Wednesday, May 16, 2012

peace out of chaos

I have a bit of blogger overload.  So much happening- all blog worthy- and little time before I dash off to the next event.  If you're going to be busy, you may as well be happy-busy, its the best kind of busy to be.  

Not only did my friend Melissa, have a Stella and Dot party with the proceeds going to our family, but she gave me this beautiful necklace with "Mom" engraved on it.  Thanks to everyone who generously bought jewelry!  I have worn it a lot and gotten so many compliments on it.  Plus she brought her friend Leslie.  I so regret not taking any pics!  But Leslie just took a class from the American Cancer Society on how to teach women going through chemo, how to apply their make-up.  Leslie brought me all kinds of make-up applicators, a cleansing system, and lots of good advice!  Thank you girls!  It was fun hanging out with you for the morning!  I've also enrolled in the class at Roger Maris- I've heard the make-up we get is pretty amazing.

Nolan chose an ice cream cake for his family birthday celebration.  The boys were literally overwhelmed with all the fb messages and texts and calls.  And then...

...we told them to go outside and watch for "someone" bringing "something."  

Could it be any more perfect than two boys wanting a basketball hoop and a neighbor wanting to get rid of their hoop?  Kevin and Kari wheeled this over from their house and as they came around the corner our boys lit up!  Thank you Kevin and Kari and Camden who graciously let us have his hoop. 

All of us have spent hours out in the driveway shooting hoops this past weekend. This little stinker actually makes a lot of baskets.  So he was a little surprised when mom came out and schooled him in a game of horse.  His response?  "Pretty good- for a mom!"  Ha...  

This one just walks away when mom beats him.  He does NOT want to talk about it... he just switches to shooting pucks and we all scatter in the hopes a stray puck doesn't get us in the shins.  

 I had two sweet surprises for Mother's Day.  Colton's class made a string of hearts for me.  Each classmate designed the front of the heart, and then Mrs. Langlie had them attach scripture, or inspirational quotes to the back of them.  I find a new favorite quote each time I read through them.  Thank you Mrs. Langlie all the third graders in her class- I was truly touched by such a heartfelt gift.

I awoke to find these waiting on the table for me.  It seems that along with one of the gifts the boys received was something extra to ensure I got some pretty for Mother's Day.  Yep, I'd say the boys knew pretty.  

I'm well into my "week off" from chemo and trying to play catch-up.  There are mounds of clothes downstairs.  I can't see the kitchen table because the details, the mess, the stuff of our life is always on display at the kitchen table.  But the sun has been shining.  I have been making green smoothies every day- and it shows in new skin being generated in my wound again.  My energy has rebounded.  And I have no idea what my cancer has been up to.  Strangely?  I am perfectly fine with not knowing for awhile.  


  1. May the beauty and love that enveloped you on Mother's Day and both your sons' birthdays, stay with you for a very long time, Vicky. Enjoy your week off and the peace that comes from placing yourself in the Lord's hands.

    Eileen xxoo

  2. Oh good morning Vicky!! This made me smile today - a big smile!!

    You told me my joy was contagious well so is your positive grateful spirit! So glad for a week off! Sending you strength as you play catch-up. Love that quote too!


  3. WOW--so many wonderful Mother's Day treats and surprises...that is just great! I love the string of hearts♥ cute!
    I hope the rest of your week goes great!

  4. Beautiful flowers!
    I was sure happy to get to see you yesterday and visit, it was brief but always a pleasure!

    Have a great rest of your week!

  5. I always love reading your posts because you have learned the lessons so well on living in the moment and seeing all the blessings that come your way. I'm so glad for all the little joys that made your weekend into one big JOY! jewelry, makeup, basketball hoops, cake, flowers, a heart wreath. . . what more could a gal ask for?????

  6. Vicky have you ever posted a recipe for your green smoothies? I'd love to know what you put in them. Belated Happy Mother's Day!!!

  7. Vicky, the other day when you said my Mother's Day post was like turning my insides out, or something like that, well...that's what I feel when I come here. It's always so nice to hear about the beautiful things happening in your life. I'm envious over the level driveway for the basketball hoop. We have one, but the hilly driveway makes it hard. I love basketball; what a joy to have that diversion right by your house. Your boys are going to love it! Ours came used, too. :) The flowers are beautiful. The drink? Not so much. But if it's healing your wound then it IS beautiful, indeed. Liking that you are taking a break from chemo. Sending an e-hug from here and wishing blessings upon you, friend!

  8. ... it's all good :-)

    and yes, the recipe!

  9. Colton is a big 10 year old.
    My goodness, he looks much older!
    I'm glad that you had a "pretty" Mother's Day, Vicky.
    Your family is woven together with love, and that makes every day pretty.
    I'm glad you have the week off from chemo.
    I'm thinking of you, of course.

  10. Dearest Vicky,
    Thank you for sharing..You have been in my prayers for a very long time. Each evening for many, many months, God has layed you on my heart reminding me to, faithfully, pray for you.
    You are trusting in His love and comfort...It's so plain to see! God has given you such a sweet testimony filled with His enduring promises.
    Blessings to you and your precious family,
    Carolynn x x x

  11. There's always grace and beauty here. Blessings for you and your family.

  12. Love, love the chain of hearts. What a beautiful and inspiring gift,

  13. Your green smoothie looks amazing and I'm glad you can really tell the difference. The green mums in your bouquet from the boys seems like a beautiful representation of the life that's in that glassful you're drinking. Too cool. Looking forward to your recipes.

  14. Love surrounding you...

    That green smoothie does look tempting!!


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