Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned... "

In the midst of winter I finally learned, there was in me an invincible summer."
                                                                                                      Albert Camus

I saw this quote the first time over at Sara's in 2008 and it has stayed with me.  She related it to her health and knowing that "summer" always comes after winter, and something "good" always comes out of her pain filled days.  

The last couple of days have been welllllll.... gray, dreary... lackluster.  But I can't bring myself to say it yet again...  So I flipped on my "happy" lite this morning and soaked in fake beams of sunshine.

You see, I forget sometimes to "set" my intention for the day.  I wade into my days only half hearted... letting the "gray" dictate entirely too much. Reacting to everything, instead of deciding how to react to everything.  So I decided to shift my focus before I headed out the door this morning.  Apparently, Beth, was on the same wave length.  She wore Spring in her orange and white polka dot handbag from Target, and I knew she was on to something.

Susan got it too, with her "to make you happy" post today.  Thank you Susan, I was still humming John Denver and grinning, as I left for Jr. Great Books with Colton this morning.  At school, it just seemed fitting I guess, that one of the girls in our group insisted on wearing sunglasses the entire time we read Rumpelstiltskin.  Last week she irritated me with her need to be silly and constantly derail our group.  This week I smiled to myself at her antics, sensing her need for sunnier days perhaps too.

As I was working on his post, the door burst open, and in walked Rick, carrying these portraits.  I think I flew out of my chair and jumped up and down like a cheerleader!  I could not have been more overcome with joy, and sheer surprise.  I even went back and read about the day he had taken these last November.  "How do you... explain 50 plus degrees and sunshine on a November weekend? So sunny, it allowed for a photoshoot in short sleeves. I'm not sure it can be explained. Instead you revel in it and enjoy the moments of borrowed warmth being extended to you."

Surprising, when I watched for it, how many times sunshine rained down on me today.  It was still gray outside and the sun was not visible to the naked eye... but I felt its warmth, and discovered in me, my own invincible summer, thanks to a little help from all of you. 


  1. Your boys are beautiful - and no wonder!!!

  2. Intentions for the day? WOW! I just had an Oprah moment!
    Your boys are so handsome!

  3. Hi Vicky these are dramatic and memorable family shots- did your husband take them?
    I like the collage effect while still maintaining a large portrait...

    Happy days

  4. so glad to be able to add to your sunshine ... these are wonderful photos ... and that is one of my favorite quotes whether it be winter in season or in the soul

  5. Love, Love, Love the pictures!!! I hate falling into a rut of reacting to life instead of acting...Glad you found your sunshine!

  6. Bonnie, aw thanks.

    Missy, you crack me up! And thank you :)

    Delwyn, I can't help but smile thinking of you in Hawaii right now :) Yes, my husband took these and I feel pretty lucky to have them.

    Susan, yes, that is a great way to think of it... season or soul!

    Heather, thank you :) Yes, there is a mighty big rut to fall into these days... trying to steer clear of it!

  7. OK..Wow! Vicky, you have gone professional on me, here...the writing is 'over the top'...absolutely beautiful thoughts...and so well penned.
    The photos...well, they speak for themselves!! Great!!!
    (I'm so glad that you are doing Jr. Great Books. Wonderful...)
    Smiles from Jackie

  8. Vicky,
    I know where you are coming from. It has not been cold here but our winter has been overly rainy. And, I too tend to let the weather dictate my mood. It is during those times that I have to have a talk with myself and count my blessings. It is then, that I can go on with my day with a cheerful attitude.

    I love your portraits. What a nice surprise!!! Your husband is very talented.

  9. Aww, you just brought a whole load of happy to my evening! But who couldn't be happy looking at those faces in the portraits? I'm just wondering ... did you turn the camera on Rick? I think he needs a framed moment, too :)

  10. How those great photos not add little bit of sunshine to your day!

  11. Those portraits came out beautiful! I can see why they brightened your day. Vicky, you look like a model in your pictures. You know how to strike a pose!!

  12. I needed some sunshine today, thank you for this post. I feel a little less dreary and dark just reading your words. That quote really spoke to me. Smiles to you:)

  13. Jackie, I love doing Jr. Great Books... so lucky to be involved in it and Colton too. Thanks for your kind words :)

    Eileen, hoping more sunny days come your way and ours too :) Counting my blessings is always a good place to start!

    Sara, I think you are right and no... I never get to that point, but I need to, don't I?

    Jen, thanks :) Every time I look at them they do!

    Kelly, laughing... I can fake my way through it :) But, thank you for thinking so!

    Kaleena, glad to put a little sunshine in your day... you certainly deserve it!

  14. Thank you for this Sweet friend.
    And I LOVE the photos. Oh you are a gorgeous beauty!
    I have these boys on my fridge and love seeing those handsome faces. They are growing so fast...
    And I'm w/ Sara...let's see Rick!
    Eagerly waiting for Spring right there w/ you ...

  15. WOW, these protraits are amazing. Look at you Ms Model, very hot! And your handsome boys, they are adorable and look so grown up. I love how their colouring is so different. Best portraits I have seen for a while. Great photographer.

  16. Oh WOW! Just love these portraits! Your boys are looking so handsome and stylish, and you are looking chic and pretty.

    I so so so Loved this post Vicky. I've often thought of this too. "Setting" the intention for the day...Reacting to situations, rather than deciding how to react...Just CHOOSING to be happy. I think we've got to consciously do it, if it doesnt come naturally. Great post.

    P.S Have you considered modelling for the Spring Summer collection at the Paris Fashion Week :)


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