Monday, March 5, 2012

when it swirls around

I'm caught up in a swirl of details, flurrying around, like flakes of snow, prancing, dizzy in the wind.  The second part of my chemo last week went better.  I got pre-meds for my pre-meds.  In 30 years of nursing, my chemo nurse has never heard of this before.  But they worked.  No red sunburn and rash on my face.  No flu symptoms.  Mild achy joints, and fatigue mostly.  But I am out of bed, more than in.  Progress, my friends.  I'll take it.

Of course, my wound has decided to expand into a canyon now, and earned me the golden ticket right back to Dr. Bouton.  The plan is for him to do a biopsy on Tuesday, to make sure no cancer cells are lurking in the wound.  My hope is that this will be a superficial sample of tissue he takes, so that I am not required to lay in bed for two days like last time to keep it from bleeding.

A lot of home made love has made its way through my door.  I thought I'd share a sample of it.  I'm behind in acknowledging everything coming my way- please forgive me!  We've had delicious meals, heartfelt notes- a Subway gift card and lots of emails and texts.

This card came from Jenn in Georgia and "love" exploded in hearts all over when I took the card out of the envelope.  She called it a "love bomb."  Thank you Jenn!

This beautiful card came with a book filled with recipes for juicing and the blue tube scarf below.  Thank you Angie!

I loved the quote on this one and was touched by the thoughtfulness and craftiness of Doris, along with the generosity of her and her husband- Thank you!

How cute are these hats?  This is from my friend Elizabeth and this is a "Sassyknitwear" hat.  Its made out of soft and stretchy recycled organic fabric and I wore it the other day completely for warmth and comfort.  Their site is definitely worth a visit!  Thanks Elizabeth!

The tube scarf from Angie.  I love how everyone remembers my favorite color is blue!

Day 13 and my hair is still surprisingly holding tight.  But here she( I think she needs a name) is... on standby.  Colton giggled through his fingers when I tried it on for him.  Nolan, acting more like 18 than 11, told me excitedly that is looks just like my own hair.  He smiled like it was no big deal and said "it actually looks good mom."   Of course that made it better on the spot.   

We had an exciting weekend of hockey and an extremely surprising, generous, and amazing gift from Colton's hockey team... just wait till you see!  More coming soon...   


  1. I'm not good with words or expressing how I feel or what I really want to say.

    The wig looks great but perhaps your own hair will just simply stay put. That would be great! Sorry your wound is rearing its butt up again. And hope the biopsy will not take a toll on you. Praying it will be kind to you.
    Hugs and best wishes coming your way!

  2. WOW...what nice gifts Vicky! That hat made from recycled organic fabric is so neat!

    I'm sorry to hear about your wound. I hope they get to the bottom of it and I hope it mends up real soon.

    I'm glad the meds before the meds worked...that's so good.

    Thinking of you!

  3. Hey-I wanted to tell you that Leslie Oberg, my best friend just took a class that specializes in working with ladies going through chemo/radiation to help with dealing with their hair loss, make up application, sanitation, etc. I know you would just love her and I asked her if I could reach out to you about it. She comes over to your house and walks you through everything she learned, different techniques, etc if you are interested. It is completely on a volunteer basis. I think it is just such an awesome resource to have plus I know you would really enjoy her. There is no hurry but when your ready keep me posted and we can make it a fun girly afternoon! xoxo

  4. What great gifts Vicky! I LOVE the wig. The longer length will look great on you...very silky and sexy looking too!!

    A little triva for you. Did you know that Raquel Welch wears a wig almost everyday? I read her book, "Beyond the Cleavage" and I was surprised to read she likes wearing wigs when she goes out and about! She also owns her own wig business. Very good book to read by the way.

    Peace & blessings to you Vicky.

  5. Love surely does swirl around you! You are loving, lovable and oh so loved.

    Are you taking any basic supplements? Perhaps some are lost due to your treatments and maybe there is one that is essential to wound healing? Just thinking out loud ...

  6. Hey Sweetie,

    I send you many Bussals and I am thinking about you, every day!!!


  7. I just love the explosion of hearts, and that is one good looking wig!!

  8. This is a very nice wig and you will look fabulous in it should the need arise. It might not. Not every one is the same.


  9. The love you receive you shower back to us. I hope all goes well and that the wound heals soon.

    What a blessing you are.

  10. Vicky, I am sure you know this, but don't bake with your girl on. : )
    The best part of having your wig is you save so much time! There is benefits! I lost my hair day 15. I know we are all different. You are doing fantastic! I am praying for Angels to guard you and your family.

  11. Glad your simptoms are a little better, but sorry about the wound. Hope good news comes your way.What great friends you have.

  12. I love the wig, Vicky. It looks so natural. They have improved them so much over the years. I am glad to hear that the chemo was much better this week, as my Dad never did tolerate it well. So, it makes me happy to know that you feeling stronger this round.

    "Out of difficulties grow miracles"
    ~ Jean De La Bruyere

    Saying prayers, Eileen

  13. i love your wig vicky....

    i think she should be named "victorious" as that's what we'll all be calling you anyhow when all of this is behind you !!


  14. LOVE what Beth name the wig and so glad things went better for you with the pre-pre-meds. Lovely things for the lovely seem perfect. :) Love how those boys keep you grounded, loved, and cheered. Love them.

  15. I like Beth's suggestion about naming the wig Vicky for Victorious!!! Praying for you and your beautiful family!


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