Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three generations.

The above photo is one of Rick's favorite family photo to date. He says there are hundreds of slides to go through. It took him 7 minutes per scan just to get these few he took. (I have to admit, I am longing for a scanner, maybe one of those all-in-one types that prints photos too. But this is a little extravagant for my Christmas list). If I did have a scanner however, I would have a picture to share with you of 4 generations taken a few years back. Back to this photo. On the left is Rick's mom, Carole, in the middle is his Great Grandma, and seated to the right is Rick's Grandma Ethelyn. Rick thinks its his mother's younger brother Don, sitting in between them.

This photo is one of Rick's uncles and the two Noeske brothers. The Noeske family now cash rents the farm land from the Ravelings. What a prophetic picture this was in some ways.

This last one is Grandpa Harold on the big tractor. Notice the little toy tractor parked alongside it. Rick has fond memories of that toy. I would imagine it helped foster his desire to drive tractor when he was older. He talks to our boys all the time about learning to drive the farm machinery when he was about 10 as he recalls.

I hope I have been a better historian this time : ) Please feel free to set me straight if I've muddled something or misidentified someone!


  1. I finally allowed Steve to go out and get a scanner. He paid 45.00 for a scanner/copier/printer at Walmart. Pretty cool!

  2. Ooooo, that is awesome! I didn't think you could find one for that. Maybe now I can ask for one. I am so glad you shared that with me!

  3. These are more great pictures! I love the one with the tractor!!! I've never been on a tractor so I think that's pretty awesome :)

  4. Oh, I love these photos. The old cars and the tractor. So cool. I'm so nostalgic now about those things, too... My dad has been a hog farmer for 42 years and tomorrow he's auctioning off his land and farm. I can't be there. :( My sister Laura promised to call me with updates after every piece of land sells tomorrow... It's one thing to know I might never go home again, it's another to realize that where I grew up won't be ours, and the buildings might not even be there anymore. Crazy.

    Anyway, love these photos of the tractor... unlike Robin I've definitely ridden my fair share :)

  5. Robin, ahem, if a scanner DOES find its way under my tree, than I will share with you my own pictures of being on the tractor!

  6. Gitz, Tomorrow, the farm is being auctioned? WOW. I've seen it through my father's eyes. He grew up on a farm in North Dakota and when we went back two summers ago, we could only drive past and stop at the top of the road... His oldest brother raised my five cousins there but finally had to sell it. I do have an idea how this must make you feel! I will keep your family in my prayers as I know how bittersweet this must be! I hope we get to hear more about the farm from you!


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When you get lucky

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