Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rekindling the flame

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. Albert Schweitzer 

In the beginning of the hockey season, as the boys try out for their teams, there is a lot of speculation and apprehension.  As a new squirt this will be the first time we see how our kids measure up in their hockey skills.  With 4 travel teams, you want the highest level of competition for your child.  You want to know that the 5 previous years of practices, weekend games, month long camps- the hard work, sweat and tears, bumps and bruises, are all in some way "worth" it.  And when they earn a spot on the very bottom travel team, and on the second tier for their in-house team?  You wonder, "Is hockey going to be the right sport for them?"  "Do they have a future in hockey?"  

And then a transformation happens.  Every. single. year.  They get better.  All of them. They play on two teams.  A camaraderie builds, amongst the kids, but amongst the parents as well. And by the end of the season?  When the kids put their best effort forth, and they battle to the finish, and win the Squirt Cup in their year end tourney, you wonder how you got so lucky for your child to be put on these two teams.  Winning aside, you solidly know, they do measure up, in their own way, and your heart bursts with pride witnessing it all come together, for all of the teams. 

Colton's Inhouse team 4, Squirt Tier II champions!  

Colton's team member's names will be inscribed on the wooden base of the cup.

We capped off the last hockey game with... another game!  Our Squirt White travel team took on their parents in a game!  There were some real troopers out there, both moms and dad, taking the ice with very little experience, but a big desire to get out there with their son.  

And these are the hockey moms below, who moved me to tears.  I started getting texts from friends and family a few weeks back.  Did I know?  A group of women had set up a booth with hats, necklaces, pins, spirit fingers, etc., with all the proceeds going to the Westra Family.  

But they didn't just set up for one game, or one weekend.  They set up numerous times, for numerous hours.  They volunteered their time to sew, and to sit, and to help.  

Shoot, I'm tearing up all over again.  They presented me Sunday night with a gift.  They donated all their proceeds, a very generous amount, to our medical fund.  In the bag they gave to me, were envelopes with all the days they had worked, and all the accounting of the funds they had received.  I stopped myself short of completely falling apart- just barely.  

But they weren't even done yet.  They had this beautiful blanket made for me to take to chemo.  They had the boys photoshopped together into this photo they had printed on a warm and comfy blanket.  And there is my Sara's words "All Shall be Well," printed in the banner at the bottom.  

Time and time again, people have come together for our family.  I'm humbled BEYOND belief and still clinging to the idea, this is not about ME.  I'm part of something much bigger than one soul, one spirit, one person.  A current of goodness and blessings is flowing, in and around us and I am simply a conduit.

Every time shadows cast darkness on my path, people enter my world to "rekindle my spark."  

My biopsy went well.  Dr. Bouton put some lidocaine in and took three samples from different areas of the wound.  He said "Now don't be strong, well, you are always strong, but don't be too strong to tell me it hurts."  But it didn't hurt.  My flame, sparked by all of you, is burning bright.  

Biopsy results in the next few days.  


  1. Oh Vicky, your light always shines so bright and always brings my spirit up. Congratulations of the Cup win for Colton :-)

    Sending healing and loving prayers your way for the biopsy results to be the best news ever. Hugs to you sweet friend.

  2. wow...love all the creative ways people are coming around you, helping shoulder the load of your situation!!!

    btw, what do you mean, sara's words "all shall be well"? i'd love to hear the story behind this if it's not somewhere else on your blog already.

    speaking of gitz, heard the chris rice song played at her funeral on the way home from work. her life's testimony still brings me tears of joy.

  3. Oh Wow! What good news from all ends.
    I am so happy your doctors visit went well.:)

  4. Hi Vicky--
    I'm so glad to hear your biospy procedure went well.

    On another note, I'm amazed at what the hockey mom's did. How thoughtful, kind, and so sweet and wonderful. Also, I ♥ the blanket. What a creative idea and it sure is cute!

  5. Oh, Vicky...I am a puddle of tears right now. Thank you for continuing to share your journey and the pics. I love the blanket! I love that your doctor gave you permission to not be tough...your light is beautiful and shines very bright! Even though we haven't ever met in person...my heart is filled with love and prayers for you.

  6. Vicky, you're so darn cute. I can't NOT smile! And your boys are too. I LOVE that blanket. So cool. Would all of my kids fit on one? What a great gift! Mother's Day, hint hint to my family. :) Hoping the test results are ones you can live with -- literally. :) XXOO

  7. LOVE that picture of you... and the blanket.. wow, how very cool.

    Healing thoughts coming your way.. prayers for good biopsy results too.

  8. The end of a hockey season is a sad time.

    ...That blanket moves me to tears. Wonderful.

    Peace to you~

  9. I'm a mess. A complete and totally mess, all undone by your words today. How well your friends love and support you...it was the blanket that got me. Hugs, my friend.

  10. What wonderful supportive friends you have ... which tells me what a wonderful friend you are to them.

  11. Oh my! What a thoughtful and loving gift! Now your boys will be wrapping themselves around you and keeping you warm during chemo. Congratulations to Colton's team! Hugs my friend!

  12. LOVE that blanket and the sentiment on it!

  13. I'm so happy to see your community loving you so well. The blanket is so amazing.

    I just have to say, I think you are so brave. Because, as I read recently on Pinterest, being happy is a form of courage.

  14. Congratulations to Colton and to all of you! So thrilled for him. And the blanket is epic. It includes so much and represents deep and abiding love on multiple levels. Sara would LOE it. What a true treasure. And I am thankful that your pain in the procedure was not bad and I pray the wound can finally and for good heal, close, go away, and be done. Please, dear Lord.

  15. Congrats to Colton and the whole team!! Praying for you always my lovely friend full of light and joy :) Wish I had that great smile of yours. You are a gem in front of the camera. Me??? I tend to look goofy. lol

    Love you!


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