Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When things fall...

When things fall... I know I can come here and count on all of you to understand how I am feeling and that you will offer all kinds of encouragement. So many of you have been where I now walk.  I love that you "get" the pieces of me that I share, and know me well enough to fill in the blanks when I neglect them.

 Your words fall... into the deep crevices of my fissured heart and keep it from splitting open some days.

I've been wondering a bit if things started to fall, because I picked the word reach.  I naively thought I'd get to choose what I'd reach for... not perhaps, what would reach me.  Or that I'd be reaching up, not out.  I thought I picked the word, but perhaps it picked me?

When things fall... I am finding out it isn't always such a bad thing.  I'm finding they may be shifting simply to re-order themselves into a far better arrangement than I alone could have conjured myself.

My entryway table was begging to be let in on a bit of spring and Easter decorating.


I have been looking for these ceramic rabbits my mother and I made when I was 9.  We found them buried in her closet the other day.


I put out everything I thought was spring-y and pastel-y... but something was missing... no matter how many times I rearranged and worked other pieces in... nothing felt right.  But then...

 I kid you not, the doorbell rang.  In a package all the way from Canada, was the missing piece.  But I didn't know it was missing till I set in on the table.  Voila!  I am no decorator, I just happen to know what I like when I see it.  This, I love.  I won it in a giveaway over at The Original Art Studio, from Bonnie.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, please go visit soon!  Thank you Bonnie!


When things fall, I realize, sometimes they fall right into place.  



  1. Hi Vicky
    that's a sweet post...and a particularly sweet Bonnie you have found...

    I like your metaphor of falling apart to reconfigure...I could see the pieces falling as I read your a kaleidoscope rearranging itself...and coming up with a beautiful pattern...

    happy days

  2. I enjoyed this post, Vicky.. terrific metaphor, and a bit of what I'm dealing with in my own life.

    Always reach up, and out when you need it. It's how we grow.

    Do you know, I painted that same (smaller) bunny when I was a kid, in a chocolate brown. My mother still has it. :-)

  3. Such bare, honest feelings 'falling' out of you. I wonder sometimes if it is an inner re-organization that causes the outer feeling of falling apart ... I have noticed that I almost always feel this in the Spring - perhaps old anniversary memories ...

    I'm so glad you received the print in tact and that you have found a place for it already. It looks great there. I was delighted when your name came up as one of the winners, as I have so enjoyed our exchanges. Enjoy.

  4. Such an interesting post. When things fall into place or fall to us, it does seem magical.

  5. How perfect is that! I have found when I pick a word for the year I need to be very careful because it doesn't always go the direction I think it should. Reach is a good word, but it will be interesting to hear how it leads you.

  6. when we reach we don't always know what we will find ... the outcome was lovely

  7. Funny how our words for the year are just like life... they take us on a journey, not the other way around.

  8. I'm so glad that you found your ceramic bunnies. There is more of course, but I'm so glad you found your bunnies.

  9. Delwyn, thanks :) I agree completely about our sweet Bonnie! A Kaleidoscope is a great metaphor for what I was describing.

    Karen, I have the chocolate brown little bunny too that I made... poorly though... I asked the kids if they wanted it and they said no! Too funny you have the same one.

    Bonnie, yes I like your description of the inner reorganization especially in spring... now that you mention it, I see that. Thanks for all the great insight and nudging me on in the evolvement process :)

    Kass, yes, magical is a great word... that sums up the feeling well!

    Marilyn, yes, the one word challenge is an eye opener for me this year :) Did you pick one this year?

    Susan, yes, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome... so joyful :)

    Gitz, thats it, they "take us on a journey..." well-said.

    Delores, thanks :) I was so glad too, I missed them for years and was worried they were gone.

  10. Vicky, first of all, the table decoration looks so pretty!! I love the picture. I'm going to check out your friend's site.

    I'm going to take your words to heart today. I've been feeling kind of displaced and frazzled. I like your idea about reaching up from what falls apart in me or around me. Thanks Vicky.

  11. One word that comes to mind is...perfect! Vicky, that is exactly what your table needed. I am not a decorator either but I too know when something "fits". Just like in life, when you just don't feel right but then that missing piece appears (something you didn't expect) and you feel "perfect" again.

  12. I like your arrangement and your words are so true. I think of fruit on a tree. It ripens and falls full of potential for new life.

  13. How fun to win something Vicky. I bet you were really surprised. Enjoy.

  14. Vicky,
    This was just a wonderful post. I love the spring decorating you did as you talked about things falling into place, it gave me a perfect picture.
    Isn't the "word" for the year a funny thing in that the discovery is NEVER quite what we expect!?
    love to you today~

  15. Oh, I almost forgot...gorgeous flower!!!

  16. sometimes it's just like magic when something comes together like that....
    I hope your easter is a happy one !

  17. This was a wonderful post! At first it alarmed me but then it made me happy.:)
    Well done Vicky:)

  18. Kelly, hoping you're less frazzled as the days go by :) Thinking of you and glad you're reaching along side of me...

    Eileen, so true, in life it definitely works this way too. Thanks for your sweet words!

    Jen, what a great metaphor... the ripe fruit falling... that resonates with me too :)

    Lisa, indeed I was... thrilled!

    Robin, thanks sweetie, I thought of you when I put the pastels together :) I had to settle for fake flowers, but since we're only pretending to have spring... they'll do *wink* Love to you as well...

    Beth, yep, magic... Happy Easter to you too!

    Vic, I am glad you weren't alarmed for long and left you happy!

  19. That is just the way I feel about all my blogger friends too! They pick up the pieces when I find myself unable to :)

    Beautifully written with pretty pictures :)


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When you get lucky

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