Thursday, May 17, 2012

try again, fail better

Running has not been Nolan's forte in the past.  His long legs could never get moving very fast.  This year he has had a huge growth spurt.  Has he figured out how to get speed, power and strength out of these long limbs, torso, feet?  We wondered how he would fare at this year's 5th grade city-wide track meet.  

It was unusually hot this year- well into the 80's and very little wind.  It was the perfect day to spend outside. 

Nolan was in 3 events: the shot put, the 4x400 relay and the co-ed relay.  His school had several "teams" of kids running in various heats of the races.  

Nolan scored an extra bonus- his substitute teacher, Carrie, and her sweet niece Mallory came along to cheer.  Carrie has graciously come into our lives through my little 'ole blog and offered to spend time with the boys this summer.  The boys took her up on her offer and already convinced her to take them to a Force hockey game earlier this year.  How cool is that?  We feel incredibly lucky to have such a sweet girl with a huge heart invest so fully in our lives.   

I also continue to be in wonder at all the ways these "Angels"continue to show up for us.  When the lawn company we hired, didn't show up to spray the weeds?  Our neighbor kindly sprayed them for us- it was no small task, but its a good feeling to watch the weeds folding in on themselves.  Our backyard neighbors kindly stained our fence when they did their own.  It looks so clean and fresh and we're so thankful for the help.  

So how did Nolan do in his track meet?  Apparently along with those long and lean legs- came some speed.  So his group of 4, in a hotly contested heat with another school, came in first in the 4x400 relay.  He also earned a second place in the shot put.  And his co-ed relay team placed 1st in their relay as well. More than anything though?  The kids were all cheering for each other.  They cheered just as hard for 8th or 9th place, as they did for 1st or 2nd.  They were good sports and smiles abounded everywhere. 

The morning after the track meet, was the DARE graduation.  Officer Kellen, seen below shaking Nolan's hand, came into the school to teach for 16 weeks to the 5th grade students. The entire school got involved with the program, from the 5th grade teachers to the music and art teachers- the program was completely embraced by everyone.  

The speakers for the event ranged from the Moorhead Police Chief, to the Minnesota 7th District Judge.  The mayor was there, as were several city council members.  

So many of the kids, including Nolan, literally beamed.  I watched- proud of our kids who shook hands, and made eye contact with the adults and beamed with their accomplishment of graduation from the program.

With hockey never far from Nolan's heart, it should be no surprise he made the poster, "I go Wild for healthy choices."  

Its been a full week and I've savored having the energy to truly keep pace with it.  

(You asked- I'm answering!  I'm working on a post about green smoothies, recipes, and some of the dietary changes I've embraced that have helped keep me feeling as good as I can.)  


  1. Vicky that's awesome! All of it: neighbors helping, Carrie coming (I bet those boys ALL have crushes on her!), the track meet, and the DARE graduation.
    Thad was bummed. He missed it. He always goes, but had to be at Kate's track meet.
    So nice hearing from you...:)

  2. That was a happy day
    Wayne Gretsky was never fast but he was sure. Everything is not about fast.:)

  3. WOW--Nolan is a busy boy! Congrats to him for doing so well at the track meet! That's awesome! :)

    DARE graduation is a big deal and I think it's great! They have that here in the schools as well. WAY TO GO Nolan!

    On another note, I think it's so very nice of Carrie to do such sweet things. WOW...the kindness of some people amazes me, and always puts a smile on my face!

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  4. Vicky, awww....the thought of track brings me back. Some of my very best memories of high school and even college took place on a track field. Fun to see the younger generations going at it. I remember when I grew and changed and everything looked different on the track field, too. Exciting times! Our kids are finding out who they are. It's an amazing journey. I'm so glad you're keeping up. I'm wiped out. :)

  5. YOU are too sweet! Mallory and I enjoyed hanging out with you at the track meet...heat and all! I look forward to hanging out with the boys soon!

  6. I was here earlier and noticed we had both quoted Samuel Beckett today.

    Sounds like these kids are really good sports and fun to be around.

  7. I loved all of this, each little thing, making up one wonderful week. Sometimes we don't think that our little bit of help means much, but when all of it is added up, it's a BIG thing, isn't it! By the time I finished reading, even I was tired and breathless! Loved the poster, by the way!

  8. Wow, Nolan is maturing right in front of our eyes. That's what I love about blogging!

    Nice post Vicky. Glad you are feeling good.

  9. I was thinking the same thing as Lisa...Nolan is growing up "right in front of our eyes."
    Congratulations to him and all of his team and supporters at the track meet. Way to go, Nolan!
    DARE is a fantastic program. I am proud of the graduates, as I know you are, Vicky.
    Great poster, Nolan. Love the colors and the use of the hockey puck as your "O." Very creative.

  10. Wow what a good week! Um, the muscles on Nolan's legs WOW!

    So glad you enjoyed your week and that you felt good!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Good for Nolan! Love the poster and wow, he looks SO much like you. :) Love that. And YAY for this sweet young woman to move in to the lives of your boys and for your dear neighbors. The world is such a better place to live when we have those who care through action! Big Hug.

  12. Terrific poster and Way to go Nolan!!! Love to see how your kindness and care for others is manifesting itself in your wonderful boys too. God bless them!!


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When you get lucky

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