Monday, November 14, 2011

A goat and two chickens

Can you think of anything better to buy with your first "paycheck?" I sat staring at the check I received from On The Minds of Moms. I know, they PAID me, as if being published weren't a big enough gift already. Crazy.

What was I going to do with the money I earned? My doorstep, my mailbox, my inbox- all the boxes are brimming, overflowing with such goodness I can barely stand it. I'm so overwhelmed and filled with gratitude, but how do I give back? Pay it forward? Give, as much as I receive?

I knew if I looked at the check long enough it would speak to me. And one day last week amongst all the mail I saw the pamphlet. Compassion International.  It was a gift list of sorts.  It had chickens, goats, fish, etc., all kinds of ways for an international family to raise their own food source.  You could even buy an entire "farm."  If you've been following Ann's blog you know about her travels to Ecuador with Compassion.   If you need a bit of an other-world view and a shift in perspective, I dare you to visit her blog once and not come away moved and changed.  You'll see why a goat and two chickens was an obvious choice and its heavy on my mind and heart to do more if I can swing it.

I found this nestled on my doorstep after chemo last week...
Not only was there coffee nestled in this basket, but the plaque down below...

Its perfectly, perfect.  Gratitude in Everything...  please let my heart know this every day.

Thank you Angie!

Sweet Jo Ann sent these to me and I was expecting a card from her.  The devotional and the music- look its Kate Miner and Rita Springer!  I'm so touched and honored sweet friend!  Jo Ann is in the midst of a bout with pleurisy and I know she would welcome any prayers if you wanted to visit her blog and leave them with her.

And this... I knew was coming!!  For two weeks we watched the mail!  It was a package of "goodies" from Germany and my kind and talented friend Mimi!  

She made this guardian pillow with a secret pocket in the back... can you guess whose picture she might have placed there?  

Its my Dad with the boys and it has a lovely verse on the back.

And as if that weren't a gift all on its own, she included a beautiful wrap loop scarf with a flower- its so soft and the color is so vibrant, I know it will help keep me warm this winter! 

And she didn't forget the boys, all THREE of them who got fairly excited with the large assortment of candy and sweets she sent! 

Bussal Mimi!  My cup overflows...

Quick medical update:  I saw Dr. Panwalkar on Tuesday.  He showed me the mystery blob in my brain on my MRI. He said the radiologist didn't even have a name for it.  But it doesn't have any of the characteristics of a cancer at this time.  So we watch and wait.  Everything else about my visit was normal... oh how I love to be normal every once in awhile.  

My incision however, is going to be an ongoing saga.  It continues to open, the hole going deeper and wider each day.  It is now considered a "hypertrophic granulation wound."  Or, "proud" flesh.  Which is too much tissue being made.  Dr. Bouton says its like goldilocks and the three bears- we need the kind of granulation that is "just right."  And that may take awhile.  So he referred me to the wound clinic and the nurses did a wonderful job of cleaning the wound and repacking it.  But then Dr. Bouton came into the room and informed us he'd like to still see me each week before I see them... just for extra measure.  It makes me feel "extra" in all kinds of the best ways.  


  1. Love these doses of love from your friends near and far - and your doctor sounds like the kind you really want on your team :-)

  2. what wonderful goodies - its amazing how such goodness and kindness can nurture a soul!

    vicky - you are beautiful! your grateful heart is shining through!


  3. It is so nice to have so many good friends who care and give you things to smile about every day.
    I hope the wound situation gets better soon.

  4. Oh my sweet Vicky,

    I love the pictures. Thats so a big joy for me to see the smile on your face and the sweetest smiling ever on the face of your boys.

    I hope your wound will be better soon!


  5. May your friends continue to lavish you with love. I know you...and how you pay it forward. You are a sweetheart.
    Continue to take care of you.
    I'm so happy to hear the news about the MRI results. And I pray for the continued healing of your wound.
    Prayers for Jo Ann.
    Love you, my friend...

  6. You are so loved ... and you love so well.

  7. What a beautiful blessing from God to have friends that you dearly.

  8. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us! Streams in the Desert was and continues to be very encouraging to me. I love Ann's blog...and today's post had me in tears...and wanting to sign up for Compassion International. So sorry to hear about the non healing wound--how frustrating. I am glad the doctor is paying "special" attention to you. Hope your week is a great one!

  9. I love your pictures Vicky. You sure have great friends that take care of you.

    Sorry to hear about your incision that isn't healing quickly. Will keep you in my prayers.

    Your boys have great smiles!!!!

  10. Vicky, one of the things that impresses me is how well you are able to receive all of these beautiful gifts. You must be overwhelmed by the outpouring, and yet, you accept it all with such beautiful grace and genuine humility of the right sort. Because what I know can be hard to receive! You are teaching us so much more than you even realize. XXOO

  11. Hi Vicky -

    I found your site from a link at Gitzen Girl's blog. (I found her blog a couple of weeks before she passed away.) I just wanted you to know that I think of you and pray for you every day - and for your doctors, hubs and family.(I've had breast cancer twice myself - at 38 and 41.) Just wanted to give you a shout out and many cheers!

    : ) Sandra

  12. You are extra Vicky and so rightly deserve to be treated as such. The overflowing of your mail box is a sure sign love is coming your way for you are so loving yourself. Thank you for sharing and sending healing energy your way hoping the incision wound will finally get better :-)

  13. What sweet, sweet gifts from your friends. I adore the pillow and the concept behind it; and it doesn't get much better than European chocolate! I also think goats and chicken are a marvelous gift to give, although when my in-laws buy them for themselves as pets, I'm less impressed.

    And I just have to say that my heart goes out to you on those nasty wounds. When my stomach port had to be removed for a MRSA infection, and I had open wounds to be packed, I have to say that it was one of the worst things for me, and caused my only hysterical breakdown. I hope your nurses are as kind as mine were about the whole thing.

  14. you are so loved, by so many!!
    and for now, if the blob is just a blob, well that's a good thing. hopefully it will never be anything that can be named.
    your incision sounds painful....i pray that it starts now !!


  15. LOVE and all the best,

    Nora from Austria

  16. Mimi is one of the most charming person I know.
    You've got wonderful gifts.
    Have so much joy.
    Hugs from Germany,

  17. What a sweet and wonderful person to send all this to such a sweet and wonderful person!! I'm in LOVE with the pillow she created and will have to visit her to see if she sells them. The picture? Unbelievably precious. (P.S. So sorry to hear about the wound not healing. I don't know how I miss your updates. Maybe because I'm not on the blog and don't see my blog roll? But I try to watch Facebook and somehow, I don't get SO MANY updates. Ugh. The end.)

  18. Love keeps coming your way and you keep sending it back in truckloads to all of us. We are blessed, blessed, blessed to have YOU in our lives :)


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