Monday, November 28, 2011

Living our moments

Usually by this time of the year, we are covered in snow. So I celebrated, on the inside, that we've yanked a couple of weeks back from the grips of old man winter.

At 9:30 this morning we jumped in our little blue Prius and noticed it just turned 198,000 miles and it has given us equally as many smiles at all of the gas savings we've incurred.

The boys were giddy upon hearing this... or not... they were just watching an old DVD of "The Country Bears."  Shhh, I promised Nolan I wouldn't blog about it, but I totally had my fingers crossed.  I love when they still get excited for the things they did when they were 4.  

He is trying so hard not to let me see him smile... but those eyes and the way they dance when he likes something- give him away every time.  

When Rick said we were going to a "Truck Stop" for breakfast,  he wasn't kidding.  

While Subway beckoned from across the store, really, would I turn down dinner-plate-size-blueberry pancakes?  Umm no, hello, blueberry pancakes!  And yes, they were that good!

In case you haven't any idea where we might road trip to on a Sunday morning?  Here is a subtle hint... its sometimes called a "barn."

And when you see the rafters inside, you completely understand why.  Nolan's Pee Wee team was playing their first away hockey game in his coach's home town of Alexandria.  The pressure was on for a big win.  As an A-2 team, we are challenged more times this year with trying to match up with A-1 teams.  We have been told not to expect to win a lot this year, but the development of our kids will be worth it.  

Nolan, below, in black trying to get it past the goalie... but it didn't go...

Nolan skating with the puck...

Nolan on the left, found out what its like to play with a defensemen who has a knack for sticking to you like white on rice...  Nolan could not figure out a way around him... yet.

At the end of 3 periods, we were tied 1-1.  Both teams played a fast and aggressive game... but just a little ways into OT Alexandria scored and we lost 2-1.    It was hard to feel too bad when the kids skated with such heart and passion.  

Chemo tomorrow.  Dr. Panwalkar is doing bone marrow transplants all day, so I will see a nurse practitioner instead.  My stomach crawls up in my throat a little as I type this.  Will I ever get used to this as a way of life?  


  1. So nice to accompany you on your Sunday family outing! Nolan really looks like a professional NHL player in those pics.

    It cannot be easy to have chemo every week - the dread and the aftereffects - but you certainly have found your way to not letting cancer dominate your life or your family. Can't tell you how much I admire how 'normal' you have kept things for your boys. You've already conquered cancer with your attitude toward it and how you will live your life with it.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and Wednesday Vicky. Hang on to your amazing, vibrant spirit!

  2. It was so great to see AND visit with you yesterday!!! You look amazing....I always know that you are fighting those monsters inside of you, but heck you sure look darn good. :)
    It was a good game, and a beautiful day. Isn't it so much easier to go to these games when it's not bitter cold outside???

  3. Vicky! I love this line: "So I celebrated, on the inside, that we've yanked a couple of weeks back from the grips of old man winter." That's exactly how I've been feeling but you put it so eloquently. Thank you dear! Loved your sky photos, of course. I was wowed by the sky this morning, again. There's something about looking upward and seeing a new painting every single morning! I love the ones with color more than the grays. :) And the ones with light! Now, about this chemo thing...bring books, bring your prayerful heart, and don't forget to bring all of us. We will be there too, in spirit, you can count on that. Please keep in touch as you can, but no more than that either. XXOO, Roxane
    P.S. Your comment on my blog...started my day right. Thanks for getting it. :)

  4. Thank you for the birds eye view of your Sunday. What a beautiful day. Such beautiful pictures.

    Praying for you...

  5. Praying for you Vicky...and imagining just what I did during chemo...those pacman chemo guys are chomping up exactly what they need to and nothing more! Love to see the hockey photos. My daughter (my youngest) had her high school season opener Friday night. She's a senior and hoping, hoping for Bethel Univ. in St. Paul.
    Love to you this day and all the grace, mercy, peace and comfort He could possibly pour out on one sweet soul,

  6. Playing the game with heart and passion is what really matters and Nolan sure did that!

    Thinking of you and sending healing energy your way for tomorrow and the days following. Hugs from afar, sweet Vicky :-)

  7. I too am in such admiration of the way you balance the treatments with the other beautiful parts of your life, especially the time with your family.

    It's such a testament to your strength and love. I feel in awe to be in the presence of that!

    Blueberry pancakes, good for the soul!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Hey Vicky,

    wonderfull pictures and so sweet boys you have :-))))! My son is now 15 and he love the song I sing for him as he was a baby ... but psssssstttttt ... big secret ;-).

    All the best for tomorrow, i will think about you and pray for you.


  9. Take that old man winter! Almost dec 1 without a flurry! Woot!

    I'm perplexed why a team of 12-yr olds is called a pee wee team, but I don't know diddly about hockey. Looks like it was a fun day! The pancake-a feast!

    Will be praying for you tomorrow. Does this mean you'll hae another treatment the 20th?

  10. Loved these Sunday shots. GREAT hockey shots, not easy to do!

    Hoping today was a decent day and tomorrow just as good. Hopefully you will get past these treatments and move on with life, not have them BECOME life.

    Prayers from this not-so-often-prayerful person.

  11. What a great Sunday outing, unfortunately for me I am starving as I view those pancakes, you're killing me. The shots of the boys playing, really good, those guys are awesome.
    Good luck tomorrow.

  12. Ahhh...yes. This is amazing the cheating we have done on old man Winter here in MN. "down here" we are gearing up for the tournaments...but Red Wing is as far as we go with my Squirt. I loved your photos.

    Hope you are are really amazing.

  13. It's so nice to do things to get your mind off of the bad things.
    Enjoying life is the boost you need to get them hormones to fight for life.
    The smiles, the cold, the picturesque views and definitely the pancakes !!!

  14. Nice photos to illustrate your weekend. I especially like the blueberry pancake!

    Hope the chemo was tolerable today....thinking of you Vicky,

  15. Such beautiful pictures!! Hugs for tomorrow. PS. Alexandria is where Craig used to live. : )

  16. I just scrolled through all the posts I've missed since I took a break from blogging (I'm back).

    I feel renewed. I love your photos, your words, your spirit, your family and friends. I've thought of you often and I'm not disappointed to return and see your indomitable spirit shining through all your posts.

  17. Love sharing this sweet Sunday morning travels with you and your wonderful family. The pictures are awesome. Terrific hockey shots too.

    Hugging you always...Kelly

  18. Enjoying these beautiful, almost snow-free days with you. We had over 9 inches at this time last year.

    Thinking of you as you receive your chemo.

  19. I am mindful of Tuesdays....knowing that my friend is having her chemo.
    I send you lots and lots of hugs, Vicky.
    I love LOVE this blog. How happy is Nolan!! :)))
    And.......I want those pancakes.

  20. I hope you are feeling okay today Vicky, I loved your Sunday adventure and yes you can see that twinkle in Nolans eyes. I am praying for you hon, hugs.


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