Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

I had the best of intentions to share some fish tales with you. But not much of my day went according to plan. It turns out that golf I thought was scheduled for 9:30, was actually not till 11:00 and not over until 12:30. Which put us in a severe time crunch for hockey at 1:00. But I might have squeaked by, except that when my dh said he had packed all the gear for hockey in the car? He actually meant all the gear EXCEPT for the hockey sticks. So I drove 15 minutes to golf and back and to golf and back again. And I got to drive 20 minutes to hockey and back and to hockey and back again, and then one more time. Plus I forgot we started our park program this afternoon. So in between trips to the rink I had a a few trips to the park. But I barely got the boys dropped off finally at the park and I had to go pick them up because we had pizza's to pick up for our fundraiser. So we drove the 20 minutes out to the ball field and back. And then we had baseball scrimmages tonight, right before we went to baseball pictures.

No wonder I feel like I drove to timbuktu and back, because I really did :) Oddly, the boys were pretty darned good today too. I have no complaints. They were probably lulled into a near coma from all of the tedious treks about town. So tomorrow I'll start fresh and pray for a little breathing room. A little less running about.

I've had the words to this Bangles song floating through my head as I typed, so for fun I searched for the song. I just had to listen. I would have been listening to this back when I was in college. The irony to me is, then, 20 years ago, I felt so "stressed" and in actuality I had far less to be stressed out about. So the 40 year old me would tell the 20 year old me to chill out and enjoy college. I wonder what the 60 year old me will someday want to tell the 40 year old me about today? What do you think?


  1. Ha! It's funny what we used to stress out about. Does he like me? Am I fat? :)
    I'm hoping that at 60, life will slow down a bit and that we will all look back on these days and wonder where we had all the energy to do all this stuff!
    You are one busy woman, Vicky! I hope that you have an easier day tomorrow. :)

  2. Wow!!! You do not need any ideas for what to do with your summer woman!
    Prayers for a somehow restful Tuesday...hey, miracles still happen!

  3. Oh Belinda Carlise’s hair is soooo 80’s. I think the 60 year old might also say the same thing chill out and enjoy life.

    Your day was a testament to a mum’s work is never done. I hope you have a more relaxing day tomorrow.

  4. Hi Jill, its easy to be transported back to the 80's, isn't it? I am hoping you are right! Actually, I am hoping I can slow down enough right now to appreciate it, I just need a little pep talk :)

    Robin, Oh you'd be surprised :) Today for example, at 8:30 am I am already hearing, "what can I do until its time for hockey?"

    Liss, it doesn't take much to transport me back to that time!! I SO loved 80's hair, it was by far the easiest look to have!! Thanks, I hope the day is slower too :)

  5., hockey, golf, trips for food...whew... You are a wonderful, wonderful lady.....and I hang my head at how lazy I feel after I read your post. I hope that you have a restful day/week. I send you a smile.

  6. One of my favorite songs because it says it perfectly!!!! I sing it all the time, too! And with that I'm gong to take another nap. :)

  7. Oh, I love this song! I love your new profile pick too! Sounds like a normal Monday to me~

  8. Takes me back to a junior high bus trip to the state science fair... that was a HUGE song!!!!

  9. Luv week ends Love the song love the hair.
    The 60 year old woman would tell you enjoy it while you can. These are the best times with the kids.
    Seems the boys have the same schedules.
    Wait till you have to be at two different games at the same time at different ends of the world. lol
    and the kids complain when you go to one and not to the other.
    Then you're in for trouble lol
    I know some Moms had to juggle like this and I just don't know how they did it. Thats when the Dads and Grammas and Grandads are all in great need and appreciated and boy do they come home with great stories to
    Families are great!

  10. Jackie, all smiles appreciated! Whew, I am tired just looking back at it :)

    Robynn, I shudder to think of just how utterly exhausted you must feel!! Please, nap, nap and sleep some more after that :)

    Missy, ouch, I don't think I'd keep up very well with that kind of normal!

    Gitz, wow, jr. high that year... you are making me feel old :)

    Vic, I have a feeling this will be my schedule for the next few years so I better get on board! We do occasionally have overlapping conflicts, but we are still in the same town at least, that all changes next year!!


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When you get lucky

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