Monday, June 8, 2009

Schools Out...

Flashback: The new Kindergartener on his first day of school, September '08.

Flashback : The new Second Grader on his first day of school, September '08.

Now: The new First Grader and the new Third grader, June '09!

Not the way one hopes to spend their time after the last day of school.

It shows in Colton's eyes how poorly he felt the last day of school last Friday, in the picture his dad took before the boys left for school. Of course I am only really seeing that now. He made it through the morning of his last day of Kindergarten and came home near tears. His tummy hurt. Within a few minutes he was running for the bathroom. After giving up the contents of his stomach he was down for the count the rest of the afternoon.

Nolan didn't fare much better. He called me from school about the time he was supposed to be getting off the bus. I heard the pain and sadness in his voice. He had lost his Spud hockey sweathirt, with his name and number screened on the back of it. And while he was looking for it, he missed the bus. His classmate's mom gave him a ride home. He curled up on my lap for the longest time and hardly moved watching the tv along with Colton. He admitted to me later that he felt sad about leaving his classmates and teacher for the last time.

And on that note, we limped our way into our summer vacation.


  1. HAS to get better from here right???
    I'm sending prayers for a restful, lighthearted, easy breezy summer for you and yours !
    All Things Heart and Home

  2. Oh, what a sad last day....but the obvious bright side is that they LIKE school!!!! And that's wonderful! Have a wonderful summer vacation with your kiddos...they are handsome! You must be so proud of them! ~Janine XO

  3. I know . It gets to be tough.
    I'm still suffering lol
    Kids suffer.
    Moms Suffer.
    Dads drink beer.

  4. Robin, lets hope so :) We'd welcome the return of some summer weather right now and that would give us all a boost :)

    Janine, you are so right, they do like school and that is a huge blessing. Thank you for your kind words!

    Vic, you'll to share about your own kids someday, I'd love to hear more about them :) At least we don't suffer alone.

  5. Poor little guys! :( I hope they feel better soon.

  6. As sad as all that is, I love that Nolan still curls up in your lap. When my 'grown-up' nephews still rest their head on my shoulder I decide all is right with the world. I hope he never gets too big to need his mama. :)

  7. I can't believe how both of them have grown so much in a year. Your photos of the boys really tells the story.

    I do hope they feel better, nothing worse spending summer holidays stuck indoors.

  8. Tummies and hearts! Both temporarily broken but well tended to and fixed by the most loving of mommies!! They are in good hands. :)

    Happy summer, dear friend!

    Love to you!

  9. Poor guys! What a sad last day for them. I hope the summer goes well for all of you. BTW, I love the new header....I spy scrapblog, true? You are an artist!

  10. Jill, they are, can't keep them down long :)

    Gitz ME TOO. It was nice while it lasted that he snuggled with me like that.

    Robynn, yep, all better already. But glad they still needed me that day.

    Liss, they have grown, haven't they? I'll bet if you compared pictures you would see the same in your two :)

    Kaleena, so good to see you here! Yes, scrapblog is easy, free and fun as I am sure you well know!

  11. Awwww, what precious little faces (and good looking ones too!!). I lvoe how your write Vicky -"...we limped our way into our summer vacation.." that is a gorgeous line. It is sad to be changing classes and saying goodbye too.


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