Sunday, May 6, 2012


There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.- Anais Nin

We spent a sunny afternoon at my Aunt Marlene's house celebrating graduation.  The "Cobber" tradition of attending college at Concordia, in our family started with my cousin Tim and his wife Jean in the early 1980's.  Then came David and Rob, Tim's younger brothers.  Then came myself in 1989, (Rick, 1990) and my brother, Lee, in 1992. 

And now the next generation has begun.  Tim's youngest, Tom graduates today from Concordia College.  Rob's two sons will both attend Concordia next year.  We'll see if another Westra or Held (my brother's daughters) end up following to keep that family tradition going.  

But it was the flowering tree in the back yard that kept grabbing my attention.  

So I finally let myself out the back door and snuck around to the tree.  

Its fragrance beckoned from around the corner.  

The stunning pink against the blue of the sky and the lush green of the grass was irresistible. 

Marlene says she debated cutting it down.  The beauty of the tree is so fleeting.  

Wonder how much it costs to have a tree moved?  Ha... maybe I'll just send her a few photos and she'll 

decide fleeting is worth it.  

In my book, fleeting is always worth it.  


  1. That looks like a pink dogwood, Vicky, and is exquisite. And I'm with you....fleeting (when it's as beautiful as that) should never be taken for granted. There are many hard and ugly things in the world. NEVER remove beauty!! Sometimes, no matter HOW fleeting, it makes all the difference. Glad you got to see it and capture it and (maybe?) convince her of it's importance in the world! Hugs and love to you.

  2. Some days fleeting is what keeps me going and this beautiful capture of yours is a perfect testament to it.
    I am sure your friend will change her mind after seeing those photographs :-)

  3. Glorious is the word that comes to my mind. Glorious once a year, fleeting. . .you are right, I think it is worth it!

  4. Love the flowering crabtree. Could you hear the bees buzzing around the flowering buds? I can almost smell the tree....beautiful.

  5. Exquisite photos...
    I love spring!

  6. I'd keep the tree It's gorgeous!

  7. I would never want to remove that tree! It is beautiful and it paints such a pretty picture after the starkness of winter.

  8. The most wonderful moments in a life are fleeting... so no, don't cut the life down!

  9. PS.. LOVE these photos...especially the fade to grey heart..

  10. Hi Vicky!! Lovely pictures and what a beautiful tree! I so agree about fleeting moments - some we must hold onto, savor and relish them; I think others we need to appreciate them while they are here but not hang onto them as well, does that make sense?

    Praying your week is GREAT!

  11. What a beautiful tree, even it is just blooming for a "fleeting moment!" You know, I almost cut down my wisteria because it only blooms for a little while, and then it's just a . . . vine! But it's the fleeting moments of memories and the scent I can smell even as I think of it that causes me to leave it there. It's worth it.

    I can't help but think that ALL of life is made up of fleeting moments. Scrapbooks show us that. Each scene, each person, just a fleeting moment in time, captured by a picture. If we cut down everything that rushes past us in a moment, we wouldn't have much left, would we. To me? The tree is worth keeping . . . forever!

  12. Fleeting IS worth it! Lilacs have always been a favorite of mine, and that's the reason! We had very few flowers on the reservation where I grew up, but we did have lilacs. They came heralding the arrival of spring, only to leave again. I learned to appreciate them, to inhale their lovely scent, while I could, and it's made all the difference in how I've been able to appreciate life. :) XXOO...

  13. Your pictures are beautiful, Vicky, as are the words you write! I want to tell you what a nice, young man you are raising in Colton. He was at our home last night with our grandson, David. Not only is he a "cutie", but very polite. His eyes lit up when he saw my husband's hockey skates hanging in the garage(old ones that Colton said you "can't find any more"), purchased for $5 at a rummage sale! You continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers!

    Becky Lindell


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