Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rudolph, is that you?

The funeral service for Rick's grandmother, Ethelyn, was yesterday. I think we were all in agreement that it was a beautiful service. The pastor performing the service was the pastor at the chapel where Ethelyn and her husband Harold both attended daily chapel services while living at Elim. It was obvious the pastor knew them well. The stories he told revolved around how much they adored their family, as well as each other. And that even though Grandma couldn't communicate as well with her words these past couple of years, you could always tell when you spoke of a topic close to her heart because her eyes would light up and she would get the biggest smile.

Grandma was laid to rest next to Grandpa at the cemetery in Valley City. There was a fresh blanket of snow we trudged through as we gathered under the tent. It was quiet, serene, and peaceful. I couldn't help but think it was comforting to think of them together again, even though we miss them both. We each gathered a couple of flowers, white spider mums and green holly leaves with red berries, to add to the now dried flowers we saved from the day Harold was buried. I couldn't help but notice the irony of the freshly sprinkled white snow gathered on the flowers, adding to the beauty on this day.

Afterwards, we drove to the farm. We took turns photographing our families. I am choosing not to share these yet as they may very well end up as our Christmas photos. But what I will share was the delight down the road that Rick's sister Missy had told us about. Some of the neighbors are raising deer. The boys got a chance to view some really big bucks pretty close up. Rick's camera helped too when they were startled and ran. It also helped to get close in on what might have looked like a snow covered deer... but was truly an albino deer. I also loved the vintage old truck parked in front of the deer pen. But you'll have to wait to see what we used that for!


  1. That white deer is stunning.

    I'm so glad you had a beautiful day for Rick's grandma and all your family. There is so much contentment in knowing that she was honored as much in death as she honored everyone else in life. I know it won't make you miss her less, but hopefully it will let you miss her with a light in your eyes and a smile on your lips like she would have had.

  2. Sara,
    you just wrote that so beautifully. The line that begins "There is so much contentment..., I love that.

    I thought of you while we were at the farm. The farmhouse, the barns and most of the outbuildings have been torn down. We're fortunate the land is still in the family. If you feel like sharing, I have wondered how the auction went? Colton and I are home for the night. Email if you like.

    Thanks for the sweet sentiment!

  3. beautiful. I could imagine the scene at the gravesite.
    The picture of the old truck was my favorite. Actually, I looked back over all of them 3 times...someone is quite good with a camera.
    Prayers for you and yours this week...


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When you get lucky

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