Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hints of Christmas


  1. What a fantastic idea... love seeing a bit of your Christmas this way.

    SO, a friend surprised me with a gift. A BIG gift. A CRAZY gift.

    A Canon Rebel xsi!!!

    Told you it was crazy :)

    Now I'm just playing around and trying to take photos w/o flash and not make them blurry. All that reading is easier than implementing, but I'm having fun trying to figure it out!!!!

  2. Sara,

    I am thrilled!!! Ecstatic really!!! Now that is a GIFT and a FRIEND !!!!

    LOL, Rick heard me shriek and read over my shoulder. Light, he says, its all dependent on the amount of light!

    But with your skillset and talents I so trust you will figure it out. Playing is the best part! Can't wait to see what you can do with it!

    BTW, I'm cooking up a big question for you : ) Its still stewing but when its aged I'll serve it up...

    Merry Christmas sweetie!!

  3. I KNEW you'd be as excited as I was :) Tell Rick thanks for the tip!

    Ask away... if I can do something for you I'll be happy to. Not need to let it age :)


  4. That is the best, the slide show. I used to post them on myspace but never thought of doing them on the blog. I loved it! I think snow babies are just awesome! And the wrapping paper with Hermey the dentist front and center!!! I think that's great!
    Merry Christmas Friend...enjoy tomorrow with the boys~

  5. Robin! And here I thought nobody would be around tonight. I was thinking of you tonight. You inspired me with the post about your mom, and we got my mom a paint set with both acrylics and water colors. She lit up when she saw them so I'm hoping we've helped rekindle her love of painting. The boys have been a riot, I assure you. I can't wait to hear about your Christmas... I hope you can share a little of your home movie clips, I think that would be so fun to see! Merry Christmas Robin, to you and yours!

  6. Gitz,

    I just have to figure out how to articulate it? I'm guessing its something your readers have wondered too... Laughing, I'm really not trying to sound mysterious... I just need words! And a quiet mind. I'll email when ready : ) I'm SO excited to see what comes out of your camera!

  7. Merry Christmas to you Steph! Thanks for stopping by!


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When you get lucky

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