Monday, June 1, 2009


Officially, I turned one today. Okay, not really me, but you know, The Westra World. Its the one year anniversary of the day I started this blog. Or in blogger speak, its my blogaversary!! I got off to a rocky start at best. This is what I had to say: 6-1-08

"I've had so much fun reading about my niece Mackenzie through her blogspot that I thought it might be fun to try one on my own. You should know however, I've failed at this once before... it was marked as "spam" and deleted after 21 agonizing days. I was intially concerned that the blogger police may come and take me to blogger jail when the blog was first flagged... and yet I live to blog again... "

I had no comments that first day and it was several days before I posted again. And then I shared the link with family and friends and waited.  And my sister-in-law linked to me and left comments.  And then out of the blue one day, an actual person I knew (Bonnie) showed up, and so did another friend, Heather.  And somehow it took off from there.  

I grew a blogger brain, eyes wide open, camera ready, for something blog worthy to happen.  And when it didn't, I started to change my thinking.  I entertained the idea that I could tell a story or two from my own perspective, and happily found my writing voice again.  

But I still couldn't get over that old Midwestern value, or maybe its a Scandinavian trait, that you don't go where you aren't invited... I struggled with clicking a link to someone else's  blog.  Reading someone else's blog felt to me like that feeling you get when you dial a wrong number and feel like you've inconvenienced someone and hurry to hang up while offering your apologies...  I just couldn't dream of dialing a random number just to chat with a complete stranger.  

In the beginning, the list of all the things I didn't know and couldn't do was so long!!  I guess thats what has me looking forward to the next year of blogging.  To continue to see it grow and evolve.  To continue to document my life through blogger-focused eyes, with attention to detail, in a moment to moment basis.  

But what I cherish the most is the cliche.  What every other blogger says at some point.  The best part, the biggest blessing, the cherry on top, is meeting all of you and having you decide that you'll come back, again and again.  I'm astonished at the numbers that read daily, amazed really, and honored. Thanks for making it a special blog year and cheers to year 2!!


  1. Oh man, am I ever glad you weren't too shy to come to my blog!!! Think of all we'd be missing?!?!?!

    I've so seen your voice come through and develop over this past year, friend, and I'm so very blessed that you in my life is a by-product of this whim we both had.

    I think it's safe to say you'll never be spam again :)

  2. BTW, I didn't get cupcakes on my blogaversary. I'm going to need to remember to put those on the grocery list next year :)

  3. Happy happy blogaversary!!! I'm tickled pink that you started your blog, you are such a part of my every day life that I would be lost without your life intersecting with mine!
    love and hugs~Robin

  4. Gitz, About the time Bonnie and Heather showed up, and I knew them in real life, and I loved their comments, I started to get it :) Its funny you and I both started on a whim at about the same time! And I think I always saw you commenting on MckMama's and followed you from there :) Riley was too cute to resist!! And no cupcakes for me either, that was the photo from last year :) But why didn't I think of that? Thanks girly! Wouldn't be the same experience had I not met you :)

    Robin, right back at you friend! You and Sara have showed up daily since so early on and it has made this such a special experience :) I think I followed you over from Gitz's and could tell from your comments I what a dear woman you are!! Love to you Robin :)

  5. Cheers to you, Vicky, on your very first blogaversary. May you have many many more!

    I look forward to watching your boys games, and birthday parties. And seeing where you all are a year from now.

    And yes its true - blog friends mean the world to me...glad I found you!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments Libby! I know I followed your link from Gitz's and I am pretty sure that is how I hopped over to Robynn's as well :) So happy to know you and love having you as a friend!

  7. Great Job! It certainly takes a lot of hard work and dedication - and you have certainly put a lot into in this past year -- including motivating others to start a blog (even if those of us motivated aren't current...). It is truly amazing how much you have learned and adapted over the past year - what a neat way to capture the moments of life. Keep on blogging!

  8. I'm glad you stuck with it and congratulations on your first year. I have certainly enjoyed my visits.

  9. Happy Blogaversary!
    They are the cutest!

  10. Kristi, I love having you show up in this community, new friends mixed in with long time friends :) Thanks for your encouragement and let me know if you start up again on yours :)

    Dr. John, I love having you come here and it has been fun getting to know your blog and community as well!

    Missy, thanks, they are keepers for sure :)

  11. Congrats on your 1st blogsday may there be many more to come.

    Isn't it funny, I didn’t know anyone when I started blogging and didn't even know where to look for friends? It wasn't until a total stranger left me a comment that I started to spread my wings.

  12. Thanks Liss! Yes, and somehow the friendships develop quickly and multiply. Thanks for coming over!

  13. Happy one year Anniversary Vicky.
    I am new at this as well and feel the same way you did. Its scary at first but then you make such nice friends.
    And you are so easy to love.
    The honor of knowing you is also mine.
    Bless you and your family.
    and of course bug hugs to your Dad.

  14. Thanks Vicky, its been so fun getting to know you and yours as well :) I appreciate your support and encouragement and gift of friendship!!

  15. Happy Anniversary for your blog. And I am glad you found your wonderful writing voice because its a very talented one and getting more so all the time. And those cupcakes do look so tempting....

  16. Awww, so thoughtful of you Lilly, thank you!


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When you get lucky

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