enjoy reading as he gets older. The first one of you two, precious.

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy Colton!
    What an awesome family you have! :)

    Your letters to your sons brought tears to my eyes Vicky--what a special thing to do for them. So awesome and thoughtful!

    I hope your week is going well.

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  12. Happy belated Birthday Colton. Your words are beautiful Vicky and made me smile. Hugs and love xo

  13. Ai-yi-yi......tears, Vicky. Precious sentiment that could've been written to my own son. I have a Colton, too, in the form of Hunter. Thank GOD for these feelers, comforters, seers, and yet fully and boundingly boy/guys. Hunter has been my constant supporter and help the last two years and I couldn't have done what I've done without him. He had a teacher be very unkind to him and critical of him this year and it nearly killed me as I tried to explain what he's been through and who he has been THROUGH it. She still didn't get it. That's okay. I do, you do, and God does. Thank you for sharing this tribute with all of us. What a blessing it was to me today. Love you.

  14. Happy Birthday to handsome Colton! What a beautifully written letter Vicky :)

  15. By the way, my son Joseph (9 years old) is a big Devils fan. He and Colton would have a grand time watching the Cup together :)


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