Friday, June 5, 2009

Book club mascot

What is known in Minnesota as a 1 season screened in porch. It was a divine setting for book club.

Our host Heidi on the left, and my friend and Heidi's neighbor Amy on the right.

Chester, hiding in the trees. Can anyone do a good pig imitation?

Oh my, Chester!

Do you want a backscratch?

Till next time Chester!

I don't know if we're in agreement or not. I didn't really ask. But in my book? I vote for Chester to be our book club mascot! If you were to google book clubs you'd find a vast array of ideas about what a book club consists of. Some book clubs are known for their heated book discussions. I'd say ours are down right lively. And some are reported to pick books that lend themselves to themes that match the premise of their books. So had we chosen to read lets say, Charlotte's Web, we would have had the perfect setting for our theme. Still other book clubs reportedly have some pretty strict rules. Considering I didn't even read the last book we were meeting to discuss, I would so have been banned from one of those book clubs after last night! No, what truly sets us apart, I've decided, in addition to all the laughs we share and the fun we have, is our unofficial mascot Chester. Trust me, having a mascot is not mentioned in any of the book club descriptions I've ever seen. And he is no ordinary mascot. No, Chester is a pig.

Our gracious host, Heidi, discovered Chester living in between her house and her neighbor, Amy's house. They eventually figured out, that Chester, was probably not a wild pig and had probably been abandoned in the trees behind their houses by an owner who for some reason no longer wanted him. Yes, Chester was an orphan. But not for long. He wedged himself into the little house they provided for him and has lived there ever since.

The kids even game him his name. Chester was only fitting considered how many Cheetos he ate when they first started to feed him. Since that time he has happily had a home with Heidi and her family. During the flood, in fact, Chester was evacuated from his "house" in the back yard and given a new home of sorts in the garage.

With the flood waters now receding, it was apparent that Chester's "house" had fallen prey to the flood. Poor Chester, was added to the list of flood victims and until he learns his fate he has had to make due in some temporary housing. While Katrina victims were given Fema trailers to live in, Chester took matters into his own, um, er, pig's feet and made a bed out of ... LEAVES. Clearly, he is a clever pig! Last night, we found Chester in his bed of leaves out under the trees. He was very docile and let us all approach him, barely raising his head for the longest time. Finally with great effort he rose, snorted, and lumbered off further back in the trees. He may be our mascot, but he wasn't taking any chances on his role in our book club!!

Yeah, pretty much, we have The. Best. Book. Club. Ever. Thanks ladies! Here's to many more nights of fun, good food, lots of laughs, and oh yeah, the thing that brings us all together, our love of good books!


  1. This is such a nice story. Good ol Chester.
    Pigs are very smart They can be toilet trained and be kept clean and also be good guard dogs.
    Chester doesn't look too hungry hahahaha.
    Do you know the pig joke about the farmer who had a pig who saved their lives from a fire?
    He oinked and ran inside making all this noise to wake the family.
    Then visitors saw him with a missing leg and asked the farmer what happened to the pigs leg and the farmer answered, well he is such a good pig we couldn't eat him all at once lol
    Poor guy.
    Sounds like a wonderful Book Club and very nice friends.

  2. That pig is awesome! I LOVE to read, so if you ever have a book you need to tell me about, feel free!

  3. Well Vicky a stray cat is nothing to you guys! Can you imagine the husband taking up with Chester!?!? We sooo would adopt Chester too!
    Love the book club, as I've told you, one day I'm gonna be in a book club :)
    love to you~R

  4. Your book club Rooks!!!. After all clubs are about social interaction not snobbery and banning people because they have performed a task. Laughter and a chat between people with a common interest and making friends are the only clubs I would want to be a part off.

    Chester is a great Mascot you should totally get some pics of him and make a banner for your book club.

  5. You need to check out my sidebar book club pic!

  6. All I'm sayin' is I wanna belong to a book club with a PIG like Chester as a mascot and YOU GUYS as members! Oh I WANT TO COME!!!!! I would never make it with a stuffy book club with rules up the wazoo. I want fun and laughs and some interesting input. I'm easy. The drive might be a rough one though during those long winter months! lol

  7. Is this a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig?

  8. Aw how amazing. Chester, bless him is awfully cute. Imagine he would be the talking point and he is a great mascot!

  9. I love the Chester story. You'd never expect to find a tame pig in your yard! You must live in southern Minnesota. I'm up north and I don't think a pig would survive the winters. Then again, what do I know about pigs?

    Lynnette Labelle

  10. Vic, oh my :) LOL, I was trying to avoid the pig jokes for Chester's sake, but it was just a matter of time I figured before someone did!

    Bonnie, we've read some good ones, but not one yet that everyone of us raved about. But I'll let you know if we do :) The best I've read in awhile is Water for Elephants.

    Robin, I have no doubt you will :) If you start recruiting for one you could end up with the club of your dreams!! I could absolutely see Mike adopting a pig too!

    Thanks Liss :) The social interaction minus the kiddos around us is exactly the club for me! The pig is just bonus.

  11. Missy :) Great badge on your sidebar!! Very fitting :)

    Robynn, you are welcome anytime! And in the winter you can just fly here, no worries about the drive. You'd still have to endure the cold, but we have ways to help with that :) I'm not sure what kind he is, but I would think a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig is likely the kind he is??

    Lilly, yes, I think he was fodder for a couple of stories the other night and he definitely is a great mascot!

    Welcome Lynette! And I am up North, (Moorhead), and he practically hibernates in the winter. He tucks himself inside his house with lots of straw and only comes out to go potty or eat :) Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Hi, Vicky! So glad to meet you!!! Any friend of Robynn's is fabulous as far as I'm concerned!!!! Thanks for stopping by, and for leading me to you through your lovely and thoughtful means so much to me! You have an absolutely lovely blog!!!! So pretty!!!! And your story about Chester is so very charming!!! Love it!!!! You have written it so well that I feel like Chester is a part of my family!!!! Thanks for a lovely smile today!!!! ~Janine XO

  13. Hi Janine, how nice to have you come over! Thank you for your kind words. It will be fun getting to know you, although I somewhat feel as though I do through all those lovely comments you leave for Robynn :)

  14. Vicky, I would love to hear about your book club. I'm in a book club too and would love to exchange/compare our book lists with you. I have to admit, since the flood I've fallen behind on my reading, but need to get back on track. Oh, and love the pig.

  15. Hi Sara! I almost missed this comment, I am so sorry to take so long to reply :) Here is a quick run down so far, we are a new club :) 1) The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan 2) The Shack, by William Young 3) We decide on Michael J. Fox's book, Always Looking Up, but too many found it not what they were hoping it to be. So we switched to another one that I never even got my hands on... So now we are currently reading Chelsea Handler's book, My horizontal life... haven't started it yet, but heard its FUNNY. Please do tell what you are reading or have read!!

  16. Vicky, I've read both of Chelsea's books and my Horizontal Life is good, but if you have a chance read "Are You There Vodka" I made a fool of myself reading this book as I couldn't stop laughing out loud no matter where I was at; the beach, at home, at the doctors office, anywhere you will burst into laughter! Enjoy Chelsea, I find her very funny! I will post our book club list on our blog


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