Friday, November 4, 2011

"Anything can be..."

“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”
― Shel Silverstein

stitches opening

wounds weeping

hole stretching

bandages staining


gift counting

joy filling

"silver" healing

 dizziness dissipating

fatigue vanishing

 bird's nest discovering


golden sun streaming

bejewled sky painting

soul stirring





  1. my, what a way you have with words, and that eye for photography is something i'd like to learn from you (if you lived around the block instead so far away). i love the way your toes and your puppy are part of the third picture.

    any chance i could get a copy of the first shot?

  2. The images are beyond exquisite - they almost reach the level of your words.

  3. Love your photos!!...

    and sounds like you're having a good day. Yay.

  4. PS... I'm working on a header for you, you don't have to use it, but if you want to, I'll be happy to play around with it. Will send it your way shortly.

  5. Love the poem, and that photo of the birds' nest and streaming light took my breath away. Gorgeous!

  6. I am so sorry vicky you feel so bad.
    Like a little bird, working hard to get out of its shell not knowing about what the future holds.
    But you know, none of us do.Some suffer with illnesses and live on to see more and more beautiful things and others walk thinking of a future they will never see cause a car hits them or something else happens.
    One just never knows.I guess the drugs are making the healing process take longer.You have such a battle taking place right now inside of you so you must rest and be patient.Give your body a chance to do its thing.God speed and may he bless you to win this battle.

  7. I see kky gazing is what you've been doing too. I am relieved the dizziness is dissipating. Sending you hugs and strength sweet Vicky


  8. Vicky my Mom's wound in her leg did the same thing. It was the body healing itself. We had a hard time keeping those bandages from being wet.They had to be changed often but she recovered.So will you.

  9. Gorgeous photos. Keep up your courage. You're a survivor!

  10. Vicky, we saw the same sky this morning. The very same one. :) From the same view. I took some pics from Lindenwood; one's on my Facebook wall. God sure does great work! I'm not surprised you did as well! Love the nests...and the hope of flight. And everything you its sparseness. Its very poetic, friend. Finally, thank you for your dear response to my post this morning. Somehow in the sharing of that, a part of me was freed too. I have not been wanting to share anything public to protect her. Now, the healing can start. :)

    Wishing you a weekend full of golden-pink skies!

  11. you had me at "anything can be..." lovely post!!

  12. Thinking and thanking....
    Love you,

  13. Vicky--Your words and pics are such an inspiration!

    You CAN do this!!

    Blessings on your weekend!

    PS. It is amazing...Roxane had the same sunrise as you, and so did I...only I am 4 to 5 hours south of you. God is good!

  14. I love the photos but ADORE your words. XO, pinky

  15. Your poem (expressions) come from the heart.

    Very nice photos!

  16. Oh, my, Vicky ... you and God are quite the awesome combination!

  17. Heartfelt words...

    Beautiful pictures. Your spectacular view through the eyes of God.

  18. Touching words and beautiful photos make for an awe-inspiring post. So glad to hear that you are healing!

    Thoughts, prayers and hugs are with you, Vicky!

    Love,. Eileen

  19. beautiful pictures and I LOVE shel silverstein!!!
    Oh and I love your header pics :)
    Hope you have a good week!!!


  20. Happy words, moving thoughts, soul-stirring pictures, friends with happy news = blessings.

  21. It's so funny...i just did this same thing and had no idea you did it too!

    We're silver people here makes a huge difference. So thankful for the things that you're noticing and for the dissapation of others.


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When you get lucky

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