Monday, June 22, 2009

Twins Adventure.

In what is clearly becoming the Westra way, we decided last Wednesday to go to a Minnesota Twins baseball game in Minneapolis this past weekend. We got a cheap hotel room, not so cheap tickets, a day off from activities and a free dog sitter. We left mid-day Friday and 3 and 1/2 hours later we arrived at our hotel.

Nolan and Rick have been to a few games before, but this was Colton's first one. He proudly donned his Justin Morneau jersey that he bought with his Birthday money and was set for the game. We were there so early we made it in time for each one of us to get a promotional Kent Hrbek bobblehead that the dome was giving away as part of the legends of the dome series.

As we sat watching batting practice, Colton looked a little disinterested. Finally out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin's number on the back of his jersey facing us. I pointed to Colton and he let out a yell "Mom, its the REAL Justin Morneau, I didn't know HE was going to be playing here tonight!!" I laughed at the sound of surprise in his voice. He was an enthusiastic participant in the rest of the game.

Nolan also seemed to enjoy the game and provided us with our biggest laugh of the night. As we neared the 7th inning stretch, we told the boys to get ready. So as the music played Take Me Out to the Ball Game, I noticed Nolan had dropped from my line of sight. Colton was singing like a pro as he had just learned this song in Kindergarten, but what on earth was Nolan doing? I finally look down to see Nolan bent over, touching his hands to his feet. HE WAS STRETCHING! He kept it up the entire time, as his father and I sat with our sides heaving with laughter, our literal son was getting in a good stretch!

We arrived home late last night and have been playing catch up again. With a hectic Monday on the agenda, I spent the day getting ready for it. I have much more to blog about, but I'll leave you for now with that visual of Nolan's 7th inning stretch!


  1. What a fun time! I love the picture of you with both your boys...that's a great pic!

    love your's addicting :)

  2. Robin, yes, the subtleties are lost on Nolan :) But it sure makes him endearing and lovable! Thanks for the peaceful wishes :)

    Stephanie, so fun to have you come visit! I am certain your days are similar to mine, but you just get a double dose! Thanks for your kind words :)

  3. What fun! I laughed at the sweet innocence and fun your son was having during the stretch inning. These are things to put in journal(s) to share with them when they are grown. They will love reading about it later...smiles will abound.
    I feel like I know you. You are tremennnnndous parents. The time you are spending with your children is one of the best learning experiences they will ever have.

  4. Sound like you had a wonderful time as did the boys.
    These will be good memories
    :)A greAT way to spend Fathersday:)

  5. What a great family outing. The baseball looks like a fun sport to watch live.
    By the sounds of it both your boys had a blast and really soaked up the atmosphere.

  6. Christopher and I drove by some ballfields last night - he was so enthralled. I asked him if he wanted to go to a baseball game -- he did -- you guessed it -- Colton's game.

  7. What a great weekend getaway! Isn't it amazing how much we go go go in the summer and in the winter we sit and stare at each other (that's at least how we feel). Enjoy it, although it's hectic, winter will be here before you know it :-(

  8. Jackie, I agree, its kind of the purpose of my blog, to document these stories as they occur for the future for the boys. Its fun getting to know you through this process, for me too!

    Vic, I will love to hear what the boys remember about these days as well one day :)

    Liss, the boys keep talking about it and telling everyone what they got to do so they must have enjoyed it :)

    Kristi, I'll have to email you later :) I assure you Colton would love nothing more than to have Christopher come watch his games!

    Sara, Its so true! But I can help with your winter plans, we'll have to turn you into hockey fans and then you can go, go, go all winter too *wink* :)

  9. Vicky, great point - that's one sport I'm not very familiar with, maybe we'll have to become fans this winter!

  10. What else would you do in the seventh inning stretch. Adults are so slow.

  11. Sara, as much as the boys play we can hook you up in a big way!!

    Dr. John, isn't that the truth! Slow, indeed :)

  12. Vicky those are great pics. And the photo of you with the boys is just lovely. Also the one with your oldest son - now you two are very alike. You are gorgeous by the way and very photogenic!!


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