Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Titan All-Stars.

In between the games at the Xcel, our own boys played in a hockey showcase in Andover, MN, this past weekend.  We weren't sure what to expect as we were placing our confidence in the boys and a couple of new-to-us coaches and hoping for a good outcome.  The players come from all over the state of Minnesota and are then placed on teams.  Our 4 Moorhead boys were placed on the "black" team.

I think we were all pleasantly surprised at how well every single one of these boys stepped up and performed.  Jack, directly to the left of Nolan, was chosen to be the honorary captain as he had performed well in the practice Friday night.  The boys played well with their new team mates and settled in quickly.  It was clear the black team had a bit of an edge on the white team they played against.

The black team was victorious with a score of 8-2.  Ryan, in the maroon and Gold M on his jersey had a goal and a couple of assists.  Riley in the Titan t-shirt, had a goal and several assists which was enough for him to earn the second star of the game.  Nolan, with 2 goals and a couple of assists, was the first star of the game.  It was clear to me, however, they were all stars of the game as they skated as a team, encouraged each other, and represented the community of Moorhead well.

Riley and Nolan with their trophies.

Nolan scoring the second of his two goals.


  1. I love the sportmanship and the friendship that is gained through this sport, Vicky.
    The photographs on this and your previous blog are excellent.
    I am soooo proud of the team...and your boys!
    Much love,

  2. they are learning some important lessons ...

  3. Great photos! My husband played hockey for many years, absolutely loved it. The only reason he stopped is the only time over-30 adult leagues can get ice time around here is 11pm or later, and he's just not into that.

  4. My sons love that last photo! Happy that you guys had a great time :) It's obvious how much they love the sport. The trophy picture is really nice. That's a memory to keep for sure.

  5. Wonderful shots of your boys gelled together as a team with exuberant smiles of confidence,ability,motivation and attitude.

    These teen-boys at this tender age, apparently look like fragile snow flakes, but they just remind me of what snow flakes can do when they stick together.
    You must be training them hard to make them not only physically and mentally hard but also hard to beat .

  6. Love the pictures, Vicky and the story. Oh WHY can't these days and such sweet moments last longer?! I'm sticking my heels in the dirt over MY baby being 15 now. Ain't boys grand? Really. They're wild and messy and smelly and funny and tender and sweet and sensitive (but usually only their mamas get to see the last three!).

  7. What a busy life you must have with boys playing actively in sports.

    Yes, my cat hides under the covers whenever I want to make the bed. He even brought his toy up there today.

  8. Simply wonderful, Vicky!!! You are helping them build memories they will NEVER forget!! What an awesome family you are!!! You are truly an inspiration! Love you, Janine XO

  9. You will need a trophy room! They look so cute with their trophies!


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When you get lucky

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