Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before and After Plus Test Results.


This was a photo of Nolan's room we took after he moved all of his belongings up from the floor before the big flood moved us right out of our house completely. His walls were blue and all that stuff was nicely organized in his closet.


Nolan has asked for a Sydney Crosby/Pittsburgh Penguins room for a long time. Part of our trip this weekend was spent at Ikea getting a new bed and frame for him. His old bed, which took up so much of his room, will now go to the guest bedroom which is formerly the toy/clutter junk room. And sadly, the toy/clutter junk, is now in my former clean and once useable family room!! Hopefully this will either become a garage sale or a donation pile, and either way its fine with me :)

Just a another shelf to go up on that top exposed board and a few more accessories and the room should be done. Nolan was in bed when I came to get the last photo and he made sure I got a picture with his bat in it. The boys are so proud of the Louisville bats their Grandpa Jim and Grandma Carole gave to them. They have their names engraved on them. Nolan placed his on his shelf in his room next to his Kent Hrbek bobble head and Colton likes to take practice swings around the house with his. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma, the boys loved their bats!!

Finally, I have test results back from my cardiologist!! If you remember this post here you know I had some concerns about a rapid heartbeat and have been waiting on some test results. After I found out an office visit to my cardiologist is billed at $342.00, I decided to call for results instead of going back in. (Our insurance has a very high deductible) It took me 3 calls, in which I talked to 6 people, at two locations, over the course of a couple of weeks, to hear the news that I am going to be okay, if the dollar amount on the bill doesn't give me a heart attack first!!

To briefly summarize, there were some lesions found in the pumping chambers of my heart, but at this point they are not considered to be a significant enough finding to warrant any treatment. As for the tachycardia it too was not of a significant duration to treat since it does come down when activity is diminished. And I can't say I've had many runs of it lately. So I've been told to exercise moderately, eat right, and see my doctor in 3 months barring any other significant re-occurrences. That is the extremely condensed version, but essentially that is it.

Seems sensible to me! The news has left me feeling lucky and extremely blessed.


  1. I LOVE those bats!!!!!!

    So happy to hear that you're okay!!!!! Wonderful Wonderful news!

  2. Stephanie, Thanks sweetie, it truly is great news!

  3. Whew ! Well thats a relief!
    Thats a lot for a doctors visit.
    The room looks lovely. Lucly lucky boys and the bats are great!:)

    My son is gone to Carolina and before he left he couldn't find his ipod. It took me all day sifting through his clothes a zillion times before I found it. We all searched the same clothes and it found a nice little place to hide.
    So now I won;t be getting any text messages from him as his ipod is at home and they are not allowed to used the room phones.In the mean time I found a ton of dishes up there over above and beyond what he brought down before he left.Tons of laundry I now need to wash and the rugs to clean since he isn't there and basically the whole room needs painting etc....I left his window open all night to air out the room.
    Same o Same o. I guess this is why parents can't wait for the kids to move out lol but its lonely without him here.
    So I am not looking forward to that at all. lol
    He phoned his Dad at work at the toll free number to tell him all is ok and that they have 90degree humid weather and very heavy practices which tired them all out.
    So they are happy to go to their rooms when its over. They stay at great hotels though, which even have libraries to read in and computers. I can just see them all using that room being the studious guys they are lol

  4. Vic, oh dear, life without an Ipod :) Tough on you though if he can't text and let you know he is okay. Thank goodness for toll free numbers at work! Hope he has a good trip. Perfect time for a mom to clean out the room!

  5. Vicky....first I want to SHOUT...Yea!!...Wonderful!!!..Greatnews about your test results. Isn't that a weight off your shoulders....I know it would have been for me, and I feel the same way for you. I'm so happy! (Can you tell!!! :-))
    Second: There's nothing like the smile on the face of a boy who owns a Louisville Slugger bat...and to have them personalized...Grandpa Jim and Grandma Carole are loving grandparents!
    Third: I don't know if you have ever visited Granny on the Web...but she posted this the other day.I wanted to share with you for Nolan (he's the Penquin fan, right?)
    It's long...but bear with me:

    Why You Never See a Dead Penguin

    Have you ever wondered why you never see dead penguins on the ice in Antarctica?

    Ever wondered where they go?

    Wonder no more.

    It is a known fact that the penguin is a very ritualistic bird which lives an extremely ordered and complex life.

    The penguins have a very strong community bond. They are very committed to their family and will mate for life.

    They also maintain a form of compassionate contact with their offspring throughout its life.

    If a penguin is found dead on the ice surface, other members of the family and social circle have been known to dig holes in the ice, using their vestigial wings and beaks, until the hole is deep enough for the dead bird to be rolled into and buried. The male penguins then gather in a circle around the freshly dug grave and sing .........

    ........ "Freeze a jolly good fellow …"

    I fell for it....duh, me...She (Granny) got me....but I thought it was, I'm passing it the "Penguin" fan.

  6. Jackie, now that is a classic, and yes, I completely fell for it as well :) That granny, I have not visited but I may have to! I'll have to see if Nolan falls for it as well!! I think he is so literal he may fall for the whole thing!! Thanks for taking the time to write that for us to see.

  7. I'm thrilled with your test results! Don't hesitate to go back if you need to though...
    That room looks amazing! I think a boy could grow into a young man in there! The walls and shelves are perfect. And I love the bat!
    Hugs...I'm so happy your sweet heart is okay.
    All Things Heart and Home

  8. Wow - you did a lot of work on that bedroom.

    Glad things are okay right now. Hopefully in three months, the doctor will tell you that everything is okay!

  9. Exercise moderately and eat right? Who is going to do that? LOL
    The pics are great! The room looks great! My whole house looks like the before! LOL

  10. I was only just thinking about how your health is - great news Vicky and I am sure you will follow the doctors orders easily.

    Now as for the room, woah! The boy is growing up and it looks perfect!!!

  11. Good deal, Vicky. I've been wondering about your results. Kudos to you for getting your test results via phone. :)
    Love that big boy room!!! Being a diehard Dallas Stars fan, I can't say I would have chosen the team he wanted to decorate with, but, hey, whatever makes him happy! :)

  12. Glad to hear your health news is nothing too scary. Isn't it crazy how difficult and expensive it is to get your own results? We have a very high deductible on our insurance, too.

  13. Vicky that is great news about your health.

    What a transformation of Nolan’s room, it looks fantastic. My son would love the baseball bat, I can imagine him taking swings at his sister.

  14. Robin, I do hope Nolan can grow into his room! Thank you for all of your prayers and concern about heart :)

    Libby, I hope in three months this will just be a blip on the radar:)

    Missy, most days my house looks like the before too :)

    Thanks Lilly :) He is growing up much too quickly for my sake!

    Jill, do you know the Dallas stars are the former Minnesota North Stars? We were huge Stars fans growing up :) But its hard to deny the draw of Sid the Kid and the pens.

    Wendy, Crazy about sums it up :) So fun to have you come here! Loved your pig post and didn't even have time to comment yet!

    Liss, ah yes, we've had a few swings at each other with both bats... BOYS! They're safely on their shelves now.

  15. Hey - I like what you did with the room - looks great.
    Glad to hear that your test results came out well!

  16. Kristi, thanks :) I probably should add, I had little to do with it!


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