Wednesday, November 16, 2011


“I am younger each year at the first snow. When I see it, suddenly, in the air, all little and white and moving; then I am in love again and very young and I believe everything.”-- Anne Sexton

Despite the fact he got away from us three times yesterday.  He is faster and stronger, and he loves it when he can break free from our grasp and chase circles around the yard.  Our hearts jump into our throats as we call and cajole him back to the safety of our house. 

Despite that fact he chewed the laces of Superman's tennis shoes.  And when we bought new laces?  He smiled (really I think he did) maniacally as he left the new laces perfectly intact above him on the bench as he laid below chewing the shoe where the laces would go.  

Despite the fact we left the vacuum cleaner out and he chewed through the cord- oh yes he did- 

Despite all of that...

We love our little Crosby.

Watching him discover the snow was such a joyful moment yesterday.  It was like seeing the snow through fresh eyes and remembering the discovery of the magic and mystery of each flake as it tumbles from the sky.  

I'm still counting gifts... seeing with "fresh eyes," like those of a puppy in his first snowfall.  

What will you see with fresh eyes today?  


  1. I see the renewed pleasure to spend more time with my family being fully aware of the moments we are together

    Crosby sure is a handsome young dog :-)

  2. I need to look at the ageing process with some fresh eyes today. Thanks for the nudge Vicky. Sweet pics btw.

  3. I've started Yoga and am looking at this aging body, learning to appreciate what I've got and making it work and feel better.

    Love that pup, adorable pics.

  4. Thanks for sharing Vicky....needed to see simple joy. I too need to appreciate my life as it is and not to wish for 'better'. Love that puppy :)

  5. Oh yes!! I will, Vicky. Thank you for this. Seeing with fresh eyes is exactly what I needed to hear today. How did you know?
    I love Crosby's attitude...and I course I love the way he looks. I wanna hug and kiss him right now.
    Love you, my friend.

  6. This brings back such happy memories of the little dog I had and his first encounter with snow. Definitely good to take a look with fresh eyes at most everything.

  7. i read this, my dogs were having minor panic attacks because of an intense thunderstorm that was rolling through. not quite the same wonder at creation as crosby!

    not sure what i need to see with fresh eyes, but the first thing that came to mind was my job. thanks for jostling my mind and making me think.

  8. dogs+snow=joy

    Happiness in these pictures, and a beautiful reminder to stop and see it all, each blessed flake as it falls from the sky and melts on our skin.

    Thank you for the glory of seeing with fresh eyes!

  9. Oh I am sure he has a ball discovering new things.
    My Beau ate a hole in the wall. Had a taste for gyproc Well I put hot sauce around the wall and he stopped.
    Most of my dogs never do any damage but this one got away. lol

  10. Your pics are beautiful, my puppy loves the snow too. today when I got back from an appointment and walked into my house Vicky you would not have believed the turmoil. I swear the puppy must have been up on everything, broke some pottery, had kleenex everywhere, jewelry that I had made. He usually sleeps when I leave the house. It is awful hard to be mad at them when you can just tell they were having a blast. I wish I could get her to have a blast helping clean it all up. lol.
    hope you are feeling good. hugs to you.

  11. Beautiful post, beautiful dogs, beautiful pictures.

  12. Our pets have a special way of showing us what's really important. Cute photos. Great story!

  13. Wonderful pictures Vicky..To forget all that there is, and thoroughly enjoy the moment is so joyous :) A very calming post. Hope you are getting better everyday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  14. Vicky, my very best black dress shoes are no longer. Snickers. My Blackberry cord, chewed up and spit out. And that's just the start of it. Most of my teen daughter's shoes, which seem to be a special treat, are toast. Nevertheless, that innocence keeps us loving our little dog, too. And I loved watching him romp in the snow the other day!

  15. I love dogs in the snow. I love Minky and Bodie in the snow. I love Crosby in the snow. Really, what's NOT to love?? Beautiful!

  16. Great pictures of Crosby in the snow. Very cute. I will look with fresh eyes on all today...thanks to you my friend.


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