Thursday, June 25, 2009

Karma bites.

We played hookie from hockey yesterday to go to the pool in the afternoon instead. But I was a little hesitant to get overly joyous when I cut my leg shaving in the shower first thing in the morning. I was going after a part of my leg that has become impossible to get smooth. Plus, its karma, kicking my butt for all the times I teased my mom.

In the summer she'd pick up a razor for the first time, having not shaved for months at a time, because really, in the winter, what is the point? We need that hair for an extra layer of protection from the cold! So mom would attempt to hack at the forrest now growing on her legs and it was truly a hit and miss affair. I'd always find the place by her ankle where no matter how many times she stubbornly ran the razor like a hacksaw back and forth, she'd miss a few long hairs.

She'd get so exasperated with me. In my young mind, since the little blonde peach fuzz I had almost melted off my legs with an easy, breezy light stroke of the razor, I could only smugly think she was such an amateur! My mother has never worn make-up. Never dyed her hair. And without us kids coming along and requiring her to don a swimsuit and get in the lake with us, I am not convinced she would have been the shaving her legs type either.

Her only response to me however, stayed with me a long time... "One day you'll see. Your legs won't always be the same. Just wait. You can be smug now, but one day you'll see things like shaving your legs doesn't come as easily as it once did." Ha, I would think. We'll see. I took such pride in smoothing out my legs, how could I ever become sloppy?

But my mother and I would prove to have many such disagreements in life. The day Elvis died you would have thought we'd lost a family member. We watched tribute after homage after old movie. And it wasn't that I couldn't see how much of an american icon he was. But not having "experienced" a lot of it firsthand, and not having, grown up with him, I couldn't quite get the magnitude of the impact of those "Blue Suede Shoes." Enough already. Didn't she realize Charlie's Angels was probably on. Who cared if it was a summer rerun? Believe me, again, what I heard from my mother was, "you just wait, one day you'll understand!"

So yesterday I got a double dose of understanding. I cut my leg shaving. Not only are the contours of my leg changing, but I can't see them very well anymore! I miss so many of those not-so -peachy- fuzzy ones, more like stubborn-wiry-ones, now. I got my comeuppance. I would share it with my mother, but she has thankfully long since forgotten the basis for most of our disagreements when I was young.

But when I heard the news that first Farrah Fawcett has lost her battle with cancer, and then that Michael Jackson had suffered a cardiac arrest and suddenly passed away, it felt like such a double jab. Did I have to have my words come back and haunt me twice in one day? Can I really be that old? Suddenly, MY childhood idols/icons are passing away? And guess what, MY kids, completely don't understand!! But I did say to my husband last night, at least "Jon and Kate" suddenly sounds so yesterday, don't you think?


  1. Vicky,
    After hearing the news and watching the special on Farrah, I spent the remainder of my night going through the videos on YouTube of Micheal.
    Each song brought back a place and time from my youth. Each one special in some way to me. Then I came across the tribute to Ryan White that Jackson did "Gone Too Soon".
    It's funny how a song can bring you to tears right after one has put you up on your feet trying remember how you used to moonwalk!
    Although these are not the first childhood idols of mine that have left this world it doesn't get any easier realizing as the old quotes say; "Time waits for no man..." and "Time marches on..." It always makes me reflect that our life here is not guarenteed and we all should make the most of what time is given to us.

  2. Brenda, I know there are many naysayers when it comes to Michael Jackson. But I for one prefer to think about the legacy of the music regardless of the controversies surrounding the man. There wasn't a time period in my life that I couldn't relate to one of his songs. Your comment is beautifully written and I can hardly add to it, but to put it simply, "Amen!"

  3. Ouch, Vicky! That nasty little cut to your leg when shaving hurt me from here....
    My husband had that picture of Farrah....and probably every young (and older man) had it too. She was a beautiful woman.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. Have a good weekend.

  4. Thanks Jackie, hope you enjoy your weekend too!

  5. I honestly wish we could not shave! I despise it!!!!!

    I was completely shocked to hear about Jackson....floored! My husband was inlove with Farrah Fawcett as a teen..hard to imagine they're both gone!

  6. Stephaine, I know, so true about shaving! Who would have thought we'd lose them both on the same day?

  7. Ooooh I hate those shaving burns ..I call them. They hurt like crazy.

    Yes I am also very sad to see people dying. Goes to show when your time is up nothing can save you, not money nor fame.
    I personally don't believe Michael Jackson was a pervert.
    He was a kid who didn't grow up and got mixed up in his adult life.
    This is why it is important to have children have their child hood. I always said that and I believe in that and schools and pressure groups keep trying to steal childhood away from kids and its not right.
    Instead of catching the pervert and putting him away, they dismay and steal innocence away from millions of both parents and children and destroy families.
    Its just all going way too far.
    So the poor guy died and now he will have peace but now his children.. what will happen to them? I hope the Mother gets them ..all three of them cause they should not be separated.She has a horse farm and thats a great place to raise kids.
    That truly is a sad story.
    Farrah Fawcett was a nice woman but her life wasn't peaches either.
    Ryan O'neal is a sad sight. He was such a nice looking young man with so much potential and their son... well its obvious this also was a tortured family.Children are the ones who are hurt the most.
    Why have them if you don't plan on raising them? They are the most precious things in the world to have.
    OK enough said hahahahaha

  8. What a sad day Thursday (Friday morning – my time) was. I knew Farah had passed. I was on my way to work and stopped to buy petrol. While paying I heard on the radio a request for people to ring in and tell the station what Michael meant to them. I said to the Servo attendant what happened to Michael Jackson and I was totally shocked.

    Despite what anyone thought of his private live there is no doubting the man was an amazing entertainer.

    That cut looks mean for a shaving cut! Wow you defiantly did a good job.


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