Monday, December 15, 2008

A Good Old-Fashioned Minnesota Blizzard

This is the view out our front door this morning. The drift must have been 4 to 5 feet deep!

This is our "angel" neighbor, otherwise known as Darla, who lent us her snowblower this morning.

This is looking down the street to the right of us.

This is looking down the street to the left of us.

Finally, we found the front door.

Robin, this post is for you!  Most of us who live here won't find this terribly out of the ordinary.  But for a Southern gal who longs for snow, I hope you enjoy :)  

We haven't had a blizzard of this magnitude for several years.  In preparation for it I actually went to the grocery store and kept one eye on the sky at the same time.  For this storm to qualify as a blizzard, it required 3 conditions.  It had to have significant snow, strong gusts of wind and mighty cold temps.  Check, check, and check!  

There were times yesterday when we couldn't see across the street.  And for the first time in a long time everything shut down.  No church or hockey yesterday, no school or work today!  The highways even closed.  That doesn't happen often.  And now we're left with the aftermath, lots of snow (officially 10 inches) and very cold temps.  On the weather last night the warned that with these cold temps (-15 currently) exposed skin can freeze within minutes.  Hence all the gear you see everyone wear outside.  If you've ever wondered about the words "it stings your toes and bites your nose,"  in the song "Over the River and Through the Woods...",  I assure you they are accurate!  And after the stinging you tend to go numb and then you are in trouble.  

None of this will be terribly out of the ordinary for anyone from the Midwest or further North.  But to a Southern gal longing for snow, this is for you.  And I have to agree with you, it IS beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Okay Vicky! Now we're talking! I'd not leave the house till the spring :)
    That is so beautiful and the house with snow and the Christmas wreath is just the BEST!!!! I'll never get that here~
    Thank you thank you thank you for posting those amazing pictures! I'm so glad everything comes to a grinding stop today...that's what we in the South do with only an inch or two!
    I think I'll just leave the pictures on my computer to look at... love it ~
    Many thanks, that's an early Christmas present for me :)

  2. You are so welcome Robin. You help me appreciate the beauty of living here : ) Feel free to share some good ole Southern sun with me any day of the week!

  3. Oh my gosh! Wow! That is gorgeous! I would not know what to do! I agree with Robin...I would not come out until the spring thaw!!! STAY WARM!!!!!!!! And off the roads!

  4. Oh I'd be stuck inside for a very long time if I waited for spring! I promise, I go from my heated house to my car thats been warming up and then I turn on my heated seats and we're off! Pretty spoiled!

    Now back in the day, when the car used to sit outside, and we had to shovel all the snow and chop and haul wood for the stove and then walk to school, now those were the days I wished to just stay home : )

  5. I think it's so cute that the southern gals find this amazing... :)

  6. Yup, me too : ) From one midwestern gal to the another *wink* *wink* !!

  7. Well, I came back this morning to see my Christmas snow pictures!
    I hope you had a snuggly day yesterday.
    I have to tell you this: it's stinkin 55* this morning and by Thursday the high will be 72*!!!!!
    Now, seriously, you tell me...what's Christmasy about that?
    I left for the gym in shorts and wasn't cold! I am so grumpy about our tropical air mass or whatever...I am serious, I wish I lived next door to you! :)
    Blessings today~

  8. Robin you are the best! I'm debating whether its even worth it to try and leave the house... by the time I bundle up and add 10 minutes drive time each way for what is normally a 20 minutes drive one way, well its hardly worth it when Colton is home by 11:00.

    Rick said to tell you, LOL, that your "stinkin" 55 is our idea of paradise right now!

  9. Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I so emjoy Gitz' blog and have "withdrawls" over the weekends!
    The snow pictures are beautiful! We got snow last week - about 8 inches at our house, which is remarable since we live in the south...and I wasn't there to emjoy it! I'm sure that it gets "old" after a while, but to a southern gal it's incredible!

  10. Honestly - I do know how to type - I've got clumsy fingers tonight!

  11. Neas, What a pleasant surprise! All clumsy fingers welcome here : ) And even though you found me way up North I assure you plenty of Southerners come a callin!

  12. Hi Sweetie! I'm back! Tell Rick to stop wishing for warm's headed to 72* here today! NOT Christmasy at all!
    I thought this morning, I'm going to see my snow pics from the great white north! I love it!
    I do need an update though. How cold is it? (I'm in flip flops with the air conditioner's not only warm it HUMID!!!)
    Love to you and yours today~

  13. We made it to a balmy zero today! We'll have to get Rick to make you a snowy screensaver with some of his pictures!

    Love to you too Robin!


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When you get lucky

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