Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saying our thank you's

Thank you Madi and Alex! from Vicky Westra on Vimeo.

The boys were thrilled to find some money in a card from Rick's younger brother and his wife. Thank you Westra family!

Mom and Dad want to say a special thank you for the "Christmas SNAKE", that we each got from Nolan... yeah, you read that right... snake. Although, it sure beats the "spider" plate Nolan made for mother's day when he was 3... at least now I have the appropriate expectations and am largely unscathed by the "sentiment" these tiny treasures exude. Rick got a coiled snake painted in yellow and black. I got the longer green and red snake on the table behind Rick.

We wanted to enjoy church. So we allowed the boys to open one gift each before we got ready to go. Nolan has seriously wanted this for two years. As dramatic as Nolan can be when he is unhappy, he does equally as well expressing his joy :)

So, do you like it? from Vicky Westra on Vimeo.


  1. Well that looked (and sounded) like a successful Christmas!!! :) Riley sat up and paid attention when the high-pitched squee came from Nolan :)

    SO FUN to hear your voice, friend!

  2. That was so much fun Vicky! Like Gitz, I loved hearing your voice :)
    Okay...I'm sure I should recognize what Nolan opened but I didn't ...what was it!!!!?
    The boys are darling, my favorite thing is their matching sweaters...
    Okay next video also get the pup please!?!?!
    love to you~

  3. Gitz, successful is a good way of putting it. Its taken a long time but I think the boys are at a great age for Christmas. They can easily articulate "The greatest gift of all", which was the basis of our sermon at church. Pastor Dan gave the kids a little bell to ring when he said those words repeatedly throughout the service... we had such good listeners! So fun to hear the bells ring! So glad the kids are really getting it.

    And yet Christmas is still magic for them! Love it! Robin, Nolan got a Nintendo ds and two games for it. Up until a couple of years ago I didn't know what they were either!

    BTW, Rick finally got the printer to work and I have pictures to send you Robin!


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When you get lucky

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