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~The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another~ Thomas Merton

For two days now, I've been wrestling with the words to use to write about what happened on Monday.  And I just can't.  It gets harder and harder.  There are so many, who are so worthy.  Yet I find myself surrounded, quite literally, by such an outpouring of generous and love-filled acts that I simply can't "wrap my brain around it."

Because, this isn't the first time this group has loved on me.  After they completely outdid themselves with a benefit for me last May, they discovered they were going to miss the deadline to apply for matching funds from Dakota Medical Foundation, (DMF) Lend-A- Hand program.  It was too much of an opportunity to pass up.  So they did it again.  Last August they held a golf outing and silent auction... for me.  And they raised enough money to have it matched by DMF.

So last Monday, Rick and I received a check from DMF, and 4 of the main members of my benefit committee were in attendance.  The fifth "honorary" member is Kenzie (on my hip, below.)

So this is me, doing a "brave" smile.  You know the one, where if you stop for even just a second, you will completely lose it and never regain your composure again.  Oprah calls it "the ugly cry."  I was not going to ugly cry, so I grinned as big as I could, hoping to keep it all in.  My eyes only leaked a little.  

Since it was so close to lunch time, we celebrated with lunch at Granite City.

"We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark."
Whoopi Goldberg

And this is where I am stuck.  How do I even begin to say thank you?  Each time a hospital bill shows up, which honestly, is daily... I know we can pay it and still eat.  We can pay, and still keep our house.  We can pay and still let our boys go to hockey.  We can pay, and we get to keep living our life.  Could there be any bigger gift?  Any bigger blessing?  Down the road, these decisions about how we will pay, may not come so easily.  But I am a "live your moments" kind of girl.  And this moment?  Is one I am going to savor, and just live.


  1. You deserve it!!!! I know it is difficult at times to accept things, and very hard to accept when people do things for us.

    I always am the one who tries to do for others and when I had to let others do for me it was very difficult. But, know that when I am fully back on my feet----down the road---I hope to be able to give back to someone else.

    It is so lovely to know that you are so loved!!!!! And so great to know that you can pay your bills and still have a normal family life and your family is not having to sacrifice because of you.

    WE LOVE YOU! Hang in there!!!!

  2. Wow! What an amazing group of friends you have Vicky. Am so glad to know that these generous souls are helping you and Rick to concentrate on what really matters - your family and your health - and not have to worry about money issues. They could not have selected anyone more deserving on which to bestow this gift.

  3. You are truly blessed Vicky, with such caring friends. They have relieved you right now of the burden of worry about paying the bills, so that you can concentrate (be filled with peace) on beating this cancer! Again I say, you are truly blessed.

    I leave you with a quote that goes along with your post.

    "Having spent the better part of my life trying either to relive the past or experience the future before it arrives, I have come to believe that in between these two extremes is peace." ~Author Unknown

  4. As much as you love and appreciate them, they loved being able to help. That's what friends do:-)

  5. Vicky I am so happy for you. you are surrounded by such love. It is wonderful that this makes this hard time easier to bare when you know the bills will be paid. I Loved the last comment, between these times you will find peace. hugs and love to you.

  6. This beautiful outpouring of love coming your way is so well deserved. Savour it with all your being for it is the reason why it is sent your way.
    What an amazing group of friends :-)

  7. What an incredible group of friends!.. and it seems so unfair that anyone has to worry about the cost of saving their life. Shouldn't have to be that way. Wish someone would solve that problem.

  8. What a wonderful group of friends you have, and I know how much not having to worry (even if just for a while) about finances means. And I think you look just beautiful in the picture, and certainly not as if you're about to let the ugly cry in. :)

  9. You are blessed and loved.
    I too would be over whelmed by the goodness of so many people who truly care. :)

  10. i think you used your words quite well, actually! i love knowing that our Father is using your dear friends to give you and Rick tangible evidences of His love and care.

    savor, indeed.

  11. Friends and community are so important. You have many friends Vicky and I am so happy that everyone is looking out for you and your family. What a blessing from God.

  12. So pleased for you, Vicky, that you don't have the financial stress to deal with. Blessings for all the moments ahead.

  13. Vicky, I once listened to someone who is not nearly as positive as you talk about these ridiculous fundraisers people in communities have for those who might need a boost due to illness. The thought was that they really don't help that much and are just sort of a gesture to make the people who give feel better about themselves. Since I've never been on the receiving end of such an outpouring, I've never known for sure: do these feeds and fundraisers make a difference? I am so glad to hear from you that they do; they really do! And poo on the person who said otherwise. It does my heart good to know that for you, these outpourings have given you even one more day of peace over the financial strain. It's hard enough to have the illness; add the financial piece and it's too much for any one family to bear. Vicky, you are one loved girl! :)

  14. I am so happy that you are surrounded by such loving, generous and beautiful people! Love in action is clearly demonstrated by the dedication and spirit of these wonderful people in your life. God bless them all :)

    I love the two quotes. Merton is one of my favorites.

    You help me savor each moment because of the brightness you bring to my life with your words, friendship and wisdom. You are an all star person in every way, my friend.

    Thanks so much for wrapping me in prayer!! You are the best!! Hugs, hugs, hugs - Kelly

  15. you are so blessed to be surrounded by those who love you....truly love you.

    and what a gift they have given you !!!!

  16. how wonderful! i sometimes feel is so much easier to be the giver - we all want to give to others - its probably hard to receive - but i think there is a special gift in being a "good" receiver - its humbling for sure. There is such a blessing in the giving and receiving - thank you for sharing both with us Vicky - its important for all of us to see that - to see the blessings - its weird but I feel it when I read your words - i feel that you are blessed - i feel your heart's cry -- and that blesses me!

    sending you blessings and hoping you are refueled by Him today!

  17. It did my heart good to read this post, Vicky.
    The kindess of our fellow brothers and sisters is endless.
    I thank each of them for taking tender and special care of you and your family.

  18. Hi Vicky, I just found your Blog via Mimi's Blog and reading into it! You are an amazing girl and your family and friends are as well. I hope you don't mind me becoming your follower:-)))
    Nice to meet you!:-)))


  19. Hi there,

    I left a comment on the day you created this post...but it looks like it disappeared into cyberspace. My dear friend, I know how humbling it can be to accept the goodness of others...especially knowing that the funds are so needed to provide your family with some sort of normalcy as you continue to forward in your journey. Even though I only know you through is evident that you are a blessing to so many! Trust you heal, you will remember others kindness and that will motivate you to pass it on...I know it has me! Blessings to you!

  20. I'm speechless. What an INCREDIBLE group. What an even more INCREDIBLE cause. Thank you, Lord, for loving on Vicky and showing her your care through all these amazing friends. Amen.


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